Category - Allergies

The category contains useful articles for dealing with allergies, starting with common ones like dust allergies, food hypersensitivity, allergic reaction to pets and toxins like poison ivy. Tips include identifying the risk factors that trigger adverse types of reactions to different allergens, including those people encounter on a daily basis such as pet hair, dust and allergens from foods. Some helpful tips on how to avoid the risk factors that lead to development of allergies are also discussed.

For example, the article on how to eliminate dust allergies suggests some ways to find out what could be causing the allergic reaction in the first place. Dust contains plenty of microscopic elements like old spores, mites and insect parts debris. This article will help explain why some people show adverse allergic reactions only in certain parts of the house, and not in others.

Some of the articles in the allergies category will help those that are eager travelers, such as the article on food allergies. Some foodstuffs have a common denominator, in that they contain certain substances that trigger temporary hypersensitivity. For those who like to be one with nature, you will find some good tips on how to get rid of stings from jellyfishes and poison ivy, both of which trigger hypersensitive reactions to toxins, which may vary in severity from person to person.

Most helpful of all are the articles on how to eliminate household allergies, which can lead to hay fever and sneezing. These ailments are more common in households, especially when the whole family is genetically predisposed to allergic reactions like these. Some households are also unable to keep pets because there are individuals within the family that are allergic to pets. The articles on getting rid of these kinds of allergies will benefit you if you’ve ever encountered troubles with these hypersensitive reactions.