Category - Cramps

This category comprises informative articles that help people who may be suffering from cramps, specifically the cramps that occur sporadically in response to various triggers like stress, environmental factors, underlying undiagnosed disorders and overexertion. In most of the articles you will find here, the risk factors and the common causes of cramps are pointed out and discussed. Risk factors related with daily activities are mentioned. Cramps are extremely painful, as anyone who has experienced this condition would tell you. Most of the perceived pain from cramps are solely muscular in nature, and the article on muscle cramps gives a broad overview of this condition, how it happens and how to prevent this from happening.

Other articles in the category give specific suggestions on how to eliminate side cramps and leg cramps, as well as stomach cramps. The article on stomach cramps defines what could be causing the painful spasms in the abdominal area, including pre-menstrual syndrome, which is common among females, as well as internal organ problems, overexertion of muscles in the general area of the abdomen, and food poisoning. There are various ways to handle cramps, most of which can be done on your own without the help of a professional. Some treatments involve the use of home remedies like hot and cold compress, and other household items like soda water for stomach cramps. Some over-the-counter medicines commonly used for easing muscle aches are also mentioned.

You will also learn the basics of cramps prevention, including sleeping in the right position, minding your posture whatever you’re doing, and not drinking or eating foods that could contribute to cramping (like alcoholic beverages). Most of the posts in this category discuss the crucial element of seeking professional medical advice to deal with cramps, regardless of the type and the general area where the pain occurs.