Category - Hemorrhoids

This category covers articles or posts that discuss many different ways to eliminate hemorrhoids, as well as other similar diseases and disorders that commonly occur around the anus like anal itching and fissures. Most of these articles also discuss the symptoms that one should look out for, such as pain during defecation. The risk factors that could lead to distended hemorrhoids are also discussed, for instance constipation, diarrhea and unsanitary habits. Everyone is susceptible to hemorrhoids, but some people are more vulnerable because of their eating habits. One risk factor is drinking or eating foods that contain plenty of allergens like chili peppers. Overweight individuals are also prone to this disorder.

The disorder known as hemorrhoids is embarrassing and affects a significant number of the population. Hemorrhoids have a function in excretion, especially when it comes to defecation and moderation of the passing of stool. Normally, hemorrhoids are not a problem, but they may cause a significant amount of discomfort when they become distended, inflamed and swollen. Pain is the most common complaint of people with this disorder. The tissue groups comprising hemorrhoids include blood vessels and connective tissue. When a person has inflammation around the general area of the anal region, blood may be seen in the stool.

Some of the treatments or recommended methods of control you will read about in the various articles in this category include surgery or ligation done by a professional, household remedies and medication. Medication for hemorrhoids may involve over-the-counter drugs like non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, as well as herbal alternatives that soothe the anal region and bring the inflammation down. Other remedies may be done for long-term prevention, such as moderation in eating foods that could lead to constipation, eating a balanced diet rich in fiber and fluids, and proper cleaning of the anus after excretion.