Category - Inflammation

This category covers the many ways to deal with various types of inflammation in the human body. Besides some helpful suggestions on how to control and prevent these disorders, these articles also discuss the risk factors that could contribute to inflammation, as well as symptoms that one should look out for. The articles include suggestions on how to control general inflammation thrombophlebitis, swollen ankles, inflammation of the skin, swelling and bursitis.

Thrombophlebitis is the condition that occurs when there is blood clotting in the veins and these vessels are inflamed. This kind of inflammation usually affects the appendages, particularly the lets and the arms, but sometimes, the neck is also affected. This is a serious condition that demands immediate action, and some of the ways to get rid of this disorder are discussed.

The article in how to get rid of bursitis is also one of the more serious ones in this category. Bursitis is one of the inflammatory diseases that hamper movement because the tendons and muscles along the bones and joints are affected. With every movement the affected person makes, the pain brought about by this condition worsens.

Swollen ankles can be painful, especially if the cause is related with breaks in the underlying bone and damage to muscular groups surrounding the bones of the feet. General swelling may be caused by pathogens infecting a wound or a cut on the skin. Skin inflammation can be caused by many things such as burns, scrapes and insect bites. Swollen areas are not always inflamed, but in the case of inflammation, the swelling can be categorized as either chronic or acute.

This category is relevant for people that are susceptible to inflammation, especially those that are more often exposed to the elements than others. Some of the remedies discussed in the different articles may be done inside the home without a medical professional, but there are also some recommendations on how to manage pain intervention with a health care provider.