Category - Dental Care

This category covers articles on dental care, including how to relieve symptoms of painful mouth disorders like fluorosis, inflamed gums, hairy tongue, wounds or ulcers inside the oral cavity, inflamed gums and other gum diseases, toothache, wisdom teeth pain, and bad breath. In some cases, these conditions are so severe that the person needs strong antibiotics and anti-inflammatory remedies just to be able to relieve the pain. These disorders can affect a person’s quality of life not only because of the pain they bring, but because they can directly hamper with the main activity a person needs to do in order to live, which is to eat food. People struggling with these oral cavity disorders are often distraught and stressed because they couldn’t eat and drink well.

Dental care is one of the most important needs of human beings. But dental care does not have to be done by a professional all the time. There are some things that people can do inside their own homes to care for their teeth. The components of the oral cavity, such as the teeth and gums, should be kept healthy. When something is wrong with any of these components, a person feels unwell. Moreover, a person may not be able to digest food well because any kind of disorder in the mouth can interfere with the production of enzymes that aid in digestion of food.

This section also includes articles that suggest ways and means on how people can deal with embarrassing and unsettling mouth issues such as tooth stains, teeth grinding while sleeping, and yellow teeth. These conditions, while not as serious as the other disorders, can lead to lowered self-esteem for people who have them. There are also articles on how to get rid of phlegm, dryness inside the mouth and mucus.