Category - Fungal

Fungal diseases are rarely fatal, but they can be embarrassing, uncomfortable and unsightly. In this kind of infection, fungal species enter the body through the pores, mouth or nose. Some are contracted through the skin. Skin fungal infections are nasty because they give off a characteristic foul smell besides causing an itchy and even painful sensation.

This category describes some of the most effective methods of preventing and controlling fungal diseases in humans, especially those diseases that are common. Some common fungal diseases that are treatable with medication and other means include toe and toenail fungi, thrush, tinea flava, candidiasis, jock itch, male and female yeast infection and ringworm.

Many of these diseases occur externally. Because these diseases mostly occur on the skin, some people think that they are easier to deal with than diseases that occur inside the body. However, skin fungal infections can be very persistent, and it would take several rounds of treatment before they disappear completely. Most fungal infections are also contagious, and something as simple as using an infected individual’s personal things could cause infection. While not really considered venereal diseases, these fungal diseases can also be passed from one individual to another by sexual contact.

People who have been infected by the fungi are said to be more susceptible to re-infection. Therefore, an individual must be more careful to avoid usual causes of infection and take care to practice proper hygiene to avoid getting infected again. Fungi that cause infection on the skin can occur anywhere, but they are less likely to occur if the environment is clean.

There are some effective home remedies for fungal infections, and these are also discussed in the following articles. Many home remedies involve using herbal poultices and decoction, as many herbs have been proven to have antifungal components that can help kill the fungal species causing infection and cleanse the wounds and inflammation.