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This category presents articles that recommend some solutions for throat problems like infection, strep throat, laryngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis and sore throat. The throat is one of the most susceptible areas of the body because it is connected to several functional organ systems like the respiratory and digestive systems. Also, the throat is directly connected with the mouth and nose, which means that any pathogenic microorganism or debris that get through these organs may affect the throat area.

Viral and bacterial agents cause tonsillitis, which is defined as inflammation of the throat, particularly the tonsils. The symptoms of tonsillitis are difficult to miss because they include pain and oftentimes fever. Sore throat is another condition that may arise because of throat inflammation. Soreness extends to the voice box or larynx, which leads to the inability to speak clearly without causing more pain around the throat area. Some people with tonsillitis also find it difficult to breathe, especially if the infection is widespread and intense.

Streptococcus bacteria cause sore throat and tonsillitis, as well as strep throat. When these bacteria enters the throat, the pharynx, larynx and the tonsils become inflamed. The lymph nodes enlarge and the person feels feverish. These conditions are common among children and the elderly, or any person with a compromised immune system. These conditions are contagious as the bacteria causing them can be airborne. These diseases are also related with the common cold, which in turn, leads to sneezing. Mucus that comes in contact with the skin of another person contains bacteria.

Bronchitis is the kind of infection that occurs when the bacteria present in the throat area reaches the lungs. Because the bacterial species are active, they cause inflammation of the bronchial tube, leading to copious mucous secretion. Some articles under this category recommend home remedies for throat problems, as well as some preventive measures to avoid these conditions.