Category - Sexual Health

This category covers various articles discussing sexual health problems and possible solutions. Many people have suffered and are suffering from sexual health issues like loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other forms of sexual dysfunction. These conditions are not limited to men, as most women have complained of symptoms of similar disorders.

Many of these disorders are thought to be linked with dietary and psychological factors. Some of these are linked with underlying conditions like cancer, diabetes and hypertension. Fortunately, there are plenty of natural aphrodisiacs and reproductive aids nowadays. There are also drugs that can stimulate sexual stamina and improve performance. But advancing age and psychological problems are some of the main risk factors of sexual health issues, and these should be dealt with immediately before the problems can be solved.

Other sexual health disorders and problems discussed in the following articles have something to do with sexually transmitted diseases caused by microorganisms and parasites. Some common ones are herpes, Chlamydia, crabs and lice. These diseases are contagious and may be transferred from one victim to another due to unsanitary practices and having intimate relations with someone who may be infected. Some treatment options for these diseases include strong antiviral and antibacterial agents, as well as supplements that can boost the immune system. Many of the articles in this category describe preventive measures to avoid contracting the diseases and disorders, as well as treatment options for people who already have them.

Sexual health is not an easy problem to deal with because it involves going to a doctor’s clinic and describing the disease to them. Sexual issues are very personal, and men and women are very hesitant to share their worries or concerns about such issues even with their health care providers. Some suggestions on how to approach sexual health concerns are presented in the articles found in this category.