Category - Hair Color

This category contains articles on hair color and hair care. Some of the topics herein will be of great significance for people who have previously colored their hair and realized they made a mistake. Some hair coloring mistakes include using bad products that may damage hair permanently or temporarily. Some chemicals are extremely bad for hair, but many consumers are unaware of these chemicals. If a person is not as discriminating as others in choosing hair color brands, he may end up with this problem.

How does one define bad hair color? When a person chooses a color for his hair without thinking about whether the color suits him or not, he may end up regretting his choice later on. Some colors stick longer than others, and there are brands that don’t lead to the color the person wants. The length of treatment time may also be a factor in the development of bad hair color. If a person lets the formula stay on his hair too long without rinsing, a different shade of color may appear. Also, uneven coloring may also become a problem, especially when the person did the dyeing himself.

One article discusses how to deal with yellow hair. Blonde hair color may turn a different shade when applied, which means the person went through all the pain of bleaching his hair just to regret the choice afterwards. The problem is that the person’s hair turns a sickly yellow.

Another issue with hair color is bad placement of highlights. Highlights are hair strands that have been colored a shade lighter or darker than the rest of the hair. These are hair treatment options for those that want to create a dramatic effect on their looks using these highlights. Hair treatments like these go bad when the placement is wrong or the color is not appropriate for the hairstyle.