Category - Hair Loss

This category contains articles discussing the different hair loss problems in men and women, including pattern baldness and alopecia. Both conditions are prevalent in the world, and some of the reasons for these problems include daily hair care habits or lack thereof, and excessive use of bad hair products. Some reasons are genetic in nature, like in the case of pattern baldness.

Pattern baldness happens in men and women born in families where hair loss at a certain age is common. Development of the condition starts early, usually during the individual’s post-puberty years. Some show signs of pattern baldness as early as their late teens. Usually, the pattern is passed from father to daughter to grandson, but only the men in the family show the trait and the women are simply carriers of the gene that expresses this trait. Thus, men develop pattern baldness instead of women. But there are some women that show signs of baldness, especially when the condition is more related with natural alopecia than a result of genetic hair patterns.

Alopecia is natural shedding of hair that goes beyond normal. Men and women are both susceptible to this condition, especially those that are not as careful about their diet and lifestyle choices. Frequent coloring of the hair, and improper perming can lead to alopecia. In this condition, patches of hair are missing and the scalp is left exposed. The condition could start as ordinary hairfall that was left untreated. Some people shed more hair when the scalp is not healthy, or when dandruff or lice infestation is present. Hair loss due to alopecia does not happen overnight or over a couple of weeks. Usually, the hair loss is gradual and the individual loses more hair as he grows older until the bald patches are unable to develop hair anymore.