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Lots of people consider beetles as insects that are harmless. This is true. Beetles do not sting. They do not have venom. There are thousands of species of beetles but they are all not destructive at all. Even when they are en masse, they will not be able to harm anyone except wood. This is why there are many people who just leave the beetles alone. Beetles, however, are social insects too like ants. This means that beetles live in colonies as well. Beetles do not get together in colonies as large as ants, though. But still they do not go around one by one.

The annoying part of having beetles around is that they secrete certain yellowish substance that smells really foul. As small as they are, the smell of this yellowish substance can stay in your nose for hours. Also, when this yellowish substance gets into any kinds of fabric, it will stain really bad. This being said, when beetles are found inside the home or any other indoor areas, they can still be quite pests to the people. This is why there are many people who are looking to find out how they can get rid of the beetles.

There are people who just opt to kill beetles when they start infesting their homes. But hey, everything belongs to the circle of life and it is very important that these animals are not killed because they are food to other animals like birds. This being said, compiled many articles that will teach people how they can get rid of beetles without killing them. This way, they will be able to end their beetle infestation without having to kill them all. So if there are beetles annoying you right now, read on and get to know the many different ways on how to get rid of beetles.