How to Get Rid of a Beer Belly

So, you've got a New Year's reolution, eh? You're saying goodbye to beer for good. Your friends do not just think it is ridiculous. They just laugh at you because being the life of the party, it doesn't look like you can give up beer.

For a moment. you try to forget about your lofty goal because after all, you realize that your friends may be right. It is a ridiculous plan. No case of hangover can ever equaled the amount of fun you have when partying. But then again, you look at yourself in front of the mirror and you see your horrifying beer belly.

You can get a beer belly by consuming more calories than what your body needs. Since your body can use these extra fats later on, it does not burn the calories, and stores it safely on your belly. Technically, your beer belly is not belly fat. It is stored energy that takes in the form of fat for as long as your body does not need it yet.

Banish your beer belly now. Here are some helpful tips:

Burn, Baby, Burn Get an Inspiration – You need an inspiration to be determined enough to get rid of your beer belly. Your inspiration will serve as your motivation, so think of something that you really want. Is it a healthier lifestyle? Wider cloth choices? More attraction? A pleasing body? If you are motivated by the fact that you can impress your long-time crush with your sculptured abs, then go lose your beer belly now.

The Essence of Elimination – Are you serious about getting rid of your beer belly? Watch your diet. Do not consume sweets and junk foods. At the grocery store, don’t tempt yourself in buying chocolates, refined carbohydrates, alcohol, coffee, soda, sugar and chips by passing by the snack section. Bringing junk foods at home is a big no-no. Lock your pantry. If you have children at home, let them eat your cookies and chocolates to leave yourself no choice but to maintain eating healthy meals.

What Preparation Has to Offer – Sometimes, eating out becomes unavoidable. If this is the case, it is best to munch on snacks before eating out so you won’t have to consume all the feisty foods at the diner. Eating some snacks before eating out will keep you from overeating. Your stomach will tell you if you are full or not. If you already are, stop eating. Let your stomach digest your food. Losing your beer belly will never be easy if you become hard-headed.

Don’t Skip Meals –You can find weight loss eating plans on the market, but if it is your first time to try to lose weight, you may find it hard to follow these plans. On the other hand, skipping means won’t be helpful at all. Just go for a regular low calorie diet that fits your lifestyle.

Changing Your Energy Input – You don’t need to enroll in a gym class. You will only have to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and foods rich in protein and complex carbohydrates. You will need to do some exercises too, like doing 20-30 sit ups before going to bed. Witness the change after a week and do your best to do this every night. If you miss one session, your beer belly may get back at you sooner than you can imagine. The secret here is discipline.

Setting Realistic Goals – If your waistline measures 38 inches, set a goal and make it 37 next month. You can make it 35 on the second, and then 32 on the next. Don’t aim to make it 24 if you are starting from 38 --- and even if it’s from 38 to 34, it wouldn’t still be a realistic goal to achieve. Set only the goals you and your body can attain.

The Role of a Lemon -- Recognize your best friend when it comes to burning fat: a lemon. The formula is simple. In a glass of lukewarm water, put the juice you have squeezed from half a lemon. This is the best way to jumpstart your problematic metabolism. This solution also cleanses your precious liver. (For more liver cleansing techniques, check out How To Do A Liver Cleanse)

Hearty Meals During Breakfast -- Include protein drinks and scrambled eggs on your breakfast. Unsweetened muesli will also do you good. In Melbourne, you can always request for fruitful handmade muesli. Fruitful handmade muesli has extra protein because of the additional 40% nuts. Five small meals in a day is highly recommended.

Disciplined Water Intake – Drinking water after eating is not enough. If you are not drinking enough water a day, then don't expect to lose your beer belly anytime soon. Eight glasses containing eight ounces of water a day will make your chances of getting rid of beer belly bigger and better.

Your friends may laugh at your decision to ditch beer for water, but hey, it's your body. By coming up with this firm decision, you surely know better than them. If you enjoyed reading this article, you'll surely enjoy learning how to get rid of love handles.

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