12 Ways to Treat the Common Cold

There is no cure for the common cold, unfortunately. What a drag! There are many things you can do to get rid of your symptoms, however, and get you on the right track to recovery in no time at all. Who has time for a common cold anyhow? Nobody! The following list will give you some great ideas on how you can get rid of your cold with different solutions, from medicines to natural remedies!

1. Clear your sinuses.

If you feel a cold coming on, it is essential that you drink plenty of fluids. Water is a great start, but you should also try hot herbal teas, or even broth can help (that’s right: chicken noodle soup for the win!)

Add some honey or lemon to your tea to help ease the pain in your throat while helping the effects of the tea to last longer. Hot water with lemons in it, or even hot lemonade can be great ideas as well. Coffee is ok as well as a hot beverage, but tea and other hot beverages are preferable!

Some people recommend mixing several hot beverages strategies, like using grated ginger, a dash of cinnamon, lemon, lime, and some variety of herbal tea all together. While it is a bit of work to put this all together, it can be quite a delicious treat that will have you feeling right as rain in no time!

2. Take a hot shower or bath.

Steam from a hot shower or a hot bath will help free up your nasal cavities so that they aren’t as irritated. Generally speaking, showers are a very relaxing experience as well which can help you get over your cold.

Add in some essential bath oils to your bath as an even better way to ease your sinuses, and get some great perfume smells while you are at it (this cold isn’t so bad after all!).

3. Use oil of oregano.

You may find some relief by using a few drops of oil of oregano mixed into juice, water, or by direct application into your mouth. Some studies have found that oil of oregano is an effective way to kill bacteria associated with the common cold. As a word of warning, it tastes awful, but it does seem to work fairly well with getting rid of your symptoms!

This is not a long-term solution and should not be used for longer stretches than approximately a week, which is often the length of time that a common cold lasts for anyhow.

4. Try a neti pot.

Many people claim that using a neti pot is one of the best strategies to follow when you have a cold: a neti pot is designed to flush mucus out of your nasal cavities, along with the bacteria that is causing the cold itself. Inserting a neti pot into one nostril causes the salt solution inside of it to come streaming out of the other side.

Be sure to stand over a sink or bathtub if you are using this solution: you already have a cold, you don’t want a messy floor to mop up as well!

5. Get nasal spray.

Right off the bat, you may want to stop a cold in its tracks by using some nasal spray. Using a nasal spray as quickly as possible can help the cold from getting too serious on you in a hurry!

You can get many nasal sprays over the counter, but you can also get prescription sprays and various other medicines from your family doctor if need be. Always ask your doctor about any possible risks associated with these different approaches!

6. Take zinc supplements.

Research suggests that zinc is an effective way to prevent and shorten the period of time that you have a cold for. Studies suggest that it not only blocks cold viruses from reproducing, but it also stops the virus from attaching itself in the first place, causing the infection to set int. Potential prevention at its finest!

Zinc comes in several forms, including pills, supplements, and syrups.

7. Get enough Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is essential! Not only for helping you to get rid of colds, Vitamin C is an important part of any balanced diet generally speaking. Citrus fruits, spinach, and several other forms of fruits and vegetables provide solid sources of Vitamin C for you to benefit from. Try products like Emergen-C, which provides you with 1,000mg of Vitamin C all at once! Powerful stuff right there.

Make sure you follow the directions of what is a suitable amount of Vitamin C to consume: many pills or supplements will provide you with guidelines on what the best practice to follow is in this regard.

8. Try echinacea.

Echinacea is another natural remedy that some studies suggest my shorten or even prevent a common cold from ruining your day!

9. Eat raw honey.

Eating raw honey is not only delicious, it can also help you with your cold symptoms! You can mix it into a hot tea, or eat it as is. Honey has anti-viral qualities to it, and you may even find that eating locally harvested honey will help you out even more, as this may help you to fight allergens that are specific concerns in your area.

Some doctors even suggest that honey is more effective than cough syrups, so keep this in mind as a possible alternative!

10. Gargle salt water.

Gargling with salt water, while it may not taste the best, is a good way to relieve pain you are experiencing while also providing relief to your sinuses.

Mix a tablespoon of salt into a small amount of water until it has dissolved, and swish this around in your mouth for around a minute before you finally will spit it out. You can repeat this process several times in a day!

11. Get more sleep.

This may seem obvious, but sleep is so important for getting rid of a cold! Chances are that is how you got the cold the first place: maybe you were stressed out from work, not eating a healthy diet, and not getting enough sleep at the same time. Together, these factors work together to threaten your immune system. As your immune system is weakened, you become open to attacks from things like the cold virus.

Be sure to take some time off of work of school if you need to. Chances are your boss or professor would rather have you at home recovering than come into work to put in some non-productive hours and maybe even get your coworkers or classmates sick! Nobody wants that.

Because your body needs rest to build itself back up, sleep as much as you can (perhaps even longer than you normally would). Try taking several naps throughout the day as well. If you are not at work or at school, this is a luxury you can afford! Chances are you will feel better after getting a good nights’ sleep, and keeping up with your sleep throughout the day as well by finding time to nap.

12. Try to exercise.

It can be a good idea to do some light exercises as well. Light exercise can in fact boost the immune system while you are recovering. Focus on the light here, of course: try some basic yoga stretches, do not try and run a marathon. Chances are that would make you feel even worse, not better!

Colds are not a pleasant experience, but if you follow these steps you should be feeling better very soon: most colds last between three and seven days, and might be even less time if you are careful with prevention measures! Don’t let a cold take hold of your life, fight back! Chances are you won’t be feeling so hot for a few days, but you can take comfort knowing you will feel better soon. If you do NOT feel better after a week or so, however, you should consider seeing a doctor. There might be some lifestyle choices you need to change in order to stop your cold from taking control of your life, or you may require some more serious steps to alleviate your symptoms. It is also possible that you have something more serious than a cold, like the flu, for instance. Check with your doctor if you have not improved! Good luck feeling better!

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