How to Get Rid of a Crush

You can't get enough of her deep brown eyes, her cascading hair, her ivory-white skin, and her radiant smile. You can't get enough of his mesmerizing stare, his boy-next-door appeal, not to mention that he's the star of the football team and has a talent for poetry.

Surprise of all surprises, you're alone with your crush. You have that warm, tingly, fuzzy feeling that it's destiny; you lock eyes, and you just want to keep that moment frozen in time. Yet for all that you feel about your crush, it just feels so wrong to keep it going like this forever. You may want to get rid of your crush because you're already in a commitment, or maybe you want you and your crush to pursue a more serious relationship. Don't fret, because here are some ways for you to get rid of your crush.

It's Just a Crush

Crushing on somebody is perfectly normal, but some people confuse feelings of intense admiration with true love. Some people may even become obsessed with their crush. While it's OK to have a crush, things will take a turn for the worse if you take your crush too seriously.

Keep in mind that you're simply crushing on someone. You're not exactly out to spend the rest of your life with your crush. There's a big difference between a crush and a commitment. If you're crushing on someone, you don't have to profess your love to him or her and give him or her your trust. Romantic commitments are entirely different things; they require more trust and care than a simple crush. The important thing to remember is that as long as you don't act on your heart's impulses, you have nothing to worry about.

Enjoy It While You Can

You may not want to admit it, but the feeling you get from having a crush on someone is something you really like. That fuzzy and jelly-legged feeling you get from seeing your crush may be uncomfortable, but deep inside you really like it. Sometimes, you may be so disoriented or so confused by the feeling that you get distracted or disturbed. You can approach this problem in one of two ways:

  • Let the crush phase run its course, until such time that you get tired of being so infatuated.
  • Be friends with your crush, and get to know him or her better. In time, you may get to know things about your crush that you never knew before, when you were still admiring him or her from afar.

One of the best things about crushes is that they make you feel young and giddy about romance again. Enjoy the feeling of having a crush on somebody, because there's no feeling like it in the world.

If It Looks Wrong, It Is

If you are crushing on someone already in a relationship, or if you're already in a relationship yourself, then you must know your limits. If you act on what you feel, be prepared to suffer the consequences that may come with it. You may end up hurting someone else's feelings, or even your own feelings, if you pursue the next level of the relationship you already have with your crush or your partner.

Most teenagers have problems trying to put a crush into perspective. If you feel that the relationship looks wrong from the very beginning, then you may want to stop acting on your feelings for your crush. There's a good chance that:

  • You're already in a relationship yourself. Your partner may be sensitive, and he or she may be jealous that your attention is now divided between your current relationship and your admiration for your crush.
  • Your crush is already in a relationship. You don't want to end up with yearbook dedications like “Homewrecker of the Year” or “This Year's Kiss-Stealing Two-Bit Trashbag Boyfriend/Girlfriend Snatcher.”
  • You have other priorities. Even the simplest of crushes can take away your time from class, work, or other activities that demand your undivided attention.

Always remember that the word “crush” can either be positive or negative. Having a crush may feel good, but be prepared to feel crushed when you realize that you're not meant to be, or if you end up making enemies out of people because you acted too soon about what you feel.

Spend Time With Other People

Maybe you're infatuated with a certain somebody because you haven't matured yet in your relationships with other people. Just because you're crushing on someone doesn't mean that you should let go of normal, healthy relationships with others. You may not know that you're ignoring your friends, that you're spending too little time with your family, or you may be ignoring your own health and well-being.

It's OK to have a crush with somebody, but don't forget about your other obligations, needs, and desires. Just because you find somebody attractive doesn't mean that you should give up the other important things in your life. There are other people who deserve your attention and your care more than your crush ever will. It's OK to give your crush the attention you want to give him or her, but it's not OK to give that attention at the expense of others.

Open Your Eyes to the Truth

Sometimes all you need is a distraction, or a better alternative to your crush. TV has no shortage of pretty girls and cute guys you can crush on. Maybe someone has been crushing on you to begin with, and you haven't been noticing him or her as much because you're so obsessed with your crush.

You need to take a step back, dig in your heels, and take a careful look at why you're crushing on that certain someone in the first place. Often the reality sets in that you're only “in love” with that certain someone because he or she is attractive. Maybe that crush you have on the star linebacker of the football team blinds you to the truth that he's nothing more than a woman-beating chauvinist who keeps a girlfriend for every day of the week, and another for good measure. Maybe that crush you have on the head cheerleader of the pep squad blinds you to the truth that she's nothing more than a kiss-and-tell bottom-feeding hussy little tramp.

Crushes are often superficial, and the people we tend to crush on have bad traits that we would eventually find to be turn-offs. The truth sometimes hurts, but it will set you free.

Pursue the Relationship

If you find it hard to let go of your crush because you've fallen truly, madly, and deeply in love, then there's really nothing you could do but to follow your heart. There's nothing wrong with pursuing a relationship with your crush if:

  • You're both single.
  • You have room to commit to each other.
  • Your crush likes you back and accepts you for who you are.

When you do decide to pursue the relationship, do yourself a favor and make the event as romantic and as memorable as possible. Remember that you gave up a lot for your crush, and you deserve to make the romantic moment special, and has a promise to last forever.

There's a saying that goes, “If you're not with the one you love, then love the one you're with.” A crush is a normal part of a healthy and contented social life. While crushes come and go, true love will always be there. Who knows, maybe you can make your own version of a teenage love story with a happy ending!

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