How to Get Rid of a Facial Bruise

Bruises on the face can really be double the trouble. Other than the fact that bruises on the face are particularly painful because the facial muscles are always in use, a bruise on the face is also quite embarrassing. So, if you accidently banged the closet door on your forehead while cleaning and have a big meeting tomorrow, follow a few simple tips to make your facial bruise disappear.

The face is extremely sensitive and a facial bruise should be treated with care. As soon as you bruise, apply an ice pack to the area. Bruising is caused by damaged blood vessels under the skin and the blood pools under the skin as the bruise heels. The cold from the ice pack prevents the blood from pooling and reduces the dark purple color from forming. Hold the ice pack to your bruise for at least 15 minutes, and then remove it gently.

Next invest in a cream that contains vitamin A, vitamin K and vitamin C. Apply this cream gently to the facial bruise and cover the entire area lightly. Vitamin K causes blood clotting and allows the bruise to heal faster, helping the bruise lighten; while vitamin A helps heal surface damage and vitamin C lightens the darkened skin. There are several oral medicines available as well that work by stimulating the action of white blood cells. This helps the process of reabsorption of blood, and disperses trapped fluids from bruised tissue. Most of the oral and topical medicines have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial qualities and are quite helpful in reducing pain and swelling. Including these three vitamins in your diet is also helpful, as all three assist the body in healing.

Tea tree oil and olive oil also help in lightening bruises and getting rid of them faster. Take a drop of each and gently massage the facial bruise. Do not apply pressure as that can lead to more damage to the blood vessels.
Last but not the least, if you have done all of the above, allow your bruise time to heal and cover it with make up for a few days. Apply some anti-inflammatory cream to the area and lightly cover your face with a sun block cream. Use two layers of a regular cream foundation on the bruise and dot the area with concealer, blending lightly outward. Pat with a dry, powder foundation to seal the makeup. If the bruise is on your forehead you can also style your hair to hide it.

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