How To Get Rid Of A Song Stuck In Your Head

Have you ever woken up to a song stuck in your head or while you are going about your daily tasks when a random song pops into your head and you cannot seem to get it back out? What do you do when you can’t seem to shake it off or shake it like a Polaroid picture? Luckily this happens to a good majority of people so you are not alone in this situation. Don’t panic, it will be ok!

1. Listen to the song once more or on repeat.

Usually when you have a song stuck in your head, it is often times a verse or a few words that is set on repeat. Do you really know the lyrics to the song? Why not search up the song on iTunes and give it a listen once more to confirm if you do indeed know the lyrics? Once you have listened to the song again or on repeat, you may be so sick of it that your mind is already in the process of blocking out the knowledge of this song’s existence!

Make sure that you do listen to the song all the way through so that your brain is able to fill in the rest of the song, hopefully resulting in the song leaving your head and the earworms along with it.

2. Listen to another song to replace the current one in your head.

What better way of replacing the song in your head with your favourite song or a song that you don’t mind being stuck in your head as much? Choose wisely and pick a song that you don’t mind listening to in place of the one running through your head.

Make a list of songs that you enjoy listening to and have it on hand when you want to get rid of a song in your head. Songs have a way of enhancing your mood and evoking certain emotions depending on the beat, rhythm, and melody so keep that in mind when choosing a song to replace the current one in your head.

3. Keep busy and challenge yourself.

Find a good book to keep your mind busy or challenge yourself with a puzzle. By keeping your mind focused on something else, you will soon forget that you have a song stuck in your head in the first place. With a certain level of challenge, your brain will focus at the task at hand and your song will be forgotten.

There are many options available to keep yourself busy and your mind occupied. Whether it is playing video games, watching a movie, or learning a new hobby, keeping your mind off the song is what you are working toward.

A great option would be listening to audio books. They not only require concentration to focus on how the story evolves, but it also requires you to use your auditory skills to participate in this particular activity. You can purchase audio books from reputable websites such as Amazon or from Audible where your first audio book is free!

4. Sing it loud, and sing it proud!

Singing or humming the tune when you don’t really know the lyrics can help with getting rid of the song stuck in your head. No matter where you are, if you are frustrated with the song stuck in your head or feel the courage to belt out the song, be….our….guest! Be our guest!

Take advantage of the opportunity to loosen up and have fun. Call your friends and look up the nearest place that offers karaoke night. You get the best of both worlds in learning the lyrics, and being able to sing in an environment where singing is encouraged. Grab a friend to join you in harmony and the next thing you know, other people around you may join you in song.

5. Dance your way through it.

Dancing is a favourite activity that everyone likes to indulge in within the comforts of their own home when they have the house to themselves. Come on, you know it’s true! Getting your body actively moving to the rhythm of the song can help your mind focus on the song and get it out of your system. Dancing is an art form and is all about expressing your feelings about the song so whatever you may be feeling towards that song, let it go! Let it go! Let it all go and dance your way to a more expressive you.

Triggering the auditory portion of your brain, earworms are generated when you listen to a song. Your brain undergoes a “cognitive itch” where it needs to fill in a song’s rhythm. In a roundabout way, your brain is still singing the song after it has long stopped playing. It is often involuntary and only a short portion of the song is stuck in your head. Even though there is no real tried and true way of getting rid of earworms, here are a few options for you to try out!

Don’t let a song that is stuck in your head ruin your day. Take advantage of this opportunity to guide your feelings towards a happy day if it happens to be an upbeat song. Let it kick start your morning and motivate your senses to anticipate what an incredible day you are going to have. Even though these options may work for the time being, it does not guarantee that a song will not be stuck in your head the next day. If that is the case, read through and select another option from the list above to try out!

*Disclaimer: Do seek medical attention with a psychologist or mental health profession if you do in fact hear music that isn’t there. It could be endomusia which is an obsessive condition in which people can hear music that isn’t really playing.

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Nicole Harding


  • I have been experiencing “EARWORMS” since the last two years. I was a very focussed and hardworking student prior to this. I have’nt been able to concentrate on my studies or any other tasks since this problem. It started with songs, but now even the slightest sound of a tune, music or melody affects and disturbs me. I am in great distress as I am appearing for my board exam this March.

  • I have experienced earworms for the past year, a catchy tune, pop music perhaps, knowing the words makes it worse, but it is more frequently a problem when I’m stressed.

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