How to Get Rid of Arm Fat

Few things are as unsightly in skimpy summer clothes arm fat. This problem tends to become worse with age and is especially bad for heavy women who would love to wear sleeveless tops and dresses. While there is still time to avoid another summer of hot cover-up shirts consider these points for how to get rid of arm fat.

Any sort of fat problem is first to be attacked with a regular doctor-approved fitness regime. We all know the maxim about Rome not being built in a day and this is certainly true with an exercise and diet plan. For many even a slow weight loss will result is flabby skin and fat under the biceps if not the entire arm.

This is why it’s important to work the biceps and triceps as part of your fitness regime. Regular exercise of the arms that focuses on the area under the arms will help improve the overall appearance of the arms.

Backward Arm Lifts
Using five or ten pound weights helps work the area underneath the arms. Grasp a weight in each hand, standing straight. Extend one arm backwards as far as you can comfortably reach. Keep that arm straight. Bring your arm slowly back down to your side. Repeat with the other arm. Do these exercises daily in three sets of ten repetitions. You should feel a slow burn underneath your arms when practicing this exercise.

Overhead Lifts
This is another weight training exercise that helps to reduce arm fat and work the underside of the arms. With weights in hand, hold your arms straight up with the palms of your hands facing inwards. Bend your arms ninety degrees at the elbow so that your hands are behind your head. Slowly lift your hands back straight up again. This exercise is more advanced, so only do as many repetitions as you comfortably can.

Simple Liposuction
The solution for some people who have sincerely tried diet and exercise but still have stubborn locations of fat may be surgery. Very little fat is removed and only a tiny scar is left after a short healing time for most people. When a more pronounced problem exists then brachioplasty may be the remedy. First, excess fat is liposuctioned and then excess skin is cut away during the same surgical procedure.

It is always important when considering any elective surgery to weigh the potential problems against any anticipated advantages. Everyone wants a quick fix to any cosmetic issues but at times it is better to just be patient with regular exercise. After weight loss, there is bound to be some “flabby” skin. Be patient. Most of this will tighten slowly to a more attractive appearance.

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