How To Get Rid Of Baby Clothes

Well you’ve done it. You’ve experienced the miracle and joys of a newborn baby and all the joys that it brings. Your child grew faster than you even imagined, and suddenly you are left with a bundle of baby clothes with no one to wear them. Before getting rid of your gently used baby clothes, it is important to consider whether or not you will be having another baby that could fill them. Once you are sure that you no longer need these baby clothes you can consider the following choices of getting rid of or repurposing them.

1. Ask family and friends.

If you have decided to get rid of your baby clothes, friends and family can be a good first place to start. There’s a good chance that there is someone you know that might want or need your leftover baby clothes.

Just ask if anyone needs, or know someone who needs, your old baby clothes the next time you are talking to your friends or family.

2. Give them away as donations.

If you don’t know anyone who could use your old baby clothes, you can always donate them to charity. If the baby clothes are gently used, chances are very high that they can be resold, and that there is a family somewhere out there that would have a use for them.

There are second hand stores that accept donations for re-sale. These places sell gently used, as well as new, clothing and other donated items. There are other volunteer run drives that collect donations to give to those in need. Some of these volunteer associations are run by churches and other religious organizations. Donating directly to churches is a good way to donate to those truly in need. Some organizations ship clothes to areas of the world where clothing is hard to come by, or families cannot afford to buy them for their children. Other non-profit organizations accept drop off donations as well and can be easily found online.

By far the biggest benefit of donating your old baby clothes is the good feeling you’ll get knowing you’re helping someone in need.

3. Repurpose them.

If you have old baby clothes to get rid of, a crafty way to do so could be by repurposing them. There are many different ways to repurpose your old baby clothes, depending on your level of skill and craftsmanship.

A few ideas could be to make a quilt or blanket for your baby to use as they grow up, giving a sweet sentiment to the old clothes. Repurposing old baby clothes can make for a great birthday or Christmas gift down the road. You could also use the old clothes as rags, if they are no good for anything else, or even as stuffing for a pillow or teddy bear.

4. Sell them.

If you need to get rid of baby clothes, maybe you have some other old things around the house you no longer want? A yard sale is an easy way to sell old stuff, and make a quick buck while you’re at it.

It’s important to advertise a yard-sale in advance, a couple of weeks should be enough. You could advertise on social media or by posting flyers around the neighborhood. Spring is usually a popular time to host a yard-sale and is always a good default, though other seasons should be considered.

This is a great way to connect beyond your immediate set of contacts who may or may not need baby clothes anyhow. It can be hard to ask for money for things from your friends or family anyhow, so this is a guilt free way to generate some pocket money for yourself. Baby clothes are not cheap, and this is a great way to make a return on your investment!

5. Try free ad sites.

Free ad sites allow you to sell your baby clothes online for free. This usually happens by posting an ad, complete with pictures and descriptions, onto the free ad website. You can leave contact information, or communicate with potential buyers with the chat system provided by the website. and are good examples of such sites.

6. Go to swap meets.

Swap meets might be an option you would never think of, but there is a surprisingly large population of swappers out there. Swap meets allow people to exchange their goods in return for something else they were looking for: a great way for two people to get rid of something while getting something they were looking for!

There are all sorts of swap meets that offer different kinds of trades, so it’s important to be sure you attend the right ones. Try narrowing your search for a swap meet by city and by what’s being swapped for best results.

7. Use social media.

Social media is a wonderful way to find a new home for your baby clothes. There are groups where members donate old baby stuff and trade advice to other local members. These groups have the benefit of free parent-to-parent advice, as well as helping those who are close to home. A sense of community may also be built from these groups, that can form long lasting friendships. You can usually find these groups on social media sites, such as Facebook, or through your local community center.

A good way to get the word out is by messaging your friends or family, or by posting on your favourite social media site the next time you get a chance, it never hurts to ask around. Include pictures as well to give them an idea of what you have to offer!

There are many ways to get rid of your unwanted baby clothes, from donating them to selling them. You can choose to help out friends or family by giving away the clothes to them, or you can help out a stranger by donating the clothes. You can choose to sell them in a yard-sale or online, or you can trade them at a swap meet. Finally you can repurpose your unwanted baby clothes for crafts or as simple rags. Always make sure you are ready to part with your old baby clothes! They have great sentimental value, and you might consider keeping them to pass along to your children’s children when the time comes.

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