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How to Get Rid of Bad Luck

According to some people, luck is partly controlled by your biorhythm and an unseen energy that binds events together, depending on your current state of mind. These factors may be too magical for some people to believe but if you pause for a moment and see how biorhythm or universal energies work, you will realize that those things actually make sense.

The Biorhythm: Quell a Vicious Cycle

A biorhythm is an emotional, spiritual and intellectual cycle that every person goes through. It predicts the timeframe on when and what personal characteristics will be heightened or limited. According to biorhythms experts, there is also a period when very few characteristics will be heightened. This period will signal that a new biorhythm cycle is about to begin. During this time, you are emotionally weaker and intellectually unprepared for negative situations, which often translates to bad luck.

Break a Bad Biorhythm

A good way to deal with a bad biorhythm is to be mentally and emotionally prepared. Firm believers of biorhythms have charts and tables that map out their entire biorhythm cycle. Their knowledge of their biorhythms regularly gives them enough time to prepare.

You can try to maintain balance in your life whenever you feel that your biorhythm is about to drop. You can focus on your good characteristics through your thoughts and actions, and then attempt to raise your limited characteristics. If you have a hard time raising your limited characteristics, you can always go back to your heightened characteristics so you can gather momentum.

For instance, you feel that none of today’s events are going in your favor, except for the time when you were able to come up with a set of nice proverbial statements in your head. You can build on the statements you formed earlier and connect them to certain events in your life. You can even put those statements on paper if writing happens to be one of your passions. Surprisingly, you will feel better. You can return to your daily activities and notice that the day is not really as bad as you initially thought.

Attune Or Your Luck will be Out of Tune

A witch doctor or a shaman can give numerous explanations for bad luck. These mystics will tell you that a lot of interconnected factors cause bad luck and those factors are governed by the energy that you release. Also called the aura, the energy that you emit is dependent on your current state of mind and your general reaction towards people and situations.

Good Vibes are Nametags for Good Luck

You may be raising your eyebrows at this point, especially if you are a disenchanted realist, but if you are able to grasp how energies work, you may say that this philosophy makes sense. Instead of explaining the whole energy enchilada, you can just recall some of the events in your life.

Remember the times when every scenario went in your favor and the times when you thought that you had bad luck. Notice how differently you acted and reacted during those extreme situations. Now, remember the frames of mind that you had before your periods of good luck and bad luck started.

Most probably, you felt as if you woke up on the wrong side of bed before your period of bad luck happened. As you dwelled on your negative state of mind, adverse situations appeared whenever you felt more depressed or anxious. Some mystical philosophies state that the universe resonates whatever emotion or state of mind that you have. This in part explains your luck. Clearly, you must be a master of your emotions and oversee the good in almost every situation to control your luck.

Let’s say that nothing is going for you at this moment. You can pause from whatever you are doing and give yourself some time to think. If you need to release your negative emotions, you can listen to music, write a journal entry or let out a loud scream. Notice how your emotions semi-stabilize right after. Now, you can think of some of your greatest breakthroughs and how you managed to achieve them. You can even delve on the finer points of those events, if necessary. Eventually, your mood will change and soon, your outlook will follow suit.

Once you get a more positive outlook, you can effectively deal with bad situations. You will be able to brush off some of the minor ones and get learnings from even the worst events. Best of all, the universe will reward you with good situations or epiphanies if you are able to pull off the outlook switch successfully.

Just Attune…

If you find the whole idea confusing, just remember one word – Attune. Individuals who are attuned to their passions, their personas and to the logic behind every situation, get through life gracefully. Also, you will notice that attuned individuals can have off-days, but they never have bad luck.

Signs aren’t Just for Aliens

If you have seen the movie, “Signs,” you will see how an interconnected group of innocent items and events can repulse aliens. In the cosmic world of luck, you can see random things, events and even reactions as warning signs for bad luck. All you have to do is to properly acknowledge and respond to the signs that come your way.

For instance, you are eating in a diner and notice that there is a knife under your table and it is pointing towards your direction. You can panic and pray to all of the saints or you can simply pick up the knife and point it in a harmless direction. When you feel your chest tighten for no apparent reason, think about the direct and the indirect reasons for such a phenomenon. Deal with those reasons logically and rationally and you will soon have a bad-luck-free day.

Luck is Subjective

If you see luck as a controlling factor that holds you like a puppet, then you will have a hard time dealing with bad luck. The moment you see luck as an incident or a scenario that you can control, you can easily rise above any situation, regardless if it is good or bad.

In life, there really is no luck. An individual’s worth is measured on how he picks himself up after he gets knocked down by a bad situation or incident. You can never truly lose in the game of life if you always choose to see the bigger and brighter picture.

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  • Bad luck….
    has been almost a daily thing I’ve had to live with ever since I got a job as assistant to a magistrate and have to attend Court cases.

    i feel it sticks to me….like everything I hear all and every day is negative stories and sometimes even morbid.

    i need to find a way to get my happiness back and my smile.



  • I have heard too many times that I must psych myself out of my immediate emotions. Some people REALLY do have bad luck like ME. Some people may complain about having bad luck but have many times they created it for themselves. For example I have friends that complain of having bad luck, but these dumb girls keep getting pregnant/&for guys that have a children. Not only that but these men dont think their worthy enough to be their wife. These girls have no real job themselves to support a family. These girls own nothing and cant even afford to keep a phone on and blame the world for their troubles. Me on the other have lived a very positive life. Between volunteering/interning graduating college on time. Not having any babies, very positive mind frame but many bad things have happened to me. Not to mention ALL failed relationships when men keep cheating on me and never getting a reasonable job that wants to pay more than $10 an houR (I HAVE A DEGREE!!!! STUDENT LOANS &BILLS). Love and money is the ultimate aspects of life. If you dont have both I SWEAR life aint worth living..So thinking positive and living positive means nothing. Things just happen in this life &Im a living witness of that.There IS actually something call bad luck,just ask me&I’ll tell u my story..

  • people really do have bad luck in the past month im getting kick out of my apt in the next 30 days no money 735$ also end of month 89$ needed to pay 4 new lances plates cant find a job been looking 4 about 7 months, getting kicked out of school cant afford it, got arrested,just dropped my friend off was about to head home an he got busted for breaking into a car, next day got pulled over for speeding? when i saw the cop behind me the whole time i was not speeding, boyfriend breaks up with me, my sister house burned down all her pets 12 snakes 7 lizards 4 fairits 2 rats 3 tanks of fish 2 birds one being a African gray and a white dobe ( dog ) all dead now thats bad luck!! all in one month some one plz tell me wat to do!!!!

  • I’ve had my share of bad luck despite working hard etc. but I refuse to give up. I’ve overcome a lot and I will continue to do so. As long a I have my health and breathe I will overcome life’s obstacles, life is not easy, you’ve to roll with it. Despite hardships, I look at my healthy son and say, I’m the luckiest person in the world, it’s not all about ME.

  • Donel, I totally agree with you, me as being a very positive person i’m trying to convert all the bad situations into something good and positive. Usually when I do that the bad becomes neutral, or just less bad but still it is overwhelming. Too many bad things have happened to me and I’m just tired, but I also believe in a bigger picture, I believe that those bad situation will acutally create the road to hapiness.

  • Bad luck or Karma. Something not good has happened to me and seems like it won’t end. I don’t just mean one bad thing I mean something has happened to my luck or karma or whatever people want to call it. This isn’t the first time a string of unfortunate events have come along either. Several times I have almost died. I am not a perfect person I have done some very bad things. NOT UNFORGIVEABLE THINGS but things I wouldn’t be proud of. No matter how hard I try I cannot change or interrupt this event or string of events. Is it possible that this is something else? If anyone thinks they might be able to answer this please let me know. bartend4 at yahoo dot com

  • Luck is REAL. Bad or Good. Different people will have different luck. There will also be periods of either good or bad luck. People who are religious will say that luck doesn’t exist, but ignore them, since they are living in a fantasy-hope for the best world. SO how do you break the bad luck ? Thats a real tough one. When one has a string of bad luck, they have entered a fairly long term period of it. Having good luck on the other hand is usually short and doesn’t last. (what a coincidence ???). The real trick is to be in all the right places at the right time, and that can bring you good luck – perhaps at a party, at school, at work, at lunch, etc. You usually cannot get good luck by staying at home for months on end. Basically you have to network and Increase you odds at something good happening to you. Lets say you are looking to earn some money, you have to go out and mingle, get noticed, etc. Same goes for love. Also coupled with some attitude adjustments here and there will help. Don’t expect miracles, that rarely ever happens – ARE you that special ?? Good luck from what I can see happens to EVERYONE, good or Bad. But ironically it happens to more BAD people than good. I never could figure out why that is. Whats even worse is that there are more bad people than there are good. It is interesting to see what will happen 100 years from now. I hope this helps all readers.

  • I feel as if i have been cursed, i lost my sister, lost my job, got in car accident and totaled car, got divorced, my nephew got into heroin and is going to jail. the list goes on and on, everyday something bad happens to me i am susicidal because i just cannot take anymore, i am a single mother of 2 and i am trying to hang on for my kids but i am so weak i can barely stand up. i will take any advice at this point. does anyone believe that tattoos r bad luck? cause thats when this luck began. pls for the love of god someone help me.

  • I have personally witnessed a few instances where good luck seems to have been passed down through the male lines of families from grandfathers to fathers and then to sons.

  • There has been nothing but bad luck and bad health in my household ever since a couple of my family members started attending church regularly. I want to make people aware of this as many unlucky people may consider turning to God and Jesus in an attempt to try to get rid of their bad luck. Unfortunately turning to religion in order to try to turn things around may simply make a bad situation worse.

  • I cannot seem to get rid of my bad luck. I even went as far as thinking nothing will ruin my day and even tried to be happy and not think negative thoughts but yet I still seem to have this dark cloud hanging over my head. Thinking positive seem to have the opposite effect on me and also I can visualize bad luck and it actually comes true. I am going to try the sage and see if I can ward off the evil spirits I am not sure where the bad vibes is coming from other than I can feel it.

  • I myself have bad luck every single day. Its hard to understand why it happens to me..everyday i wake up juss wondering when my life can possible change 4 the better.. and the funny thing is.. its been that way since birth.. I’ve been molested by my real dad when i was just 2.. I lost my grandmother the only person who ever seemed to care about me. MY mom married my step dad and things just went down hill they both got real bad on meth me and my sister was beat everyday for nothing at all…when we use to go to school we would be so afraid to come home because we didnt know if they was in a bad mood or not.Finally one day we got put in DEFACS i thought things would change but they never did… when i was there i started growing alot of faical hair and i had a unibrow and i was fat n ugly and hardly had many friends.. i know it sounds funny or what not.. but i mean its really not i cried soo much because i couldnt even go to school without being called soo many really does hurt..But moving on the bad luck cont. I got kicked out of the group home for a bad attitude and was sent back to my parents who claimed to of gotten better but that week me n my mom got into a huge fight and she hit me and made me bleed..i was only 15.. but i had no other family or nothing to turn to so i stayed..things got semi better but not older sister ended up moving out of the house and it was just me and my little sister who was my step dads daughter.. he always treated me soo bad b/c im not his real daughter and b/c im not this full blown Christen.. and dont think Religion had anything to do with my luck.. i always use to go to church when i was gettin beaten on but years and years after sh*t like that u juss give up.. and i did..i juss gave up on the big MAN.. things didnt get any better tho.. i’ve lost all my best friends all my exs ended up cheating on me.. i caught and STD..i cant have kids im jobless,carless,basically lifeless.. i try so hard to make my days better but it just never happens.. i’ve tried killing myself..but i just dont like to put myself through that much pain.. i was addicted to pills and liquor..and lost what little things i did have like my Xbox and my PSP both got stolen..i know this is alot and i know most ppl dont care.. but it feels good to let it out sometimes.. i just wish i could have some good luck for a change.. and the funny thing is.. its only on my moms side of the family where the luck is the,my sister,and my mom are sooo unlucky.. my my just slipped in the snow and can never walk again,my sister was at work and left her only son at her ex friends house and ended up breaking his right collar bone then a week later he broke the left one.. they blamed it on my sister so she got him tooken away.. and she never be able to have kids again..i want my life to go right..i really do.. i need help im willing to take any advice!!!!

  • We moved in our house 5 years ago and have had nothing but bad luck. We found we had 2 ghost which we got rid of, we had 2 brass world war gun bullets we got rid of, we painted our porch blue from green, we even done some feng shui, but bad luck is still with us. Can you give us any advice on how we can change our house to give us some good luck. We love our house and dont want to move.

  • Well life sucks, nothing can go right. Is it bad luck or family karma who knows. While there is diffently people who have had it harder. I just wish I could get a brake. It is like the universe is out to distroy my life or happiness, if it ant me almost getting killed in a car crash to getting kicked out my house to getting picked on all my life, to strugerling to get a job. Family brake ups to abusive step fathers. It all most feels like I can’t get out of bed like I’m better of sleeping so that I don’t have to deal with what life has coming next. But I ant a bad person I am all ways helping other to the level of giving cash to people and i go hungry. Steeping a side and letting people infrount Of the line. I all ways put my self last My be I was born to be evil and the longer I tri to do good the deeper the negative karma bad luck grows. While I am diffently open to the universe it just sucks to be me. But addles I get to see
    the sun set it’s properly the only light in this negative times.

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