How to Get Rid of Birds Nest

Birds have always figured prominently across human history. In the Bible, the Holy Spirit is represented as a white dove. Noah used a dove to find out if the Great Flood was over. In Egyptian mythology, the god Horus is usually represented as a falcon, and had a falcon head in deity form.

These majestic animals have also stroked man’s imagination of the air, finally leading to the invention of flight, arguably one of the best discoveries in human history. Birds are also vital cogs in any ecosystem. They control the proliferation of pests and insects and they also aid in the pollination of plants.

Birds are also vertebrates that make homes in the form of nests. They make functional homes where they can lay their eggs and raise their young. Normally, these nests do not pose much of a problem for humans; however, there are instances when a bird’s nest can be a source of frustration.

Not So Nice Nests

A bird’s nest can be a problem when it’s placed on or near your house. While not as annoying as a beehive, a bird’s nest is still a pesky addition to your home. Some of the reasons why a bird’s next can be a liability are:

  • When they’re placed at a very prominent place at the front of your house. Say you’re considering selling your townhouse, but then you find out that a bird has made a comfortable nest right above your front door. More often than not, such display will be discouraging to prospective buyers.
  • When they’re placed near your window. Some of you may argue that nothing is more beautiful than waking up to sunlight and the beautiful twittering of birds in the morning — but not when the bird has half a dozen of her young chirping all day long. No one would want to wake up to shrill shouts and noise.
  • When they get in the way of your day-to-day living. If a bird is overly territorial or protective of its young, it usually doesn’t care what or how big its opponent is. If the bird happens to make a nest near your front door, then expect to be attacked by it every time you come in and out of your house. You’ll feel like you’re a tenant being harassed by a landlord.Some nests also get in the way of your chores. For example, a bird’s nest that is built in one of your hanging plants can really be an interference. Bird nests can also mess up TV antennas.

Bye Bye Birdie Nest

Here are some ways on how you can get rid of your feathered friend’s nest and shoo them away.

  • Physically remove the nest. The easiest way to get rid of the nest is to just climb to where it is and then remove it. Keep in mind though that removing nests with eggs is in violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Make sure that when you remove the nest, there’s nothing in it. Besides, removing the nest while the mother bird is still roosted in it will most probably result in you getting pecked in the face or even worse.
  • Get a pet. A pet cat or dog can drive away birds. Once the bird has flown away, you can then remove the nest and have it transferred to another location, such as a tree or the roof of a nearby building.
  • Put an artificial owl or cat statue. Similar to the principle of scarecrows (Learn how to make a scarecrow), putting statues of owls (natural predators of young birds) or cats may deter the birds long enough for them to go away and nest somewhere else. Some of these statues even have extra features such as growling or making a sound that is motion-triggered to make them more believable.

Keep in mind that birds are never pests, so it’s better that you do not destroy their nests but instead place them in another location where they can “roost” in peace. Enjoyed this article? you’ll surely enjoy reading how to get rid of birds.

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  • I have a question. We had a birds nest in our front yard (that we didn’t know was there) with babies in it, and every time we would take our dog outside the mother birds would dive-bomb her and peck her. At first it was kind of funny so we just took her in the back yard (which is fenced in so I would rather let her out there). Well… yesterday when my husband was doing yard work he found the nest and apparently the birds decided to relocate to our back yard… in my flower bed. This morning I took the dog out and the mother bird was ruthless. I doubt they built a new nest overnight, how do I get them out of my flower bed?! I feel like if I actually pick them up and move them I’ll get pecked my the mother bird. Help!!! I need my dog to pee in peace!

  • Lindsey—I had the same thing happen to me yesterday, all of a sudden there are these 2 birds that go crazy on my dog when I let him out. He’s not even interested in them or their stupid nest; he just wants to pee and they harass him. My husband had to run out and swat at them to get them to get off of his back. It’s ridiculous. Let me know if you have luck relocating them.

  • We have a birds nest on top of our front door. I have to remove the nest at least once a week if not more and they keep building the nest in the same spot. Of course I make sure no eggs or birdies are there, but I spray down the nest so much that the stucco in the house is starting to come off. I am frustrated and have no idea how to get rid of these birds nest. Not only do I have to remove the birds nest weekly, I also have to clean their droppings daily. It’s disgusting and dirty!
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Amy J. – I have the very same problem. We’ve had a continuous nest problem on our back deck for more than a year. I have decided to get rid of it for good this year (hopefully). The best idea I’ve heard is to place chicken wire up and down through the center of the space. Supposedly birds won’t build a nest if they don’t have easy access. Since my nest is on a beam under the roof, this option may work for me, but I’m not sure if it will work in your circumstance. Still thought I would pass it along. Maybe you can take the idea and get creative. Anyway, good luck! It is a very frustrating situation.

  • The swallows are gone from their nest, how do I remove the nest and will this prevent them from returning? They are cute, but messy and built their nest by a condo from door.

    please reply

  • We are having a woodpecker problem they are causing damage to the side of our house that we rent. Yes our house is built of wood they have pulled out insulation and are a real problem we have even seen swallows going in the hole it has even made a bigger hole when we tried to fix it once before. I hate these birds distroying our home when their is a tone of trees here they could go too. Help my partner can’t even sleep in on a morning off, and apprently they are a protected speciecs. I have 2 small dogs and 2 cats and that makes no differance but if they get into the insulation and get sick I would be upset.

  • Let’s try and not get hung up on the small stuff. Let’s live and let live. If a tiny bird finds a safe location to build her nest and protect her young and it happens to be on your house then you are blessed! I hope you protect that animal and share your generous outdoor space with her kind.

    If we think it “looks bad” or “is gross” think of what humanity is currently doing to the Gulf of Mexico- as we pour tons of oil in day after day, destroying our natural resource and permanently damaging our ecosystem. What’s a bit of bird poo?

    Thank you and peace

  • I have a nest over my front door and it I getting annoying that I can’t walk out of it ever. There is one or two babies in it that are getting ready to leave the nest(I guess) and the mother is getting more agitated. Is there anything that I can do to get rid of it once the babies are gone. I wasn’t really worried about it but now there is poop all over the front porch. What can I do????!

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