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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches Naturally

Roaches need three things to maintain life: heat, moisture, and food. Deny them these things and folks won’t have a roach infestation. Keeping the heat and air conditioning on 68 to 72 degrees will cancel out the heat the roaches need. It will also keep the humidity down or gone all together, which will deny them the moisture they need for life. There are many ways to deny the pests the last component of life, which is how to get rid of cockroaches naturally and cheaper than chemical applications by pest control companies. Some natural applications are no danger to humans or pets, with the adviso that small children be kept away from other products, because they may make the children somewhat ill.


Borax is basically a laundry booster and is used in making homemade laundry soap. It is death, however, to a cockroach. How to get rid of cockroaches naturally using borax entails combining the chemical with sugar in equal parts and placing the mixture in spots where roaches have been seen. The pests are drawn to the sugar, and when consumed, causes damage to the shell of the pest. The moisture escapes the body of the bug. Without moisture, the pest becomes dehydrated and dies. Another method for using borax to kill pests is to wet a saltine cracker. Place the borax atop the cracker, which draws the pest to the food while the borax kills it.

Diatomaceous Earth

Any home improvement store will have bags of this product. It is composed of finely ground fossilized organisms. The dust is placed outside the house as well as inside. The pests consume the dust, in addition to carrying it back to the nesting places on their feet and shells. The microscopic particles destroy the pests’ bodies, which denies them the moisture they need, and they die. It is not expensive, nor is it any danger to humans or pets.

Bay Leaves

Planting herbs between rows of vegetables in a garden repels pests. When considering how to get rid of cockroaches naturally, why not try some of these? The oil in bay leaves, for instance, drives cockroaches mad because of the smell. They won’t come near spaces with this herb sprinkled about. Rosemary is also advised to rid a home of roaches. Place the fresh leaves (the dried variety isn’t as effective) in areas where roaches roam and watch them disappear.

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