How to Get Rid of Door-to-Door Salespeople

People will try selling you anything, and they will do whatever it takes to get your money. From clothing to appliances to a new roof, salespeople are ruthless in their approaches. They always seem to catch you at the worst time of day, either before work, after work, or even while you are eating dinner. Of course, they use these times because you are home, but many people have zero interest in talking with strangers during their downtime. Obviously some people do, because a huge amount of companies continue to send canvassers out on the streets to peddle their products.

Salespeople are trained to sell, and they do it well. They are likely going to pressure you into purchasing something you don’t want, and likely don’t even need. They use fear and intimidation to make sales leads a reality, and you are the target: don’t become a salesperson’s victim. If you want to get rid of door-to-door salespeople in your life, then keep reading!

1. Don’t answer the door.

Not answering the door is a great way to keep all kinds of people away, not just salespeople! If you have some problematic family members, or perhaps a Jehovah’s Witness at your door that you don’t want to talk to, then don’t! What better way is available to you then ignoring unwanted houseguests entirely?

If you use this approach, find a way to secretly see who is calling at your door without them realizing they are being watched. The second they see you, if will be much more difficult to avoid them! Look through a window, or try using a monitoring camera on your front porch so you can always see who is outside. Cameras are useful for security as well, which is an added bonus.

Unfortunately for you, salespeople do not give up that easily. They usually have a list of houses on a street to go to, and chances are high they will come back at least once or twice more later that day, or even the following day, if you do not answer. Keep on reading if you want a more lasting fix!

2. Use a “No Trespassing” sign.

Using a No Trespassing sign on your property is a great way to keep unwelcome guests off of your porch and away from your life! Most salespeople respect these signs and will be on their way without bothering you at all.

No Trespassing signs are available at any hardware store, and you can also order them online if need be. If you are feeling creative, you can also easily make one of these at home and laminate it yourself so it stays protected.

You want to be sure that salespeople can easily see it so that they won’t make this excuse when they ring your doorbell or knock on your door. Don’t give them the chance to do so! Use a stake to post a sign on your lawn, or have this sign clearly visible on a fence or a front gate.

3. Get a dog.

Unfortunately, even No Soliciting signs are not a guarantee that someone will stay away from your house. A more effective tactic is to use your dog. You should not have your dog attack a salesperson, of course. That is a recipe for disaster.

A dog works well because of their bark. Salespeople are trying to strike up a conversation with you, and a barking dog is sure to mess with their best-laid plans. Some salespeople don’t even bother knocking on a door if they hear a dog’s bark, or they will leave quickly afterwards.

4. Tell them you are not interested.

So, you caved and answered the door after all. The world is not going to end: don’t fret! One of the worse ideas you can have is to listen to a door-to-door salesperson’s pitch. Most salespeople work on a commission basis, so they are likely making very little money if they aren’t making any sales. Any interest on your part will only increase their curiosity and make them try even harder to get you to sign up for a callback meeting that you likely are not even interested in.

Don’t hesitate to interrupt them before they have even started their sales pitch. If you are not interested, tell them so. There are several good ways that you can easily get them off your porch, but a surefire suggestion is to tell them you have no money to buy anything. They can’t argue with that!

If you are honest with them, there is a good chance they will respect your desires and leave you alone. After all, they are representing their company, and if they give you a hard time you could get them in trouble with their company. You could even write a negative review online about your experience, which any company desperately wants to avoid.

Don’t feel bad about disappointing them. Salespeople have to have a thick skin, because they are disappointed on a regular basis. If you tell them to move on, they will likely head on to your neighbour’s house and leave you in peace. It is best to not get angry with them or try arguing with them for any reason. This is a waste of your time and energy!

Being polite is always a good idea. This salesperson is still a person at the end of the day, and likely has a family and children. You can still be polite without letting them inside, however.

Some people think that letting salespeople inside is a necessary step to follow, just as they would with anyone knocking at their door. But this is a huge mistake, and you shouldn’t let salespeople in, even if you think it’s rude! Once they are inside, they have the advantage. You are much more likely to sign up for a callback meeting or hear their pitch once they are inside your home. Salespeople use these common social conventions to their advantage, and you will almost certainly regret it, or have a hard time getting them out of your house after this.

Salespeople can be a serious challenge in your day-to-day life. If you don’t have the time of day for them, then don’t give it to them! If this is how you feel, consider it this way: you should only buy something if you yourself set out to buy it in the first place. Don’t get talked into the next miracle floor cleaner or the world’s sharpest set of knives. Chances are you can get the same products for less elsewhere.

If you simply must talk to the salesperson after avoiding them to your best ability, be firm but polite. Remember that they are human, after all, even if they are not the humans you want in your life! If you stick to these strategies you will quickly get rid of door-to-door salespeople.

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  • Hi. I would like to say I appreciate your website. In particular the ending. I worked in door-to-door sales for four months and it was an absolutely unforgiving and dangerous job. No respect from anyone. Well, that’s not true. Some people did offer water and snacks and I’m grateful for that. It really is nice when people acknowledge that you are still a human being and one that is stuck in a situation you’d rather not be in. Bravo.

  • I have just started a role as a door to door saleswoman, and it is true it can be very demoralising, to be an intelligent young woman trying to earn a bit of money and sales experience to have people regard you like scum. To those few who offered a cup of coffee or even to talk in the hallway and not with me out in the rain, I appreciate it. I do understand the simple “no, sorry we are not interested” or busy with children and on the phone as long as done in a sympathetic, kind manner, not a sharp “get lost” tone of voice. I will certainly change my perspective when someone comes knocking next. Especially as the product I’m selling can help so many if they would just listen.

    There’s my experience

  • Offer them a light snack? What, all fifty of them per week? Don’t talk such utter rot. I don’t even answer the door, and the odd one-in-a-hundred that doesn’t take that very clear hint they are not welcome gets a bucket of water for their trouble.

  • Times have changed and door to door sales and telemarketing are old fashioned, mostly ineffective ways of both selling anything and as a job. While I don’t think the seller themselves should be treated rudely in most cases when they aren’t obnoxious or overly persistent they need to realize that it’s 2009 and if they are signing up for any door to door gig that they should expect to have doors slammed on their faces, to be treated rudely at times, and to not make very much money. My attitude is I put a no soliciting sign on my door because I HATE being bothered unexpectedly in the comfort and privacy of my own home and being thrust into that uncomfortable position of having to say no and then usually forced to follow up my NO with either a defensive explanation, persistence, or just resort to mild rudeness like closing the dooron them. I tend to the latter because every second my door remains open and I’m trying to hold back dogs and kids and keep the cold outside I’m getting more and more pissed off. If that person is selling anything I would want, I would have already bought it. And if I’m too lazy or homebound or far from a major city to go out and get it from a store, I would have already ordered it from the TV or the internet….like I said, it’s a different world than it used to be and all forms of door to door selling and telemarketing should be outlawed. The donation seeking charities can mostly be included in that too- if I gave to them all I’d need to start one for myself. Governments should raise taxes for the wealthy classes to cover all important charities like cancer research etc so there’s no need to hassle the middle class door to door. If they really needed money I bet if they offered to collect bottles, cans and other recyclables they could do wayyyyy better than just asking for money….but that’s where you can see exactly how dedicated they are the their cause….they want the money the easy way even though they could be more effective offering something in return (something other than a $75 calendar)

  • Actually door-to-door sales are dangerous, both for the salesperson & the one answering the door. Sometimes it’s the salesperson who gets killed & sometimes it’s the person answering the door, like children. So it shouldn’t be legal because every person should own all things so no one is forced to sell anything or starve. The evil way is forcing people to sell or starve & it’s called Capitalism. When all people own all things then everything will be free, including medical care & building TOWER CITIES connected to mag-lev TRAINS. T&T will let us eliminate all destructive jobs like weapons, automobiles & small buildings (lumber cutting destroys the earth). Building T&T means all people could work part-time 10 hrs a week & have time to raise their own children, & learn to have fun, & learn to eat properly to avoid obesity, & most or all problems would disappear. We could even eliminate all prisons. Those who don’t want these changes are living dangerously because God himself will take care of them (those who still want a system/way that is so deadly.)

  • I came across a web site that sells “No Selling” Stickers. I purchased one and stuck it on my front door. Haven’t had a problem with salesmen since. All my friends and family were all commenting on how nice the sticker is. Its an Australian site, but they do ship internationally

  • No selling stickers are definately the go the Australians seem to have it sown up! Not sure if it’s got anything to do with the aus government or not but knockstoppers are worth having a look at. They give u a whole pack of different no sales signs and complaint letters.

  • I installed a trap door at my front door and now all I have to do is flick a switch to get rid of salespeople! On a more serious note, the Australian government have a do not call register to stop telemarketers and door to door salespeople.

  • You people are either on drugs or all peddlars. Its my house, you assholes come uninvited, & ur a low life form if you don’t leave my property by third no. I had to escort an asshole off my property this weekend. I hate you all. Any of you that makes these low lifes a meal deserves to be screwed. I have decided to take legal matters to fight all of you since I cannot pistol whip your impolite asses. Make em a meal, your a moron. Besides you don’t know when they’re casing ur joint.

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