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How to Get Rid of Dyed Hair

We’ve all been there. You’re just plain bored with your usual hair colour and are excited for a change. Maybe you want to change up your look, celebrate a new chapter, or impress someone who you’ve got your eye on.

Most people dye their hair at least once in their lifetime. Some do it on a regular basis. Some go for a natural look, whereas others are a little but more daring and decide to try out something extra wacky.

No matter what you had envisioned in your head, things don’t always turn out the way that you’d hoped. Maybe your hairdresser messed up, or didn’t properly listen to your request. Perhaps you bought a boxed dye that did not wind up looking anything like the person on the front cover. Possibly the colour turned out okay, but your blue hair won’t be well suited for that interview you have coming up.

If you’re regretting your hair dye decision, don’t fret! There are many things that you can do about it. Even if the colour is a permanent one, you are not completely out of options. It is actually quite easy to cause hair dye to fade at the very least! Keep on reading to explore how to get rid of that regrettable dye job.

1. Shampoo, shampoo, repeat

One of the best ways to cause that unwanted dye to fade away is to shampoo on a regular basis. If you don’t do so already, start washing your hair thoroughly once per day until your hair is back to normal.

If you’ve just recently dyed your hair and haven’t waited too long, be sure to shampoo right away. This is when the dye has the least grip on your hair. Shampoo thoroughly 2-3 times in order to be sure that any excess dye is dealt with.

If you’re really in a bind, there is a way you can speed up the process of shampooing out the hair dye. Try choosing a clarifying shampoo over an opaque one. You may also want to try a dandruff shampoo, as they have been proven to fade hair dye faster than average options.

While rinsing, make the water as hot as you can stand. Hot water will help strip the dye. After your intense shampooing, be sure to lock some moisture back into your hair. The lathering of shampoo can really dry it out. Invest in a good quality conditioner, or try using a coconut oil hair mask.

2. Light it up!

Sometimes the solution is as simple as taking a step outside and letting nature do its job! There are certain elements that exist in the environment that have a natural effect on the colour of your hair.

I’m sure many have noticed that the sun is a natural lightener. Be sure to expose your dyed hair to the sun as much as possible. This will fade away your unwanted colour job.

Kick things up a notch by adding some lemon juice to your hair. Simply combine two parts lemon juice with one part water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle and be sure to get some on all parts of the hair evenly. The acid in the lemon intensifies the sun’s lightening effects.

Another element that you should try to expose your hair to is a body of saltwater. This type of water loosens the grip of the dye on your strands of hair. Take a swim in the ocean a few days out of the week, if possible. Or, visit a saltwater pool. You will notice a difference in your hair colour very quickly.

If the saltwater option is not possible for you, swimming in a chlorinated pool can be just as effective. Try taking regular swims in a pool that has chlorine, as the chemical element can act as a color remover. However, swimming in a chlorinated pool too often can also lead to serious dried out hair, so keep it down to 1-2 days a week. Also, try to moisturize the hair as much as possible in between visits.

3. Hot oil

Luckily, there are many simple at-home remedies that help to strip away unwanted hair dye. The first natural remedy is the hot oil treatment. This treatment both encourages the dye away from your hair, and locks in plenty of moisture.

The first step in this process is to shampoo and condition your hair thoroughly. Be sure to do so before beginning. For this treatment, it’s preferable to use coconut oil. Place the coconut oil in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave until it is hot, but not burning. Allow the oil to cool a few minutes before application; you don’t want to burn your scalp in the process.

With your hair still damp from washing, apply the oil evenly from root to tip. Once completely applied, cover your hair with a dry towel and leave the oil to sit for about one hour. Once your time is up, wash out the oil completely using shampoo.

4. Baking soda

Another simple method is the use of dandruff shampoo and baking soda. Baking soda is a natural lightening agent, and when combined with powerful dandruff shampoo, it can work wonders for fading away unwanted dyes.

Simply pour a couple of tablespoons of the shampoo into a cup or bowl. Add about one teaspoon of baking soda, and mix well. This makes enough for one shampoo session.Wash your hair with this mixture 1-2 times a day for as long as necessary. You should begin to see your dye fading away after the first few sessions.

5. Vitamin C

Finally, there is the crushed Vitamin C approach. This method is only useful if your choice of dye was a darker, semi-permanent colour. To give this method a shot, simply go out and purchase a bottle of Vitamin C tablets. Take a few of them (the amount depends on how much hair you have, and the size of the tablet), and crush them into a powder.

Add water to make a paste, and apply the mixture evenly throughout the hair. Your hair dye will be almost completely removed if your hair was coloured recently.

Hair is an extremely important accessory to many of us, and we certainly don’t want to live with a bad dye job for very long. Luckily there are some ways to fade away or completely rid of dyed hair. If you’re regretting your recent dye decision, give these methods a shot! If all else fails, you may want to see a professional, and they will have you feeling yourself again in no-time! The best of luck to you, and may you have nothing but good hair-days from this moment forward.

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