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How to Get Rid of Ear Hair

It was previously believed that ear hair was hereditary — you’d get it from the Y chromosome of your father. Today, studies show that ethnicities and age groups are not necessarily factors in developing ear hair, although these cases can be valid reasons. Scientists say that it’s just hormones, since DHT or dihydrotestosterone is responsible for nasal and ear hair.

Now, how can we effectively get rid of ear hair? Lend us your ears!

Ear, There and Everywhere


If you have never tried grooming your ear hair before, cutting should not be done without extra precautionary measures. You need to use a pair of scissors designed for intricate cuts. If you have a special type of scissors, simply cut the hair that is sticking out of the lobes of your ears. Cutting should be the first option before trying other ear removal methods.

Shaving Closely

Gather some guts to shave closely around your ear’s outer area. While doing this, it is important to be as cautious as possible to avoid cutting yourself.

Laser Hair Removal

With laser hair removal, what passes through your skin to the follicles is laser light. Your hair absorbs the laser light and your hair, in turn, is destroyed. Dark colors attract light, so if you have light skin with dark hair, then laser hair removal is perfect for you. If your skin is dark, you may experience burning if the level of light during the procedure is not lowered. You should resort to lower-light level, but do not expect the results to be as effective as when the light level is higher.

Today, laser treatment does not guarantee that you will get rid of your ear hair completely, but expect your hair to grow finer and less noticeable. Choose wisely when it comes to what method you are going to use to remove ear hair, because laser treatment is expensive. It is important to be aware of what results to expect, but it is better to know whether the practitioner who will perform the procedure is reputable or not.

Ear Hair Electric Razor

Yes, you read it right. You shouldn’t have second thoughts about including an ear hair electric razor to your personal grooming accessories if you have a problem with ear hair.

Some ear hair electric razors are expensive, while others are more affordable. Tweezing hair inside your ear can damage your ear canal or eardrum and can be dangerous, so if you want to get the job done, an electric razor will be the best accessory for this.


Melting is another effective way to get rid of ear hair. Chemical hair removal products are used to melt away unwanted ear hair.

Melting sounds safe and easy, but there are hazards involved. The use of chemical hair removal products is safe but make sure that you never go near the inner ear or else, you will cause damage to your hearing organ. If your skin is sensitive, you may have second thoughts about using this product. To determine whether or not you should use this type of product, do a skin test. Apply a small amount of the product on a small portion of your skin. If there is a negative outcome like an allergic reaction, then you can’t use melting to get rid of your ear hair. If you want to go for chemical hair removal products, just visit your grocery store and ask for one.

Depilatory Creams

Before using a depilatory cream, test it on a patch on your arm first to know whether your skin will adversely react to it. You need to stop the use of the depilatory cream if it provokes allergies or causes staining or skin discoloration. Watch out for breakouts on your skin. If this happens, wash your back with Betadine, or any anti-bacterial solution and consult a doctor. If your back has scratches, cuts and other wounds, don’t ever use this product.

For best results, apply a warm towel or washcloth to your back to open the follicles and soften the back hair. This way, the depilatory cream will be absorbed easier. Always check for instructions found on the pack of the cream and make sure that you don’t let the product stay on your back longer than recommended. If you need to remove the cream from your back, don’t rinse it. Just wipe it off with a warm towel or a washcloth.

Make It A Habit

You should start making ear cleaning a habit and part of your personal grooming process. Just follow these simple tips and you’ll hear more positive things about yourself and your basic hygiene and grooming.

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