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How to Get Rid of Female Facial Hair

Not all women are open about it, but it is something they are concerned with everyday —- female facial hair. Why do you have to have it? While there are many treatments available, some have proven to be painful and expensive.

Here are some of the treatments available. Check each of them out and determine one that suits you best.

Woman, Why Do You Have Facial Hair?

Treatments are widely available on the market today and you are excited to learn about your list of alternatives. Before the female facial hair remedies are explained to you, you first have to learn why you acquired such physical feature:

  1. Consult your doctor. Your female facial hair may be a symptom of a more serious problem called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, also referred to as PCOS. About 10% of girls currently going through their reproductive phase suffer from PCOS. One of the symptoms of this condition is excessive hair growth. Not all women with PCOS experience it but 75% of them develop this symptom. Female facial hair excessively grows on the upper lip and sometimes on the chin.
  2. Female facial hair is normal. Losing all of your facial hair is more dangerous compared to growing them too thick. Since facial hair is normal, you may sometimes have thicker and darker facial hair too.
  3. Menopause. Female facial hair develops especially while you are going through the menopausal stage. Because of menopause, you will experience hormonal changes which will cause your facial hair to be more prominent. (If you’re already at this stage, time for you to learn how to get rid of menopause)
  4. Blame it on your genes. If your mother has facial hair, then chances are, you will be growing facial hair too.

What To Do

Shaving: You may be one of those who think that shaving will only make your facial hair darker and thicker. That thought should no longer be entertained because what makes your facial hair look darker and thicker is the newly-cut hair tip. The tips of your newly-cut facial strands look thicker and darker.

Women may have heard it before – shaving will only make their hair grow darker and thicker. Then again, it is high time for women to know that this is just a myth. As the razor cuts the hair’s tip, it may look darker and thicker. In reality though, the tip has just become flat, so the hair looks fuller and thicker.

Home Waxing: If you have heated wax products, then use these at home. Heated wax products do not require heating. Your budget is another story. If you do not have enough money, then heat wax using a microwave. Make sure that you buy microwavable wax though. Microwavable wax is ideal if you prefer doing the waxing at home since you no longer need to refill machines that are difficult to find.

Bleaching: Since upper lip hair can be due to genetics, a hair bleaching will help hide upper lip hair. If your hair is bleached, others won’t even notice that a woman has upper lip hair. Be extra cautious though when bleaching. Testing the product on a small area of the skin will help women avoid further damage. If your skin is irritated, then just forget about bleaching.

Chemical Hair Removers: Chemical hair removers can be tricky. It is best to test the product on the skin first before using it to remove female facial hair. Anyone who uses a chemical hair remover should stay in a well-ventilated area while applying the product to avoid getting nauseated or lightheaded.

Laser Hair Removal: Going through laser hair removal is not comfortable, easy, and guaranteed effective. An entire market finally came up with a way to remove excess hair. Laser treatment is not just for female facial hair removal, but for removing hair on the legs, bikini lines, and hair on the abdomen, back, underarms, breast area, chest, neck and face. Laser hair removal can remove upper lip hair permanently.

Taking care of the female facial hair is a tricky case for men and women alike. Some find it more convenient to go for the conventional methods of hair removal like plucking, tweezing and using depilatories and wonder creams. Then again, you may be forgetting that the face is a sensitive area.

Consult a skin care specialist right away if you want guaranteed results. Today, there are many other methods being offered such as sugaring, electrolysis
and pulse light hair removal. With these methods and with enough patience, men and women can kiss their upper lip hair problems goodbye.

If you would like to use the shaving method anyways, check out Monster Guide and learn how to shave.

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Nicole Harding



    To all of you women out there dealing with this problem, DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE!!!!

    -Thank you, Sincerely, Sophie

  • The above tips do not work on darker skin and I did not see that mentioned. On darker and more coarse hair you can use Nair if you don’t scratch or irritate skin before and only leave on a few min using a timer. I apply it once a week and results last 7-10 days for me.

  • Ive been bleaching for 2 years now, and the hair above my lip is just becoming a darker shade of blond every time πŸ™ im starting to side with Sophie…


  • My Hair Is Dark Colored So Yew Can See My Lip Hair Pretty Well & As I’m Getting Older, It’s Getting Thicker So, Even Tho It’s Considered Normal, I’m Kind Of Uncomfortable Around People.. I Feel Like When I Start Talking, They’re Only Gonna Be Staring At My Mouth. I Dont Like Feeling That Way So I’ve Been Thinking About Shaving It. Alot Of Other Sites Say That Shaving DOES Make It Grow Back Faster & Everything Tho.

    Soo Would Nair Be Better?? I Wanna Make Sure That Whutever I Do, My Skin Is Left Smooth. Any Help?

  • Ive been waxing since 6th grade becuse boys would make fun of me and now im in the 8th grade and had good, okay results. I have been buying the waxing products at walmart and they work okay.

  • Go to walmart & buy that stuff that you put on your skin, you wait 5 to 10 minutes & your unwanted hair will be gone, it only costs about 6 dollars & it works for me πŸ™‚ & shaving it will make it worse, trust me πŸ™‚

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