6 Ways to Get Rid of Flies

Do you have flies swarming around and laying eggs on the surface of your food? Gross! Flies are a problem when they take up residence in your home and can be a source of food contamination. They can spread disease onto your food without you even knowing. Nobody wants that in their life!

How do you quickly and efficiently get rid of flies? Here are some methods that have been proven to help you get rid of flies fast.

1. Use a fly swatter or zapper.

Locate where the pesky fly is and practice your swinging arm while you aim with a fly swatter to smack or zap the fly. A fly swatter will kill the fly instantly if you hit your target. A fly zapper will either stun the fly or kill the fly outright. If the fly is only stunned you still have to kill the fly afterwards and dispose of it as you see fit.

If you don’t want to invest in a fly swatter or zapper, you can easily substitute this method with a rolled up magazine or newspaper and it will serve the same purpose as a fly swatter. If the flies are small enough to escape between the holes of the swatter or zapper, consider other options below to get rid of flies. This method does require a bit of patience and accuracy, so read on for other suggestions!

2. Construct a flytrap.

Grab a clean small bowl or container that you would not mind becoming a fly den. Pour a small amount of apple cider vinegar into the bowl or container. You can also try using orange fruit peels to attract the flies instead as the common household fruit fly is attracted to fruits.

Cover the top of the bowl or container tightly with plastic wrap and hold the plastic wrap in place by securing it with an elastic band.

Next, poke tiny holes into the plastic wrap with a toothpick or an object that creates similar tiny holes so that the flies can crawl in, but cannot fly back out and escape. Place your flytrap in a location where flies are densely populated. Now sit back and wait for the flies to literally fall into your trap.

Check on your flytrap daily and toss out the trap after 2-3 days. Construct a new flytrap if necessary.

3. Consider fly strips.

Trick and trap flies with the use of a sticky fly strip. You can either purchase these at your local home and garden store or even at your local grocery store. Hang these up where you see flies mostly swarm and gather to maximize the number of flies that you trap.

Don’t want to spend money to trap pesky flies? Make your own fly strip with household items lying around the house. All you need is sugary syrup, sugar, thin cardboard or paper, string, and a hole-puncher.

To make a fly strip, first combine ¼ cup of sugary syrup of your choice with ¼ cup of sugar to create a sweet concoction to attract the flies. Cut thin strips of thin cardboard or paper and punch a hole at the top so that you can thread the string through to hang your fly strip. Coat your strips with the sugary syrup concoction that you made and let the strips dry before you hang up your fly strips.

Check on these strips daily and dispose of them in 2-3 days. The stickiness may have worn off or the sight may be unbearable with all the fly bodies stuck to it. Replace with new fly strips if needed.

4. Vacuum up flies.

Use your vacuum cleaner to suck up the flies. The powerful suction of the vacuum will help decrease and eliminate the number of flies that are present in your house.

Simply take your vacuum out of the closet and turn it on while aiming it towards the flies. As simple as it sounds, this method is highly effective when you are battling against flies that have landed on the wall, for instance. You may be able to catch a fly in mid-flight, but this is proven to be more difficult.

If you chase the fly around enough with the vacuum nozzle, the fly will eventually tire out and seek rest on a nearby surface. Now is your chance! Move in with your vacuum and say good bye to those pesky flies.

5. Clean up your house.

Throw away or remove all sources of food that flies can gain access to in order to destroy any potential breeding grounds for flies. Flies are attracted to sweet and sticky substances, so the presence of food is perfect for them to take up residence wherever there is a food source available.

Put away and cover up any food that is placed outside of the fridge or is sitting on the counter.

After a meal, wash dishes immediately to get rid of any food source for flies. Any food that is left in the drain catcher should be disposed of properly so that it doesn’t rot and attract the flies. Don’t forget to wipe down the counters and dining table to get those crumbs! Dispose of any rotting food in garbage cans outside or in the compost. Do not leave food in the house as flies like laying eggs where plenty of food is available for their baby flies to live in.

6. Use your chopsticks.

If all else fails, practice using your chopstick by snatching flies out in midair as seen in Karate Kid. This method will not only improve your patience, focus and accuracy, but it will help you get rid of flies in the process. Think you have what it takes? Only one way to find out! Practice makes perfect, after all.

Seeing and hearing a swarm of flies is unsettling, especially when you are trying to eat your meal in peace. Flies are unsanitary as wells as unhygienic as they feed off of feces, rotting food, and garbage. Select one or multiple methods to use at one time to control, maintain, and get rid of flies in the house. After the flies are gone, you can eat the food in your house with the peace of mind knowing that you are not consuming contaminated food.

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