How to Get Rid of Freckles Naturally

If a person has a lot of skin discoloration, hyper pigmentation and freckles on the skin of their face and body they may be wondering how to get rid of freckles naturally. There are only a few ways to get rid of freckles naturally because most of the effective and modern methods of getting rid of freckles involve harsh chemical peels, lasers that burn off layers of the skin and bleaching creams that contain chemical ingredients. These methods do work but there are other more natural ways of how to get rid of freckles naturally.

If a person is wondering how to get rid of freckles naturally there are a few ways that this can be achieved. The freckles that are already present on the face and body are hard to remove because removing freckles involves removing layers of the skin. There is one natural substance that can work as a subtle skin lightener. Due to the acids in the fruit the juice of the lemon can slightly lighten the dark freckles on the skin. Lemon juice should not be applied all over the face but can be applied directly over the top of the freckles. With the regular application of lemon juice the freckles may appear to get lighter over time.

The important thing to remember about freckles is that they are caused by sun damage. When the harsh UV rays that come from the sun get in contact with the skin they cause skin damage which results in skin pigmentation that can show itself in a burn, a tan, and in freckles. People who have fair skin are usually more prone to getting sun burns and freckling and should take precautions to avoid it. Freckles are the result of sun damage and sun damage is permanent. It is much easier to prevent damage by the sun than to try and fix it later.

There are several ways to avoid sun damage and the primary way is not to be a sun worshiper. Laying out in the sun trying to get a tan is one of the easiest ways to get sun damage. When going out into the sun it is important to wear a strong sunscreen and to reapply it as often as every half hour to every hour. The sunscreen or a wide brimmed sun hat will provide a good barrier from the damaging UV rays which will prevent any further freckling.

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