How To Get Rid Of Gas Pain In Stomach

Every once in a while, it is inevitable you will suffer from gas pain in the stomach and while it is not a sign of illness, it can be extremely uncomfortable making it necessary to learn how to get rid of gas pain in stomach. Gas pain can be easily confused with gallstones or appendicitis since it causes some sharp pains. In essence, the feeling that accompanies gas pain can be extremely uncomfortable and when left unaddressed, can interfere with your lifestyle.

There are however a couple of strategies you can put to good use in order to learn how to get rid of gas pain in stomach. The effectiveness of these techniques will vary from one individual to another and as such, you should use one that addresses the problem for you.

Change your Diet

The first thing you need to consider is changing your diet. Note that in this case, you have to deal with a trial and error to identify the foods that trigger production of gas and this is because at any given time, it is highly likely the list will be a long one. Some of the foods known to trigger production of gas though include fried and fatty foods. However, some foods high in high and which are healthy such as bran, broccoli, apples, pears, cauliflower and asparagus can also trigger gas production.

For this reason, as an individual interested in learning how to get rid of gas pain in stomach, it is important to understand the foods that cause build up of gas in your stomach in the first place.

Get rid of Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks are known to trigger production of gas and for this reason, it is essential to get rid of the same as you learn how to get rid of gas in stomach. Some of these drinks include carbonated waters, sodas, beer from cans or bottles and sodas. You should also avoid foods that your body cannot tolerate such as gluten, artificial sweeteners like sorbitol and lactose. In your bid to learn how to get rid of gas in stomach, you can experiment by cutting down on specific products especially dairy products apart from foods low in lactose such as yoghurt.

Peppermint Tea

This type of tea is rich in menthol and acts as an antispasmodic. It soothes the muscles in the digestive tract and as such, considered perfect for getting rid of stomach gas. It is therefore highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn how to get rid of gas pain in stomach.

Use Anti-Gas Remedies

There are remedies given over the counter which serve as great anti-remedies for gas. Some of these contain lactase supplements, simethicone or activated charcoal which is extremely effective for some people and helps when learning how to get rid of gas pain in stomach.

With these simple strategies, it should be easy for you to learn how to get rid of gas pain in stomach. There are other techniques that come in handy as well. For instance, you should consider eating small meals frequently rather than traditional 3 meals. In addition to this, you should eat at a slow pace, chew your food well and relax to avoid anxiety. Learning how to get rid of gas pain in stomach is easy as long as you follow these simple strategies.

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