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8 Ways to Get Rid of Global Warming

Global warming is coming to spoil the party whether you own luxurious waterfront property in New York's exclusive "Hamptons" on Long Island, or live in a grass hut in the Maldives. But the military industrial complex are whimpering about the "costs" of lowering climate change.

These are the same guys that dropped 25 billion dollars building just two atomic bombs to drop on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What they don't want you to know, is that getting rid of global warming doesn't need to cost a penny. All it will take is intelligent legislation.

1. Climate Change Solutions.

Since the Industrial Revolution got "up to steam" in 1750, global temperatures have shot up higher than they have been in the last 800,000 years.

But there's no need to flog a "dying internal combustion engine" about the grim reality of climate change, except to examine how we have pulled this spectacular feat of planet wrecking off, so we can reverse the damage. We've created global warming with two main mistakes: deforestation, and burning fossil fuels.

Luckily, these two bone-headed tactics are easy to stop with intelligent legislation.

2. Just say No to Clearcutting.

Did you know that using trees to make things is actually a great way of getting rid of global warming? Trees suck nasty greenhouse gas CO2 right out of the air, seize the carbon in their fibre, and give the oxygen right back out for us to breathe. Trees are the lungs of our planet, and the angels on our side in the war on climate change.

What we need to do is let trees live a full life before cutting them down. To do this, we need to use intelligent legislation to ban clearcutting.

3. Zippy Solar Powered Electric Cars.

One good law, and we're already half way there to getting rid of global warming with intelligent legislation! Here's the other half. If you've watched the movie "Who killed the Electric Car", you know that electric cars are more fun to drive than fossil fuel cars, and that with one solar panel on each garage roof, we could charge enough batteries to drive our electric car anywhere.

If we simply legislate the death of the internal combustion engine, we will have removed the largest single source of global warming each of us creates.

4. Superior German Building Code.

Roughly 80% of the energy we use inside our homes is to heat water and warm ourselves. Legislation can solve this too. In fact, it already has in Germany. Those clever Germans decided they didn't want to be so reliant on Russian natural gas, and changed their building code to require every new-built home meet "Passiv Haus" standards.

"Passive," because they require no furnace. You can heat them with a hot water tank, and guess what heats the hot water tank? A solar panel. Those darn solar panels are everywhere! The secret of passive houses is actually to insulate the house so well, that all you need for heat it is a large friendly dog. And you get all that free love too!

5. 864 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade.

You might wonder, "Why don't we have this legislation already?" The reason is that corporate law requires corporations to put profit making ahead of all other considerations. Directors of logging companies can be sued by their shareholders if they don't use clearcutting to maximise profit.

The intelligent legislation we need to get rid of global warming here is to restructure laws governing corporations so that environmental sustainability gets equal billing with short term economic profit.

After all, the temperature of the planet Venus is 864 degrees Fahrenheit, and its atmosphere is 96% C02, with a little sulphuric acid too. They have no trees for shade, and they boiled off all their oceans with a runaway greenhouse gas effect. If we do that to Earth, who will we sell stuff to?

Legislating deforestation and fossil fuel use into the category of "historical curiosity" is all we need to do to get rid of global warming. But here are a few more quick easy legislative fixes.

6. "Halt, who goes there?"

A 1% transaction tax on stock market transactions would help get rid of global warming four ways. It would slow the stock market "sell" times from computer-driven milliseconds to a healthier pace; discourage greenhouse gas producing market sectors like hedge funds and futures commodity speculation; build financial stability; and generate significant revenue for governments to get out of debt.

This form of "taxation" was made famous by Robin Hood, who would extract a "free passage" tax from local rich nobles who wished to pass through Sherwood Forest in a congenial way. He redistributed a percentage of it to local impoverished serfs, in an early grassroots form of socially progressive economic policy. Stockbrokers currently skim way more than that off, and the market doesn't even notice.

7. Corporate Welfare Bums.

The phrase "corporate welfare bums" was coined by Canadian politician Ed Broadbent in the 1970's to describe corporations who came begging to governments to subsidize their industries. Fossil fuels and nuclear energy are heavily subsidized by governments. We need to stop subsidizing them so intelligent alternatives like insulating passive homes and solar cars can compete on a level playing field.

Taxing fossil fuels also discourages their use, and the money could be used to support all kinds of intelligence. Removing subsidies and imposing reasonable taxation is a very simple, cost-effective way to use intelligent legislation to get rid of global warming.

8. Full Cost Accounting.

Maybe you never thought that fossil fuels are heavily subsidized. That is because our governments don't practice "Full Cost Accounting."

In Full Cost Accounting, that cost would be placed onto our electric bills, so we could see what the "fossil fuel subsidy" really is.

Just as 350.org has calculated exactly how fast we're getting ourselves in trouble, the Centre for Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Policy (3CSEP) has calculated just how easy it would be for us to get out of it. All we need to do on a personal level, is for each North American to cut our energy use in half on average.

That doesn't mean "freezing in the dark". Getting rid of global warming with intelligent legislation is the easy way of solving our problems. We invented effective insulation and practical solar panels in 1950. It is not technology we lack, but legislation. The pen really is mightier than the sword.

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