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How to Get Rid of Hair Loss

Hair loss attacks both men and women, regardless of age. You need to know how to get rid of hair loss because even children and teenagers can be affected. You need to remember though that hair loss can be genetic. You may have acquired hair loss from your parents who have hair loss problems, but that is not always the case. You may have inherited this problem but if you know how to take care of your hair, then you should be spared from hair loss.

Remember that you lose around 10% of your hair all the time. Losing hair is natural. The only thing that should make you worry is when the loss becomes excessive. If you think the amount of hair you are losing is exceeding 10%, then it’s high time you read and follow these simple tips.

It’s Iron Deficiency’s Fault

One of the major causes of hair loss is iron deficiency, also known as anemia. If you have iron deficiency syndrome, your iron level is lower than what your body needs. Because of this deficiency, you may suffer from other ailments in addition to hair loss because of your lack of red blood cells.

The best way to get rid of hair loss then is to get rid of iron deficiency. Eat foods with high iron content like boiled cockles, black pudding, kidney, fish paste, liver, lean beef, whitebait, anchovies, cinnamon ground, rosemary, oat and wheat bran, soya beans, whole meal bread, almonds, watercress, malt bread and liquorice. You can also take in iron supplements like ferrous gluconate, ferrous sulfate and ferrous fumarate.

Chemicals Hurt the Hair

Excessive chemicals can damage your hair. Hair dye is fine, but using an excess amount of it is dangerous. If you can’t wait until your next change of hair color, you need to at least be patient and wait for six to eight weeks. If you match over-coloring your hair with constant blow drying, ironing and over-styling, then losing hair is no big surprise.

The chemicals used to produce hair color are dangerous and can make your hair weak (Learn how to get rid of dyed hair properly). In addition, if you want to keep your hair strong and shiny, make sure you don’t pull your hair too tight when you create a ponytail or make braids.

It May Be An Illness

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy suffer from excessive hair loss. If you are suffering from an illness or if you are undergoing surgery, it’s normal for you to lose your hair since the chemicals are very strong.

Jaundice is a disease known to cause hair loss, so observe proper diet and take in the right vitamins to build stronger resistance from diseases. It’s important to take care of your health of your body to preserve your beautiful hair as well.

It Must be the Hormones

Hormonal problems can cause hair loss, too. Males experience hair loss if dihydroxy testosterone starts to form, which disrupts the cycle of hair regeneration. Hyper secretion also causes the incapability of the scalp to hold hair. Women experience hormonal imbalance during pregnancy and menopausal periods since these events involve major physiological changes in the body. The hair is definitely not spared from these changes.

You shouldn’t tolerate hormonal imbalance because you surely wouldn’t want your hair to keep falling out. Proper medication and healthy diet can help you with your hormonal problems. Eat foods with high calcium levels, drink lots of water and get enough sleep.

Stress is the Root of the Loss

It can not be denied that in this day and age, we’re forced to exert more effort in everything we do to survive. Because of this need, your levels of emotional, chemical and physical stress increase, causing excessive hair loss.

Stress causes hair loss because it affects your hormonal balance. How does stress effect health? Well, it can be devastating. In fact, stress is one of the major causes of cancer, so make sure that you know how to have fun in everything you do. If you are tired of doing something, look for ways to break the routine. If you’re not happy with your job, look for another employer. If your relationship partner is always making you mad, talk about it and patch things up because if not, it’s time to look for another fish in the sea.

Other Reminders

Hair loss can be stopped through many natural ways.

  • Herbal medicines are there to end your problems. If herbal medication does not work for you, talk to your doctor.
  • Massage your hair. When you massage your hair, the blood flow on your head is increased. When the blood flow increases, your hair naturally regrows. Studies show that bald men have only 2% blood circulation on average, while men who grow their hair healthily have 10% blood circulation in their scalp.
  • Nutritious foods prevent hair loss too, especially those that are rich in protein and have low carbohydrate content. While you can include fatty acids in your diet, like soy, fish, canola oil and walnut, you need to stay away from foods with high fat content. Omega 3 fatty acids are highly recommended since these have anti-inflammatory properties that play a major role in keeping your hair healthy.

Hair loss is a big problem that causes insecurity in a lot of people. Once you lose your hair, you no longer have your crowning glory. It’s not yet too late to wear your dream hairstyle. Just make sure you have the proper wig to achieve your desired look.

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