How to Get Rid of Hat Hair

Hats are great to wear, whether for warmth or style. But upon wearing your hat, you may be faced with decisions left and right. You definitely want to wear your favorite one, but then again, you run into the risk of ruining your hair. Wearing a hat for 30 minutes may be too short to protect you from unforgiving weather, but long enough to give you hat hair.

If you start your morning with hat hair, you may feel uncomfortable and insecure the whole day. But instead of hiding in your room, why not face the world with a smile and a much improved version of your hair? Below are some tips on how to to make your hat hair vanish in no time:

Hat Hair: Why Worry?

Misting Your Crown – Wearing a hat usually leads to hair dents. Hairspray is a great solution to avoid the dents, so make sure that you choose a good line for misting. After applying hairspray, brush your hair immediately. If not, the dents will remain.

If your hat hair is still there, try using a paddle brush. If you don’t like using hair products, don’t spray the mist directly to your hair. Just spray an ample amount on your hair brush and then run it through your hair.

Dealing With Hair Static — Static is not an unusual hair problem. If this becomes a problem though, static guard products must be applied on your hair brush. Static guard products usually have an unappealing smell, but don’t fret. If you are bothered by the smell, you can use finishing products as a substitute for static guard products. Plus, the smell evaporates in a short time, anyway.

Fudge head polishes are good when it comes to smoothing out your hair style. A drop of fudge head polish is enough to act as an emulsifier. Drop some on your palm and apply it through all of your hair. Fudge head polish is a recommended product for hair static because it slightly gunks up your hair, helping you get rid of the problem.

The Wonders Of Conditioners — The cold winter months can be harsh to your well-being. Your hair in particular may feel the brunt of this punishing weather. Good thing there are products that can provide good conditioning. Try deep-conditioning your hair once a week so that your scalp won’t dry out.

If you want to go natural, try wearing an oatmeal mask on your hair every night for six weeks. After the prescribed six weeks, you must stop using it for a month before using it for another six weeks.

The Magic of Constant Brushing — Eliminating tangles may help in getting rid of hat hair. Brush your hair with a few strokes. Add volume by starting from the inside of your hair. From this point, brush outwards. By doing this, you are just teasing your hair, minus the poofiness. To avoid poofiness that brushing from the inside creates, brush your hair normally, starting from the scalp to the end. Doing this should solve your flat hair problem.

You can also try teasing your hair. All you need is to follow the right way of brushing from the top down near your hair’s root in a quick manner. You can add hair spray or gel but that depends if you are willing to apply hair products on your hair. Hair spray or a gel will make teasing easier for you.

Hair Tricks and Tips

You need a wide silk scarf or headband, hairspray and a leave-in conditioner.

  1. It is important to keep your hair in good condition at all times. Keep your hair healthy by avoiding potential hair-damaging tools like blowers and hair perming kits. Don’t forget to use a leave-in conditioner.
  2. Stop using pomades, waxes and gels. Expect your hair to become all matted up once you put on a hat after applying these hair products. Should flyaways be an issue, you can use a static-relief hairspray.
  3. A trial-sized hairspray is an ideal product to bring with you all the time. Spray some on the roots of your hair. This way, you are bringing back the volume of your hair. As you lift the roots of your hair, massage it.
  4. Wear a wide silk scarf or headband beneath your hat or cover-up will help you preserve blown-out hair.

Tricks For Damp Hair

  1. Apply just enough leave-in conditioner through your crown and scalp. If you apply too much of the product, your hair will be damp. Damp hair is prone to hat hair. Apply an amount of leave-in conditioner that’s the size of a quarter.
  2. Blow drying is a good way to fight hat hair so that your hair will straighten out. You will get hat hair if you wear a hat after curling your hair with an iron. The hat will flatten your hair, causing hat hair, but that does not mean that you can apply mousse, either. The best solution is to flip your hair while brushing it.
  3. Rinse your hair with water only if your crown is frizzy. Before wearing a hat again, you should brush your hair and let it dry first.

While hairstyling products are there to help you style and restore the health of your hair, always keep in mind that using too much of any product can be potentially dangerous. Use these products in moderation and experience a rebirth of your hair.

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