How to Get Rid of Itches

Itches are a universal problem, and have affected people around the world since the beginning of time. The itch, and the need to scratch an itch, comes from the very early times of survival when animals were known to scratch their skin in order to remove parasites from their skin in order to avoid possible infections and general discomfort. This desire that turns on the need to relieve that bothersome sensation is a simple instinct that has carried over from many years ago.

Whether caused through contact with poison ivy, a sting, a mosquito bite, or even just the sensation created from sitting around on the couch doing nothing for too long, the desire to scratch the daylights out of it usually enters our brain. We don’t care if it bleeds, even: itches are a frustration problem that many people want resolved immediately!

Scratching an itchy area occasionally make the problem worse, however, which is the case with poison ivy. It might even develop into scarring in bad cases. There are some easier, less painful, and safer ways to get rid of this mysterious feeling in your life. Read on to find out how you can get rid of itchy sensations in your life!

1. Identify the itch.

What is causing your itch? Do you have any ideas? If you don’t, you might consider consulting your doctor to get some more information in this regard. Before you can consider any effective treatment options. Of course, if you saw the swarm of mosquitos hassling you, you will already have a very good sense of what your best next step should be.

2. Creams.

No, not the type of cream you put in coffee, or ice cream! For this solution to be effective, you will need specific medical cream that can be bought at a local pharmacy. This is where identifying the itch comes into play – you will need to know what type of itch you are up against to determine the best solution!

Antihistamines are very commonly known for their relief of bug bite irritations, while hydrocortisones are more of a general anti-itch cream. Whatever your need, both are great to get rid of the itchy feeling you are getting. Be sure to consult the local pharmacist or doctor for any further information before you use a new product.

3. Heat.

A very easy and effective method to relieve your irritating sensation is to apply heat. Now, you don’t need to go out and buy those expensive heat pads that are available at the pharmacy: there are many effective and inexpensive alternatives. You can simply run your irritated area under warm water from a tap, take a shower or bath, apply a hot coffee mug, a warm damp washcloth, or you can even borrow a hair dryer from your sister or spouse to apply the heat!

While this may only be a short-term fix to your needs, it can be very effective for immediate relief of your irritating itch symptoms.

4. Cold.

Using cold is an effective remedy to your annoying sensation that is taking over your life at that exact moment. Use a frozen bag of vegetables or a freezer pack and place it on the affected area. Remember to avoid placing frozen goods directly on your skin, as this can lead to a more serious problem like frostbite! No thanks.
This process is known to be more effective than heat, as it will reduce the process of histamine proteins, which are what causes the sensation. Using some form of cooling pack is also a good idea for getting rid of certain itches caused by bug bites, as you can limit the area that is itchy in the first place by stopping it from swelling up.

5. Mud.

If you don’t mind getting a little dirty, mud is another great option. Similar to sunburns, mud provides the same instant relief to an itchy area as it does for sunburns. This is a great method to use if you are currently thinking of going camping, or simply getting away from home. This is Mother Nature’s special skin care product that costs nothing!

6. Oatmeal.

Very similar to mud, oatmeal will result in the same relief of an itch you are experiencing. The added bonus is that you don’t have to feel as dirty as you probably will when applying mud to your itch. Not only will oatmeal provide you with the result you want and need, it is actually very healthy for your skin. The oatmeal provides moisture to the skin, which leaves your skin soft and silky!

The best method is to use plain steel cut oats, and simply add water to make a paste-like mix that you can apply to the affected itchy areas.

7. Don’t itch!

Not scratching is the best solution both for the itch itself and for your overall health. Itching or scratching the area may seem like the greatest way to remove the itch, but it is not doing any good for your skin. Scratching an area too often and too hard will create a worsening itch and can reopen or aggravate the affected itchy area.

8. Scratch.

On the contrary to the above-mentioned solution, you can scratch the area if it is just a natural or random sensation. Applying enough force provides the relief caused by scratching an itch. The brain forgets there was ever an issue, and believes that the itch was relieved.

However, if the itch was caused from a bug bite, or poison ivy, DO NOT itch it as it can worsen the irritation!

9. Slap Round.

Slapping the itch is a great short-term solution to an itch, as it will cause the brain to process the pain of slapping the area. Because your brain can only register one pain at a time, slapping the itch will temporarily remove the annoying sensation that is causing so much stress in your life!

If your itch is caused by a bug bite, poison ivy, or if it is simply the natural feeling, these methods will all have the same result; relieving you of the frustrating feeling you dislike so much. Because an itch is caused from the release of histamine proteins, some of the methods discussed earlier will either reduce the production, or will simply cause your brain to become somewhat sidetracked and forget about the painful feeling.

Have you ever wondered what happens when a bug bites you? A bug bite, such as a bite from a mosquito or a bee releases a certain type of protein called histamines. In simpler terms, these proteins tell your immune system that something isn’t right. This signal sends out blood cells to the area to fight the possible intruder, and cause the irritation of the nerves, and the area.

Some itches are easier to get rid of than others, of course. Identifying your specific itch is a good first step. Consult your doctor if you must for help in this regard. Follow whichever of the above solutions provide you relief, or try several of them together at once. Good luck on your journey to relieve your itch, and remember to not scratch if you can!

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  • The quickest and best way to get rid of an itch is to apply a hot compress. OR anything hot. I put my mosquito bites under a hair dryer and the itching stopped immediately.

  • i don’t know how to get rid of mosquito bites, but i hear if u put on original listerine mouthwash before u go outside, when a mosquito goes to bite u it dies from one of the chemicals in the mouthwash. it’s the ultimate revenge on mosquitoes.

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