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How to Get Rid of Male Pattern Baldness

Losing a head full of hair is not flattering. Men lose confidence and sex appeal with each strand that comes off. The culprit is a condition that promotes progressive hair loss, which is called male pattern baldness. If you don’t address the issue quickly, you might end up with only sparse patches of hair on your scalp, or even none. There are many forms of treatment available, so you shouldn’t worry.

Causes of Male Pattern Baldness

Baldness has many causes. If your family has a history of baldness, you should take extra care to avoid the other causes. Combining them greatly speeds up the rate of hair loss, so better take note of what you should and shouldn’t do. To give you a clearer picture, here are the specific causes of male baldness.

  • High Levels of Dihydrotestosterone – After puberty, males with high levels of testosterone are more prone to male pattern baldness. A certain chemical in the body coverts some of the male hormones to a substance called dihydrotestoterone. It attacks the hair follicles, making them smaller and smaller until the growth of new hair is virtually impossible. An exact cure to reverse the condition’s effects has not yet been developed, but treatments for preventing dihydrotestosterone from taking more strands are available.
  • Tight Ponytails and Cornrows – Tight hair pulls over extended periods damage hair follicles, as they loosen their grip on the hair strands, which results in progressive hair loss. Ideally, tied hair should not produce too much pressure, only enough to keep the strands bundled together.
  • Iron Deficiency – Iron, which promotes the proper function of human cells, is one of the driving forces of hair growth. A deficiency in the nutrient weakens the hair follicles, causing them to let go of more than a few hair strands. On the flipside, if you consume healthy levels of iron consistently, the rate of hair loss is a bit slower.
  • Rampant Use of Hairstyle Products with Strong Formulations – Some hairstyling solutions are pretty efficient in modifying hair properties en route to a cool hairstyle. Unfortunately, some of them have chemicals that are harsh on your scalp. Continued use of these products eventually results in hair loss.
  • Too Much Stress – Stress, for some reason, influences hair loss. Bearing a negative outlook on your daily life is not advisable if you keep your hairdo free from bald spots.

Aside from the given causes, some diseases and medical treatments also influence baldness. You can consult your doctor, so the reason for that receding hairline can be traced.

Get Rid of Male Pattern Baldness

With the number of treatment options, stopping male balding is easy. You just have to apply certain commercially available products to prevent or control male pattern baldness. If the condition has left you with bald spots, you can either apply a hair grower on your scalp or install surgical implants. Here are some of the preferred treatments.

  • Minoxidil – Minoxidil, originally made for high blood pressure, was discovered to have hair growth as one of its side effects. Now it is prescribed by doctors as an official treatment for male pattern baldness. Apply the lotion on a balding spot and it will prevent hair loss. In some cases, it even induces the growth of hair, acting as a cure for baldness. It should be one of your primary options given its efficacy.
  • Finasteride – Aside from minoxidil, finasteride is another cure for male pattern baldness. It touts an 80% efficiency rating, which is higher than any form of treatment, except for surgery. The pill contains chemicals that filters androgen. As a result, hair loss is prevented, as hair growth resumes.
  • Ketoconazole – According to tests of medical researchers, ketoconazole can slow down the process of hair loss. It can buy you some time to think which treatment procedure you should pursue. Popular shampoo brand Nizoral has ketoconazole as its active ingredient.
  • Coffee – Caffeine, as it appears, is not only a stimulant, but also a substance that promotes hair growth. After taking medicine for preventing baldness, you can apply your favorite morning beverage on your bald spots. If you’re lucky, you might find a bunch of hair strands growing on your temple.
  • Toupee – If all the simple treatments fail, you can wear a toupee that sports a similar hairdo as yours before the hair loss. You can have it customized at a wig shop, if you want a perfect match. After securing the wig, you have the option to wear it as it is, or to have it implanted by a surgeon.
  • Shave Everything Off – Believe it or not but a bald head happens to be an “in-thing” today. For an edgy look, you can shave off the remaining hair on your scalp and wear a rugged outfit. You, looking young, can be a hit in many social circles. Your bald head may even score you a few dates, if you’re pretty smooth with the ladies.
  • Hair Transplant – A transplant ensures you that you will have a head full of hair. However, you must be ready to splurge, if you want this option. The surgeon will collect hair from a toupee, from other people or from your body and implant them in your head. You can even customize your own hairdo if you choose. Pricey as it is, surgery is your only option that yields a 100% success rate.

At the first hint of balding, you can try the first four options. Consult your doctor if you can combine some of the treatments for a higher success rate. Chances are, you will restore your youthful look, with the sudden growth of hair, coming from the treatments.

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