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How to Get Rid of Nail Biting

Most people will bite their nails at least once in their lives. The temptation might be at its peak if one of your nails breaks and you don’t have access to a nail file or nail clipper. But when it becomes a habit, your nails will be a constant mosh pit. Their edges will be uneven, and the remaining nail will be weak.

As with any habit, stopping your nail biting can be very difficult, but it is worth it when you do. Not only will your nails look healthy, but you will feel a strong sense of pride for breaking this habit.

1. Busy hands, busy mouth.

If you find yourself biting your nails when you are bored, try keeping your hands and your mouth busy as much as possible in order to prevent this. Try taking up a hobby like knitting, or chew some gum whenever you feel the urge to put your fingers in your mouth. If the opportunity isn’t present, you are much less likely to be tempted to bite your nails.

2. Look fabulous.

One of the most popular and arguably the most effective ways of stopping a nail biting habit is to paint your nails with some nail polish. It doesn’t even have to be a coloured variety. Clear nail polish will work just as well as any other kind.

The main factor behind the success of this method is that nail polish does not taste very good. If you paint your nails and end up trying to bite them, you will be met by an unpleasant taste in your mouth. Your mind should eventually associate biting your nails with this unpleasant taste and you will find yourself not biting your nails faster than you might expect.

By treating yourself to a nice manicure every so often, you might be able to ditch the habit. With attractive looking nails, people often find themselves wanting to maintain this look and biting their nails would ruin it. In addition to that, if you are spending money on your nails you are less likely to waste that money by immediately ruining the look if you bite them.

In addition to good looking nails, fake nails are much harder to bite than your natural nail. This means that even if you wanted to bite your natural nails, you would not be able to until you went to get your fake nails removed. You may not even find yourself wanting to do this, as fake nails done right can look just as attractive as perfectly manicured hands. Not to mention that it would take a great deal of effort to get fake nails removed.

3. Less to chew on.

Another way to make nail biting less of a temptation is to trim your nails so that they are nice and short. Of course, they shouldn’t be too short, but they don’t have to be excessively long either. With less nail to bite, the act itself can often become unsatisfying. As with any unsatisfying activity, people usually stop it altogether.

4. Wear gloves.

If you find that the above methods aren’t working for you, or your nail biting habit is severe, you may want to consider wearing gloves all the time. Wearing gloves makes your nails harder to access. If you have to put in a lot of effort, it is likely that you will find yourself less tempted to bite your nails.

This can be hard to do when it’s super hot outside, so try finding a nice light pair that doesn’t suffocate your hands. If you’re feeling confident enough, you can try to pull off the Michael Jackson look with a nice white glove.

5. Stress management.

For many people, their nail biting habit stems from too much stress or general anxiety in their daily life. If this is the case for you and you have found yourself putting your fingers in your mouth when you are worried about something, start looking at some stress management techniques.

This could be taking time out of your day to practice yoga or meditation. It could even mean going for a short walk to take a break from the task at hand. Simply find a distraction that will calm your mind and reduce the worry that you are feeling when you are tempted to bite your nails.

Breaking this nervous habit can often work both ways. Since you probably unconsciously pair stress with nail biting, you might find that the less you bite your nails the less stressed you feel. In time, you will find yourself being calmer on a day to day basis, and you may even replace your nail biting with something more productive.

6. Get extra help.

If you bite your nails so often that they are cracked and bleeding almost all the time, your habit may be too severe to stop on your own. If this is a possibility for you, the best avenue for you to get rid of your nail biting is to seek treatment from a professional. This could mean a doctor or a mental health professional if there is an underlying cause to your nail biting habit.

It can be very annoying to hear from people, but the essential thing that you have to do if you want to get rid of your nail biting habit is to simply commit to quitting. Stop nail biting completely. Don’t tell yourself that you can stop biting one nail at a time, as it is much easier to go backwards and bite all of them again.

You will also want to hold yourself accountable to someone besides yourself. Perhaps you can tell a friend or family member who will provide support and remind you to stop biting your nails. You could even share your decision on social media. Whatever the case may be, or the method that you decide to use, remember to stay committed to your decision.

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