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How to Get Rid of Nose Hair

Most people adore their long hair. But what if it’s long nose hair? You may want to lock yourself in your house.

Having nose hair can be annoying. It makes you sneeze incessantly and it can be itchy too, not to mention unattractive, especially if you’re on a date. So who’s to blame? Your male hormones are responsible for the growth of hair in your nose. Aging is a factor in the increased production of testosterone and decreased production of female hormones. Your body produces female hormones that balance out your male hormones. You get a nose full of hair because your nose becomes more sensitive and receptive to the effects of testosterone.

Know Your Nose

The hair that you have to get rid of should be the strands that fall below your nostrils. No aggressive trimming should be done, to avoid having your nasal passages dry. Your nose hair and mucus should always be balanced to work efficiently in protecting you from health hazards. Your nose hair is not there for nothing.

Nose hair serves as a filter that protects you from inhaling dust and germs. Respiratory infections, sinusitis and allergy attacks may consume you without the nose hair protection you get from health hazards found in the air. Your nose hair adds humidity to the air you inhale. Your air intake during cold days becomes warmer, too, because of nose hair. As the air you inhale passes through the passages in your nose, your nose hair and mucus provide moisture and heat. Humidity is a significant factor of your respiratory system, like the lungs and larynx.

From No-No to Yes Yes

Nose Check — In the morning, make it a point to check your nose. If there’s a strand making an apparition, then get rid of it before the day starts. If you don’t check in the mirror, you may feel conscious and uncomfortable all day long.

Cleaning Time — Keep your nose clean before trimming your nose hair. You can’t easily cut nose hair bunched together because of dirt. Separate the nose hair strands with a cotton swab before trimming.

Full Attention — When trimming, full attention is highly necessary. Trim your nose hair in a well-lit area.

Special Mirrors — You will need a magnifying mirror to make trimming easier. Nose hair is so small you can hardly see it. It is located in an area under your eyes and you can not see it without looking at a special type of mirror. A regular mirror will help you gain access to your nose hair for trimming, but special mirrors, like those that magnify, make trimming an easy task.

No Scissors, No Tweezers — Using a pair of scissors or tweezers is not a good idea if you want to get rid of nose hair. Scissors or tweezers may cause irritation and pain. You may be sent to the hospital for the irritation you get from using the wrong tools. Tweezers can make your nose swollen. Use the right tools, like nose groomers and nose hair trimmers.

You can also buy mechanical trimmers and specialized rotary clippers, but you will have to follow the instructions very carefully. Using these tools properly will help you get rid of ingrown hairs, irritation and infection.

Quality Check — Use a good quality nose hair trimmer. If you don’t one have at home, then it’s time to buy. Trimmers usually cost just $20.

While these tips are here to help you get rid of nose hair, you need to remember that nose hair still serve a purpose. No need to get rid of all the hairs, just those that are sticking out of the nostrils.

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  • I have a lot of nose hairs, they are not sticking out like you mentioned but they are very annoying and cause me to pick at my nose constantly. I have thick black ones and thin white ones.

    I sneeze about 3 to 6 times daily, sucks. Do you have any advice?

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