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How to Get Rid of Old Clothes

Is your closet full to the brim with old clothes? Do you have a shopping addiction? Do you have more clothes than you can wear in a month, let alone a year? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is time that you parted with your old clothes before you go about buying any new ones. Of course, chances are high that you spent a decent amount of money on these clothes when you bought them new. Before you throw them away, you might consider selling them. It makes perfect sense to try and make some money from them, but there are several other strategies you can follow as well. Read on to find out how you can get rid of your old clothes quickly and easily!

1. Try a consignment store or resale store.

This is the fastest and best way to get money for your old clothes if you want to turn a quick profit. Many resale stores purchase used name brand clothing that are still in good quality. You won’t get the same amount of money back that you originally paid, of course, but something is better than nothing!

Try to remember roughly how much you spent on your old clothes in the first place. If you still have an original receipt, consult this receipt to help you answer this question. Even if you cannot get the same amount of money back that you originally paid, you don’t want to get less than you deserve.

Feel free to try negotiating with the salesperson that is evaluating your clothes. The worst they can say is no, after all! There is nothing wrong with trying this technique. You can always go somewhere else if you aren’t happy with the amount of money they are willing to give you.

Keep in mind that consignment stores operate in a different way. While you can sell your clothes outright to a resale store, at a consignment store, you have to wait until your clothes are sold in the store before you will see any money. The owner of the consignment shop typically decides what percentage of the final sale price you will receive: this typically ranges between 40 and 60 percent. Once again, there is no harm in trying to negotiate for a higher percentage!

2. Sell your old clothes online.

The Internet has changed many of the ways that we buy and sell commercial goods. If you have an online shopping problem, change this into an online shopping solution! Use the same technique that got you so many clothes in the first place to get rid of them.

There are several different websites that you can try using. eBay is a classic auction site that many people use to sell many different kinds of goods. You can set a minimum bid on your clothes, and who knows, you might end up getting more money than you expected! Whoever places the highest bid by the time your auction expires will receive your old clothes after you mail them out.

If you don’t like the idea of mailing, you can try websites like Kijiji, Craigslist, or any other website that performs a similar function. You can post free advertisements of any type of good on these websites in your local area. Someone can come directly to your residence to collect your old clothes, so you don’t even have to put that much effort in! If you don’t like the sounds of a stranger coming to your home, you can always meet up with someone in a public area.

When selling clothes online, always be sure to include a picture or series of pictures that are well lit so that people can get a good sense of what you have to offer. Include a detailed description of your items, and be honest. If your clothes aren’t really usable, you shouldn’t trick someone into buying them.

3. Donate them for a good cause.

If your clothes are still in good condition, then consider donating them to a good cause. Many people cannot afford to buy new clothes, or even buy clothes at all. Donate your old clothes to help out those who are less fortunate than you are.

There is a wide range of different not for profit organizations that accept clothes on a daily basis. Again, be sure that someone can actually wear them again. Sometimes it is best to simply throw your old clothes away if they are truly too old. You can try the Salvation Army, Goodwill, or Value Village to donate your old clothes. They will be thankful for this gesture!

Some churches and other similar organizations also accept old clothes that they distribute to the needy in their communities. If you have some old baby clothes, you might consider sending them to an orphanage or to a foster care program. You will make someone very happy by doing so!

4. Transform your old clothes.

Perhaps you have a strong sentimental attachment to your old clothes, which is the reason you haven’t gotten rid of them just yet! If you have old baby clothes that you can’t bear the thought of passing on, or a certain favourite shirt that has a tear in it, consider repurposing them into something new. You can make a quilt or blanket out of old fabric. This makes a great gift for your child when they grow older, for instance! If you don’t know how to quilt, you can always find someone that does.

If your old clothes are stained or torn beyond saving, don’t fret! You can still make good practical use out of them. You can throw them out, but keep in mind that this option is very harmful for the environment. We have more clothes than the world knows what to do with, it seems, and landfills struggle to keep up with all of the waste. Instead of buying cleaning rags, why not cut an old shirt into pieces to perform this same function? This saves you money and helps reduce waste at the same time.

Don’t let your overflowing closet get you down! Sort through your old clothes today so you can determine which ones you need to get rid of. Before you buy any more new clothes, you will need to make some space for them. Follow the above suggestions to get rid of your old clothes quickly and easily! You might make some money in the process, or you can donate your old clothes to help someone in need.

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