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How to Get Rid of Sore Muscles

Why Do Your Muscles Become Sore Anyway?

Whenever you engage in an unusual level of physical activity, whether lifting weights, going for a jog, or simply moving a heavy piece of furniture you create microscopic tears in your muscle tissue. Don’t worry; this is normal – when your body rebuilds the damaged muscle it grows back bigger and stronger than before. This is the same mechanism that athletes and bodybuilders use to become faster, bigger and stronger. As a general rule, the more you exert yourself, the more microscopic tears you create, and the more soreness you feel later on as the muscles are being repaired by your body. The soreness itself is a result of both the damage to the muscles, and chemical waste products produced by the muscles during use (namely lactic acid).

Different Types of Muscle Soreness

If you’ve found yourself with sore muscles and have come here in search of relief – the first thing you should do is determine the cause of the soreness. Is it normal post-workout soreness or does it feel much worse than that?

Normal, Post-Workout Muscle Soreness

Many people who work out on a regular basis will describe this type of muscle pain as ‘good’ – many even enjoy it as a sign that they’ve pushed themselves hard enough to see a benefit from their exercise as the muscle fibers grow back stronger than before. Normal muscle soreness manifests itself as a dull but localized pain in the worked muscles that doesn’t limit range of motion but may be accompanied by tightness and temporary loss of strength. It can appear right after your workout, or several hours after your workout (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness). Treatment You can reduce some of the discomfort by stretching the sore muscles often to keep them from tightening up along with participating in light cardiovascular training to get the blood and lymphatic systems moving (to assist flushing of remaining waste products like lactic acid). Anti-inflammatories such as ibuprophen can help relieve the pain (More tips on how to get rid of pain), but it has been argued that they may also limit muscle gain.

Strained or Overexerted Muscle Soreness

This happens when you push too hard, too fast and is most common in people who are just beginning a workout program and overdo it on the first few trips to the gym. The symptoms are the same as in normal, post-workout soreness but with the addition of tenderness in the area of the strained muscle and painful tightness which may limit your range of motion. Treatment If the pain is severe, see your doctor. If it’s tolerable, try not to use the muscle and each day you should notice an increased range of non-painful motion. Stretching *may* help depending on the extent of the strain. If the soreness turns into pain as you stretch, stop and just give that muscle some time to heal. Anti inflammatory medication such as ibuprophen can lessen the immediate pain, but may also lessen your muscle gain.

Pulled or Torn Muscles

This usually happens because a muscle was not fully prepared for exertion or incapable of handling the demanded exertion and is exactly what the title implies. Depending on the amount of overexertion a muscle can be partially or completely torn. A small tear will result in a sharp pain in the effected muscle followed by a similar pain whenever the muscle is called into use. Severe strains cause swelling as blood pools around the injured muscle to protect it and provide some damage control. A larger, or complete tear will be extremely painful and may result in an inability to use the muscle at all – if you are sitting at your PC reading this then you likely don’t have one of these unless your pain threshold is abnormally high.

Treatment If you suspect a severely strained or torn muscle, stop exercising, ice the area, and go and see your physician immediately. Continued use of the damaged muscle will only increase the damage and extend healing time. Do NOT apply heat as this will increase the blood flow and swelling, if the area does begin to swell, wrap it snugly with an ace bandage and keep it elevated until your doctor can examine it.

Preventing Sore Muscles

If you’re going to work out, you’re going to experience muscle soreness. You can however, reduce your chances of strains, pulls and tears. Here are some tips:

  • Gently stretch each muscle group for at least 60 seconds before and after your workouts
  • Begin and end every workout with an absurdly light load. If you’re about to run, start with 10 minutes of fast walking. If you’re about to lift weights, do a couple of speed sets using only the bar and going through the entire range of motion
  • Hydrate! Lots of water or an electrolyte containing sports drink
  • If weight training, stretch the target muscles between sets
  • Finish every workout (even weight training) with 10-15 minutes of light cardio. This gets the blood and lymphatic system flowing and will help eliminate waste products built up from the workout
  • Get a massage
  • Ice the worked muscle group immediately after especially hard workouts

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  • I’m a little surprised you didn’t list this, but I find it very effective: soak in a very warm tub with oh, say a cup or two of Epsom Salts – a.k.a. Bath Salts. Take your time, let your fingers and toes get wrinkly. Add more warm water if the tub cools.

    accessories that help it feel good: candles, radio, glass of wine.

  • One other thing. Take your vitamins especially antioxidants (vitamin E and vitamin c). Antioxidants quickly neutralize the free radical imbalances leftover from working out.

    On Stretching.
    If you like more of a muscle building workout or you run long distances, don’t stretch too much before a workout. Your muscles need enough tension to protect from hyper-extending ligaments during your workouts.

    If you want to become really flexible really fast, stretch hard after workouts when your muscles are hot. They’ll not only stay loose after they heal, they also stretch a lot more a lot faster.

  • “Gently stretch each muscle group for at least 60 seconds before and after your workouts”.
    Yes, but !

    Do a light warmup before stretching.
    Stretching cold muscles is the worst thing you can do
    and the number one source of injuries.

    I know that some “people who should know” still tell you to stretch first,
    but they probably didn’t update their knowledge since 1981;
    And still think milk is good against osteoporosis.

  • Alcohol (i.e. red wine with a bath) is not a good idea after a workout. It depresses testosterone which inhibits muscle growth.

    Sit in a tub full of ice water for 5 minutes – it can be rough, but you’ll feel great the next day, and no sore muscles at all.

  • A simple nutritional – huge help- supplement, is Calcium/magnesium/zinc. Taken within a couple of hours after a really hard workout helps TREMENDOUSLY! I’ve found this to be very little known, but can be extremely effective. I am about 150 lbs and take about six.

    Do not do this after EVERY workout though!! Only good for those once in a while “I’m not gonna be able to walk tomorrow” workout!

    the over thinker dot com (coming soon!)

  • After rolling in my BJJ class, I’ve found that hitting a cold shower (as cold as you can stand) for a couple of minutes, then switching the water to hot, helps tremendously. Do this a couple of times and end with a cold one. Do some stretching the next morning and you should be good to go!

  • I agree with Kate. Several months ago I saw a short on Brock Lesner – WWE wrestler – and he spoke about his unconventional work out routine; I was in an excercise rut, and he also spoke about ice baths aiding in the healing process after a strenuous workout. I have never felt better the next day after a hard workout since taking ice baths or cold showers, amazing!

  • I’ve found that L-Glutamine powder helps tremedously with not feeling the burn/soreness of a workout. Just take a teaspoon with water an hour before your workout on an empty stomach and take another immediately after your workout. You can find this stuff for around $10 at Wal-mart.

    Also, a protein shake about a 1/2 hr. after a workout helps as well.

  • Take an anti-inflammatory (naproxen or tylenol) before a grueling workout. You dont need to be in pain before you take the pill. By doing so before the workout, you muscle will not be as “inflammed,” resulting in less pain, less soreness, and quicker recovery.

  • Ice Baths are the holy grail. We have mandatory post-game ice baths for rugby, and ever since I’ve started doing them I swear by them. Been an athlete my whole life and that has been the single best way to keep from being sore that I have found.

  • what really counts is something easy to do, something you can do often, that is cheap both in dollars and in time. Some people may swear by ice baths but really who has the time to make one?? Its unrealistic to think you would do this after every grueling work out. Duh! Do a google on taking an anti inflammatory (tylenol or naproxen) BEFORE workout on your hard days to lessen post workout soreness. Read about the research yourself.

  • Muscles take 30 seconds to adjust after stretching. Don’t really STRETCH before a work out. Manipulate your hands to move your legs to get the blood flowing. After the exercise, stretch to receive the fullest range of motion.

  • i cheerlead every day and we stretch out before doing anything! it helps me alot! try it. a cold shower also helps me after practice. after you are done working out DO NOT SIT DOWN OR LAY DOWN IT CAUSES YOUR MUSCLES TO TIGHTEN UP WITCH CAUSES THEM TO HURT REALLY BAD THE NEXT DAY OR WHEN YOU GET UP!!!!!! so after you do wat u do go home or were ever and do a couple of chores or something and drink water not coke ect!!!!!

  • I do my workout this way:

    Warmup: Stepping, Cycling or rowing-nmachine depending on what I want to train next)

    Stretch the muscle 20-30 secounds. Go slowly in and slowly out! – Wait 60 secs, then repeat.
    Then I train, like mentionjed above, with minimal weight, increasing until it gets harder (maximum 3×10 training units not too heavy weight)

    After that I train the muscle group as hard as needed / possible until complete loss of power (of course changing positions and exercises. per ex 3×10 repetitions or decreasing with maximum weigth to gain 10 repetitions)
    Between the diffrent excersises stretching the muscles again.

    After workout I do again the sam as @ “Workout:”

    CoolDown: I go slowly to the Shower, enjoy warm water, wash myself and then stay approx. 1 Minute under ice-cold water especially cooling the trained muscles.

    After this i make a 5-minute walk and then its done 😉

    nearly have never pain 🙂

  • if you have back pain the best way of treating it is go on a trampoline lay down for 10 seconds to get the feeling then jump up and down for 20 mins it may hurt but you will be reliefed that day after example

    wednesday excersize on trampoine thursday pain relieg

  • after you work out….take a normal shower/ bath but at the end of your showering time…turn the water to cold and soak your sore muscle..this cools the muscles and reduces the pain the next day..

    i hope this helps you… :]

  • I work out every day at tumbling or I do cheerleading and tennis and I am really sore. What really helps is to drink a lot of water and take a milk bath!! It is the msot relaxing thing. Fill your tub with hot water and as it is running pour 2-4 cups of nonfast or reduced fat or skim milk into it! It exfoliates your skin, loosens your muscles, and it takes off dead skin cells and opens your pores. Scrub your washcloth in circles on your arm. Stay in bath for at least 20 minutes. After you are done, drain bathtub, and rinse off with cold water. You may feel a little oily but that is normal!! After you are done it is good to put lotion all over your body, let it dry, and then put on your clothes. Strechting your muscles is also a very good thing. Trust me the pain will go away!!

  • i ran with my friend and really hurt my muscle. i took a warm bath and its like all of the pain just floats away! irecomend soaking in the tub

  • i weightlift religiously , every weekday morning for an hour , so i no wat i’m talking about lol if your shoulders are sore , roll them around untill u get to the shower , take a hot shower and rub ur shoulders , do not go to a cold shower or ur muscles will contract too quick , and make the soreness worse , hot bathes help quite a bit , that along w/ an ibeprofen if you are deadlifting , squating , using a square/hexagon bar , make SURE u wear a belt , or u will be fealing the back pain for days depending on how heavy you are lifting , this is wat i do every morning before school so i hope this helps you guys too

  • i dance every day of the week.. i have a show in a cuple of days but i have realy badly ‘pulled’ quadracepts at the back.

    the pain is unbelievable…and considering i have to do the splits in the rotine…its just not goin to happen.

    the only thing that i can surgest is RICE
    R- rest
    I- ice
    C- compression
    E- elevation

    sems to be the only thing that works.

  • Just go buy some bengay….etc at the store and let it stay then take an ice cold bath. I reccoment bengay

  • Hey guys! I am a martial artist and kickboxer and find that if I drink a cup of orange juice after a hard workoout it speeds the recovery time. The juice rehydrates, replaces lost electrolytes and contains vitamin C which will help the muscles. Then I drink tons of water and almost never have to take an anti-inflammatory. Hope this was helpful!

  • i drink a sports drink called whey,and since i have been drinking i havent had a sore muscle for months,and my muscles build up faster and stonger

  • I am actually extremely surprised that not ONE person mentioned MASSAGE. As in go get a professional massage from a certified or licensed therapist. Massage stimilates the flow of blood which will assist in the healing of the microtears AND aid in the removal of lactic acid. It also reduces stress, increases body awareness and is just an all round wonderful reward for those nice hard workouts. Hot stone massage is extremely effective – especially ‘chasers’ which is alternating hot basalt stones with chilled marble stones. May sound ‘shocking’ but believe me – it will leave your muscles singing your praises! Try it, you’re body with thank you!

  • Yes, someone did mention massage. I’m surprised you didn’t read everyone’s comments Lynlee. But then again who am I judge people like you do?

    My tip: Stretch, hydrate, be sure to take your vitamins everyday and w/o wasting money on a pro get your girlfriend or whomever to give you a massage after you get out of the shower. Hot and cold help in no particular order, duration, or required time.

  • Well, I’m an irish dancer, and for the past week, we have had 3 hour class each morning, and two hour classes monday, wed, and friday. I was fine for a while, but then after sooo much excercise, my left caff muscel gave out. The best thing for me is to make sure you keep your muscels warm after a workout, at least for a while. Drink ALOT of water, and eat alot of carbs (both are important bc you loose so much during workout) Then a nice rub or massage is good, still keeping the mucel warm, and then a hot bath and stretches. Never tried the ice bath. but i will.

  • All i have to say is just do something after a work out. The worst thing you can do is “rest” right after. Massages are amazing as well.

  • I’m an avid runner, soccer player, former active duty Marine. I read all of the comments above, here’s what I gather:

    I read an article a while back (6 months?) in one of those “In Flight” magazines that you find in the seat pocket in front of you when you’re on a plane. Simply stated, muscle fatigue seems to be largely related to temperature. The article described a device that cooled the blood of pro-football players by way of the hands gripping two metal rods contained within a negative pressure environment. The players claimed that this device was a miracle recovery tool. I have yet to actually to see or experience a device like this but the principle behind seems to be consistent with many other treatments mentioned above.

    Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)
    Aspirin thins the blood which may help with lymphatic circulation. This is a just an educated guess as I am not a medical doctor however, I have read that Vitamin E has the same blood thinning properties without the negative side effects and a wealth of additional benefits.
    Acetaminophen is the “safest” NSAID as far as doctors are concerned as it is the only one that they recommend for pregnant women. But how much can we really trust our doctors (pharmaceutical conspiracy)?
    Ibuprofen is my personal choice, especially for the occasional shin splint.
    There are several others but the bottom line is that all of these reduce inflammation and fever (temperature).
    I would recommend sparring your stomach and liver though and only use these as an aid to recover from mild injuries.
    Taking “Cal-Mag-Zinc” relaxes the muscles, especially magnesium. Magnesium permeates through the skin and into the muscles when used in an Epsom salt (Magnesium Sulfate) bath.
    H2O: Yes, my favorite chemical of all. It is very good, but there is such a thing as too much. Drink juice and milk to replenish electrolytes don’t waste your money on Gatorade. However, don’t drink milk while on an 18 mile hike up and down a mountain. Trust me on this one people (I know from experience)!

    Mechanical – Massage
    Massage increases blood flow to the area and helps the toxins along. If you have the money have a pro do it if not, have your significant other or whomever it may be massage you.

    Thermo: Hot vs. Cold baths
    The hot/cold combo is reported to stimulate T-Cell production which is a plus. I take a hot shower before a run/work-out. “Why do you get clean before you sweat?” My wife always asks. I do the hot bath after a work-out with Epsom salt (really effective). But the ice bath seems to be a good idea too.
    Whenever I had a pain in my shoulder or what have you I would apply heat and massage. One day, on such an occasion, a massage therapist friend of mine told me to try icing the area. I took her advice and five minutes later the pain was gone. I learned that heat and cold are effective for different things. I’ll try the cold shower thing and maybe even an ice bath if I can brave it (shrinkage).

    Be sure to spell-check your postings, misspelling relieved (reliefed) or muscle (muscel) is just ugly.
    Read before you post (good catch Jay).

    Well, I’m off to the store for some ice…

  • i did 60 squats on wednesday instead of my usual 40 and after the workout my muscles felt nice and bulgy, but no pain. according to this website a good workout should test the muscle group to the maximum, and u should lift a weight that u can barely lift, but not one u cant pick up. Then i went to work on wed. and thursday (Academy, lots of walking around helping customers), and my muscles got really sore. ITs a litle better today, but on thursday i could barly walk, it hurt, and today its not that bad. Am I gaining muscle or wasting it? An what should I do next time i get sore from a workout? I am marely concerned with making muscle, I’m willing to put up with pain if it helps the process.

  • yoga + meditation = happy muscles!

    i’ve also discovered that hot baths with epsom salts really help. more than anything, cool down and stretch after an intense workout. and DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!

    finally, massage is always a great option, even if you aren’t sore. seriously.

  • After any type of workout…short and easy or long and particularly difficult…I find the best way to relax and release stress and keep from getting sore is to have vigorous intercourse (I’m talking some serious get-down time) for at least 1 hour. I do this daily (sometimes two-a-days) and I have never felt sore or tired the next day. Give it a shot.

  • There is a substance in apples that you can purchase in pill form called “Malic Acid” it is great for muscle soreness if you work out too much. Anti-inflammatories are good begor eand after but if you play a sport you may bruise more easily and they are not greta for your kidneys. Drink lots of water it flushes out toxins, but if you have sweta heavily then you need eletrolyte replacement.

  • I ride for the Discovery Channel Pro Cycling team and we get post ride massages and ice baths. Just fill your tub up with cold water then pur a few bags of ice into the bath. Get in and soak for at least 20 minutes. This will help a lot with soreness, if possible get a good massage after the bath to loosen the muscle up and do this with Icy Hot or Bengay.

  • I am 50 and had been pretty athletic till recently, when I started to get pain in the right and left of my upper chest muscles post exercise. Shall I try my luck with ice packs? I appreciate if any one can suggest

  • I am 24 and have muscle pain a lot, I be trying everything. Hadn’t thought of it but after a workout when I take my shirt off and get my hair wet with cold water and let the water run down my body, it seems to help.

  • I’ve done track for many years, and my coaches have recommended that we go home and elevate our legs for 10 to 15 minutes to help release the lactic acid from our legs. It has always helped me relieve leg pain.

  • There are lots of excellent suggestions listed here. I am new to the whole exercise / athletic scene and greatly admire the commitment and dedication people put into it on a personal level. I couldn’t agree more with Shrinkage though – take a minute or 2 to read your posting before submitting it. All the misspelled words remind me of that ‘dumb jock’ line. And maybe use the ‘caps’ button when you are starting a sentence?

  • For the bad tender ones that do not require medical help i like absorbine horse liniment (orange colored bottle). It’s strong, doesnt burn bad, you can make a bath with it for overall soreness, and doesnt smell as bad as bengay. It can be found at Feed & Seed companies.

  • cold baths help because warm baths you are loosening your muscles, making them worst and longer to get back in to shape, cold baths recover and nourish muscles tightening them, helping you get out of pain:) im only 13 haha

  • Hm, I just started a bootcamp and of course suffer in pain already the third day. I read through all the postings but non of them mentioned fish oil. Would anyone know if this helps for sore muscles too? Otherwise, vitamines, elements like zink, calcium, magnesium are for sure a good thing and I will try the cold/hot bath.

  • i am on a gymnastics team and a cheerleading team and i get sore muscles all the time. i think i am going to try these tips!!

  • I work out six days a week for at least three hours a day and the best way I have ever gotten rid of soreness is when you wake up in the morning and you feel like if you move your gonna die, get out of bed and, if your chest is sore from doing bench, do a quick set of ten push-ups this will cause you to rush blood to the sore muscles pushing out the lactic acid and replacing it with fresh blood. also, this will not prevent soreness only help you cope with it and recover faster. if you want to try and prevent soreness an ice bath is golden but unpractical, cause i dont know about you but i dont have time to take a bath every night, i barley have enough time for a quick shower. and a lil words of wisdom passed down to me, If you do it right it hurts, so the next day when your tight and sore and all you want to do is go home and lay down …. suck it up

  • Alright here is the actual RIGHT way to help sore muscles.

    1) pre-work out stretch
    2) post-work out stretch
    3) Hot shower- 5 min to Cold shower- 5 min
    4) Apple + Orange= all the vitamin C and free radicals you need
    5) Magnesium+Zinc Then MILK not a gay calcium tablet you need some fats in you after working out (If your TRYING to lose wait I guess take a tablet)
    6) If your really feeling it take Ibuprofen (dont take often, kill liver and makes stomach ulcers)
    7) Stretch before bed

    And then You still Might have slightly sore muscles when you wake up if you really over did yourself In this case just stretch and maybe massage. Then quit whining if it still hurts.

  • Fish oil supplements or a diet with fatty fish is an excellent source of natural anti-inflammatory. My integrative medical phyiscian swears by it. I have taken it for joint pain, muscle pain and chronic nerve pain. Effective, no side effects. Freeze it first if the taste bothers you.

  • Zack thats amazing! im going to tr it! and it gets really annoying when people complain about pain. i used to do it a lot and my friends told me to shut up. so i did.

  • (Rob Re: Time is the Best Treatment!!!)
    Nobody has time to waste hurting while their muscles heal you fool!!!
    j/k but really others thing i wanna do cant just wait.

    i pulled a muscle in my one of my abs and my coach said get in the bed
    and lay on your stomach and try to pull your legs as close as possible to your head and your arms as close as possible to your legs.

  • Some of these tips sound worth a try, but I don’t know what info to trust when so many boldly say the wrong thing. Tylenol, (acetaminophen)is NOT an NSAID! It does not possess anti-inflammatory properties! If it works for you, it strictly because of its pain relieving properties. Please look things up before you post.

    Your neighborhood pharmacist.

  • Do you have sore mucles? Well your at the right place for the solution what i do is fill my bath tub with ice cold water and lay init its basically like putting ice all over your body but fater it helps aalot but its realy a mental thing only do it with a professinal or someone who knows what there doing!!! EXERCISE SAFE!!!

  • “Stop all the crying. Pain is progress.”

    Then why does an injury set you back so much?

    I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but there is a fine line between hard and retard.

  • When you lift a heavy weight to the point where your muscles start to burn, you are causing considerable muscle damage. Then you feel sore on the next morning and perhaps for several days. When the soreness goes away, your muscle has healed and is stronger than it was before you damaged it. Since you get more damage from lifting heavy weights a few times than from lifting light weights many times, you get a greater gain in strength from lifting heavier.

    If you want to become very strong, first check with your doctor to make sure that you have no health problems that will be aggravated by hard exercise. Then spend several weeks lifting weights lightly. After you have been lifting lightly for at least a couple of months, you can start training. Pick five or six exercises and find the heaviest weight for each that you can lift ten times in a row. You should struggle to finish the last four or five lifts of a set of ten. The soreness means that you are tearing your muscle fibers. Then add a few pounds and ask your friends to lift the weight so you can lower it slowly six times. Then add a few more pounds and lower this weight for a set of three. If you feel that the weight is too great or that you are losing control of the weight, ask your friends to take the weights from you immediately.

    This type of lifting will cause a great deal of pain while you lower the weight and a lot of pain the next morning. As long as you don’t injure yourself, this is good because you need muscle damage to become stronger, and pain and soreness are signs of muscle damage. Do not lift for a couple of days, so you can allow your muscles time to heal. When they are no longer sore, do an easy workout of lifting weights that are so light that you do not have to struggle and you feel comfortable. Try to do three sets of 10 for each exercise. Two days later repeat the same easy workout. Seven to ten days after your hard workout, try another heavy workout, but only if the soreness has gone completely from your muscles. Each week, try to do a hard workout, take two days off, then do easy workouts every other day and when the soreness is gone, attempt to lift heavy again. You will be amazed how strong you will become. This type of training is very hard on your body, so you can be hurt by it and should not attempt such workouts if you have heart or blood pressure problems.

    Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise June, 2002

  • i agree with kate and jose i tryed there way and it really works i take weightlift everyday in school and i get really sore i get in a tub of ice water and go to bed nand when i wake up in the morning i feel good

  • what i do for my horse and its just as good on people firstly put an icepack on the area for 5mins thenchange to a hot water bottle and keep switching for 20mins. then apply arnica gel to the area.

  • stretch before and after work out always finish workout with a warm down, feed your muscles within the hour eg ameal or supplement, have a strong coffee couple of hrs later and in the morning always works

  • i run track everyday…and is wondering how can i get rid of full body soreness.? it hurts when i walk…and tips can help!THANKS!

  • I had a right knee replacement on 12-3-07, I then started Therapy a week after i got out of the hospital. The first sessions of Therapy were not so bad, but then after 4 weeks they went into a more rigerious type therapy and from that point on my leg muscles and tendons have been sore ever since. Ive been out of Therapy now for about 3 weeks and my leg muscles and tendons are still sore. It stays too cold around here in northeastern NC to get out and walk or ride my bike.

    By the way I’m 70 years old if this makes a difference in your responence.

    What can be done for an old man that is recovering from therapy.

  • On Sunday, i did a volleyball clinique to get ready for the school volleyball tryouts on Monday, and i hadn’t played in a while, and i wanted to see how i was doing… I was doing GREAT, until the next morning when i could hardly sit up… last night i read that u should put ice on it, and then put a heat source on your muscles, but it didn’t work… i personally think that the calcium, magnesium, zinc, ands protein will work, since they’re things u need anyway, and they sound like it’s going to work… that’s what i’m gonna try, since today we had a snow day, and i have to continue tryouts tomorrow… sitting around and trying to relax my muscles hasn’t worked yet… so i’m going to keep trying things to find what will work… hope u find something that works for u!!!

  • I’m currently in a class at school that requires a rigorous workout, we do 5-600 crunches, lunges across the gym 4-5 times. I feel lots of pain in my abs and thigh area, I tried heat pads, as well as a hot/cold shower, and ice packs on my legs and stomach, but nothing is working, and I have to do this workout every day, any quick fixes?

  • Marie: for a quick fix to ab pain i would probably say to stretch them out really well (Do a nice long seal stretch, if you don’t know what that is go and google it, it’s the first result that explains it) after a nice ice bath and possible some icy-hot or the cheap stuff that works just as well (I’d suggest Blue Goo). For pain in your legs try resting them up against a wall laying on your back with your butt right up against the wall for about ten minutes and then stretch. I feel for you for the 500-600 abs. I know what you’re going through as a former gymnast of 13 years. Hope this helps you!

  • I wish I could give you a tip Marie! But unfortunately I need help too! I have low stamina, and I’m thin. I like to jog or speed walk for about 30min a day, then I do crunches/pilates. Yesterday, I decided to join karate. The instructor made us do a rigorous work-out that I am not used to. All in all, I over-exerted my body to the point that when I woke up this morning I could hardly get out of bed. I have virtually little to no range of motion in my arms (getting dressed was a hassle), and I can’t walk right because my thighs (legs) give out too easily. What can I do to relieve this?! I would appreciate ANY tips. I need to get better soon. My next class is on Monday! Thank you! ^_^

  • Lactic acid has nothing to do it. Next-day muscle soreness is caused by damage to the muscle fibers themselves.

    Many people think that cooling down by exercising at a very slow pace after exercising more vigorously, helps to prevent muscle soreness. It doesn’t. Cooling down speeds up the removal of lactic acid from muscles, but a buildup of lactic acid does not cause muscle soreness, so cooling down will not help to prevent muscle soreness. Stretching does not prevent soreness either, since post-exercise soreness is not due to contracted muscle fibers.

  • LOL, Lynlee, they did mention massage.

    Now, do not use steroids, they are more counter productive than you think, especilly when men get womanly, and women get manly, but topical testosterone cream for men can reduce muscle pain, as can intenrally taken testosterone supplments. You will want the plant based non-synthetic type. Also since muscles requires protien to build, a good protein supplment can help, but as with most things becareful. Women could use testtosterone cream, but should not do so if they are pregnant or may become pregnant, and they should simple not do it. Like men taking estroven, bad combo!

  • Listen to healthcare professionals, professional trainers, and nutritionists, also listen to naturopaths, and herbalists. Only people truly trained in an area are qualified to really give you the scoop on something. The tips I gave come from personal experience, but I would suggest you ask first, you may have health issues which would not work well with what I have stated. Also if your doctor says something, even if someone else disagrees (Like the lactic acid, which does cause muscle pain, according to most doctors, coaches, trainers, etc.) They are probably more reliable than the few people who disagree, but your body will tell you itself what it likes and dislikes.

    Also Epsom salts are wonderful but be careful, they can dry out your skin, also drink plenty of fluids and cool down completely prior to hot or warm baths, you can over heat yourself, and dehydrate by extending the period of time you sweat.

  • Oi, flash back to my soccer days (Car accident ended that) anyways. Ice is great, one thing to remember, hypothermia is bad. So as much as you will want to be in the ice bath long enough to get the effect, you also do not want to over chill yourself, it can cause damage in other ways. You should spen at least 10 minutes in an ice bath, and more more then 25, if you get really drowsy, slow of speech, start to turn blue, or have any other signs of hypothermia, you have been in long enough to chill out. Always also make sure someone knows what you are doing, and how long you are doing it, so if you do not show up as planned, they can come thaw you out.

  • I do not have a tip but a question. my son had a football injury about four years ago to his muscle on his right side of his torso over the years the pain has become more and more intenced as time goes by due to the kind of work he does hanging gutters on buildings which consist of a lot of stretching. his pain is so severe it brings tears to his eyes many of time. He has seen a Doctor who had ordered him four MRI which average around eight thousand dollars with no insurance thats alot of money to come up with. Is there anybody out there with some suggestions besides lortab for pain because thats not working.It would be very much appreciated

  • To MOM:
    Well about a year ago I completely tore my hamstring right below where it attaches to the gleutis maximus running hurdles and the doctor I saw told me that I needed an MRI and probably surgery. So I went to my coach(was still in high school at the time) and he said that we could try some electro-stimulation first. So over the next two weeks I would ice for 10-15 mins put on a stimulator (it was like one of those shocker things you see on TV but made for physical rehab) for 20 mins, then ice agian for 10 mins. I did this two times a day for two weeks, starting on a very low setting and building over time. Then backed off to once a day for two weeks and was back walking afterward. This stimulation helped to regrow the muscle by sending light electric pulses across the fibers and re-establishing connections between the muscle strands, and after that it took several months of very very light weight training and range of motion exercises to get back to running shape. My leg still feels weaker than my other one after a long run but I can move agian. I think one of the best things would be for your son to try this and most importantly REST THE MUSCLE. I was on crutches the whole time I went through all of this and that helped the most! I’m not a phisical therapist or anything but after all the incidental injuries I came across playing multiple sports in high school has given me some experience and if seeing a doctor and getting a MRI is a problem this could be a worthwhile alternative worth trying first. I wish you and your son luck.

  • The reason I am posting this comment is because I overexerted myself this weekend and have been looking on line for some tips on how to make sore muscles feel better…..

    I am wondering, as I imagine many of you are also, “Do these suggestions actually work AND “Do I have time to try them all out??????”

    I am at work and do not finish for another 3 hours. My arm is hurting terribly. I just found an ice pack in the freezer at work. Anyway, I have been icing my arm for the last 20 mins while reading the remainder of the comments…..

    Guess what….?

    It doesn’t hurt any more.

    It is simple, easy and cheap… And lets face it, if other people are looking on line like me then chances are they already HAVE a sore muscle and are desperately looking for a QUICK fix.

    So, ice this injury because it already happened and you need a cure.

    HOWEVER, as we all know, prevention is better than cure.

    So to prevent this from happening again…..


    Oh, and please can everyone read the comments they post BEFORE hitting submit. Some of the sentences are very difficult to read because, like other people pointed out, the spelling is bad but have people forgotten how to use Commas, full stops and capital letters aswell?

  • after every workout, the best thing to do is a COOL DOWN. for running, this means a walk, for swimming, this means swimming easily, for lifting, use a LIGHT weight. this helps get rid of all the extra lactic acid that builds up during the workout and makes ur muscles happier. remember, take your time and BREATH- this will help relax your muscles and heal faster

  • I, like Kerry Nelson, read this article because I out did myself at the gym yesterday and was sitting at work wishing my arms would fall off and leave my body free of pain.

    After reading through everyone’s comments I decided to ice the area. I had been icing it on and off for the last 4 hours, without much relief, when I thought that maybe it was time to try applying heat (and start rotating back and forth to cold). Ice was easy to apply at work, a zip-lock baggy was all I needed, but to put heat on the area I had to get creative. I used an empty 16oz water bottle, and filled it full of hot water. It worked FABULOUSLY! So well that I have chosen to use the water bottle trick again, only with ice water, when the time comes to switch.

    This may seem simple to most of you, but believe me, in this moment its changing my life!!! 😀

  • I have had a pain in m neck for 2 weeks. i tryed everything i could think of. i tryed ice, muscle relaxing creams, taking panadol, strecthing nothing seems to be working. the pain is starting to get bigger and had gone around to the back of my neck do you know any ways to get rid of this pain?

  • Take a hot bath to loosen the muscles. Also, stretch the muscles that are sore, it might hurt at the time, but after a while it will feel good.

  • Take a hot bath with Epson Salt. I was skeptical at first when my husband told me to do this, but it really does make it feel better. It doesn’t eliminate the pain, but it does seem to relax the muscles, which makes it more tolerable.

  • Massage the sore muscle gently with your hands every once in a while. It’s very soothing and actually brings temporary relief.

  • I’m training for my 3rd marathon. This time I’m being extra careful about how I heal up after each weekly “long run” which is now approaching 20 miles. I deal with soreness on a regular basis. A doctor friend of mine suggested something that has worked extremely well for me and I have notice a marked difference in how my muscles feel. Immediatly after running, I soak for 20 minutes in the coldest bath water I can summon, then I fill the tub with very hot water and do the same for another 20 minutes. The temperature shock is substantial, but I can survive it. In the past I have expected to hobble the next day, but now I’m walking fine the next day with just a little stiffness. I want to try the Epsom salts next. Hopefully this helps.

  • I just want to clear up what seems to be a common misconception:

    Tylenol (acetaminophen/paracetamol), is NOT an NSAID (anti-inflammatory).

    Tylenol blocks pain receptors in the brain, it does not affect the sore area directly.

  • well i had the worse pain in my legs for over working out i was doing squats with 20 pound weight like i do every day but this week i skipped a day and worked out the next day and that is probably why my legs are really really sore today, and here is how it goes oh when you work out lactic acid gets blocked in your muscles and you need to break the lactic acid up so it could flow the right way. So how you do that is do the same thing you did to build up the lactic acid which is work out i know its unbelievable and it hurts while your doing so. BUT!!!! after 2 hours or so you feel alot better seriously

  • omg eva thank you that really really helped i had really really sore legs and it worked haha that is amazing where did u learn this??

  • It depends where your muscles are sore at. If your lats and triceps are sore, stand up and stretch your arms as high as you can. Do this every 2 minutes for a while. It should help.

  • I ran a race two days ago and my thighs, I-T band and calves are really sore. Need to get ready 4 next race soon.what will i do?

  • my problem is not a sore muscle but a sore knee and since football training continous sprints training although i did over do it a little 4 hours after the fact but as it says it does restrict the range of motion whilst it is injured because i could strecth my leg it killed but when it heals the range of motion does get better it can happen to the fittest of athletes.

    solution – cod liver oil tablets

    – plenty of milk

    – stretching

    -warm bath with incense sticks


  • Can I get a tip on why my husband thinks I am not working out hard enough if I am NOT sore the next day from the gym? I consider myself to be in pretty good shape and walk a vigourous 30 minutes on the treadmill with hand weights, 50-75 sits ups in various positions along with arm and leg weight lifts, so am I doing something wrong to not be SORE that I can’t move around the next day?

  • To Nalah – good tip, but fyi, a hot bath with anything, or nothing, will work just as well as with the Epsom Salts. It’s the hot water that relaxes the muscles. 🙂


  • I got a sore mussle after practicing pitching too much for my game the next day, (softball) so i just rested it. I waited till the game 4 days away without practicing and did fine! Then I practicied just as hard and it didnt hurt! Just be careful while exersising.!!

  • I get really sore around my back and my legs from being a dancer.
    And to be honest hot water, ice, stretch, and bannans will help.
    I eat a couple and somehow it helps.
    and of course tylenol and all that is great but icyhot works as well.

  • I find it soothing to bath in a warm bath with some bath salts after a strenuous workout or activity. Especially those that last the whole day.
    Here’s where I usually get them, they’re quite cheap when you bought them by the bundles.

  • I’m 39 and have worked out with weights on and off since I was a teenager. Everytime I’m “off” for an extended period of time, I get pretty sore when I come back “on” (as expected). I have found that eating a lot of lean protein such as tuna has helped reduce healing time. Be careful not to increase your total calories though if you are working out to lose body fat. I also own a Panasonic Pro Elite massage chair that helps tremendously. Purchasing this rather expensive chair may not be an option for some, but if you have a Brookstone store near you, go and “try out” the chair regularly (at least 3 times a week). Hope this helps.

  • I just started working out, 2 days ago, and the first say, my muscles were sore, and i went on and did more work out on the second day with the sire muscles. Now they are very tight and my arms cannot fully stretch. Am planing on giving it 4 days of rest before the next workout. Any one help with tips?

  • I just started skateboarding again after about 5 years of not skating, and the first day I went on an intense training session practicing the old moves I mastered a long time ago, and after about 30 minutes I was in a heap of sweat than the next day my leg felt like it weighed 100 pounds!

    That day I didn’t really think much of it cause I really wanted to get up and running again and skate, but I could barely lift my leg into the air, but I went skating anyway cause I was still able to flick my flickit leg/foot.

    I guess now is the 3rd day and I’ve been working through it, its getting less and less tense but I really don’t want to rest cause I just wanna skate, I feel I’m rehabilitating myself inch by inch working through it do you guys think thats a good idea? I really don’t want rest for 1 week and start from scratch again.

  • I find stretching to be both enjoyable in that “oh good pain” sort of way, and it releives some of the pain. That said, however, I’ve read many many articles on bodybuilding and powerlifting that stretching BEFORE you work out actually decreases your potential for gain.

    Should still stretch afterwards, or end up like my brother and I… not able to touch our elbows in front of us without help.

  • Take a cold shower.
    During the shower your muscles will contract but after they will expand and it will feel really good. That is what got me through football camp.

  • Message to Dude:

    I was in a similar unfit condition but it was in running..To answer your question I’d suggest you rest for a few days..I tried what you did and thought that if I exercised the sore muscles that the muscles would eventually get better( old fitness )..To be honest I made myself a lot worse…A lot lot worse..In a routine blood test during my first few weeks back training my CK – creatine kinase – which measure muscle trauma went from a normal 180/190 to over 3200..All ‘cos I kept trying to loosen up by traing…Easy does it dude…Rest..Ice..Compression..Elevation..= RICE

  • I just started working out with my Marine Corps recruiter we are doing Corp style PT in the mornings after the work out on the first day i was tired but i felt really good once i got home and stretced for 30 mins I did soome work around the house such as moweing the yard and repairing some of the things that needed it then i relaxed for a bit in front of the TV well i must have fallen asleep because all i know is when i woke up my muscles were sore as all get out i im working out 3 times a week until school starts and my love for the Corps and my desire to join keeps me going sometimes the soreness gets to be to much but i push trogh and the soreness gose away after a soak in the tub in water not freezeing cold but little under room tempature so as not to get hypothermia its helps me tremendisly because some of the exsercises the Marines run are very very demanding and they push you above and beyond your limits, thank you.

  • well i start a very intence dancing
    in our culture n requires alot of very
    specific move in order for the song to carry on

    anyways my legs are killing me i am fit in more
    ways then the other dancers who last one song
    but anyways mah recomendation

    go for a swim in a cold lake or the ocean for 5-10mins

    n i was able to do all the things the next nite of dancings
    were the other guys had heal with time

  • Damn,
    I am a freshman in college and a week into trainning camp which is 3 weeks long. This by far has been the hardest thing ive ever had to do in my life and i still have two full weeks left of full pads… What do i do… I cant always take a cold shower cus our dorm showers dont get too cold… My lower Back Kills me and ive had problems with it in the past!! ??? Please Help Guys!!!!??

  • my arms hurt really badly from a lot of pushups and my right arm hurts more i guess i favor that side because i’m a righty but anyway i cant really move it above my chest and i can’t even lift a phone up to my ear with that arm I am also waking up in the middle of the night in sever pain in my arm and i can’t fall back asleep and i’m afriad it’s jeapordizing my health because i’m not getting enough sleep any pointers guys???

  • the top of my right leg hurts when i have a shot when i play soccer but its ok when i walk or run. how do i et rid f that

  • The biggest thing that I found to help me with severely overworked sore muscles is to run into a b-hive in the buff, boner first. You’ll be so pre-occupied with pulling stingers out of your sack, that you won’t even notice your sore muscles…trust me; it’s a sure cure…

  • Hi! I love running, but I often suffer from sore muscles. Now I heard epsom salt should be very helpful to relax my muscles. So my question is: what is the best product out there? So many Epsom salt and so much variety in prices. Can somebody weigh in?”

  • Message to Julie> I go running every morning, and if I suffer from sore muscles, I trust in warm baths with Epsom Salt. Just soak it for 15 minutes, and your muscles feel way more relaxed (cause of its Magnesium Sulfate). And btw. I tried all the cheap ones, but now there’s a new product on the market called REV., and this is worth every penny. Good luck, Viv

  • Chad,

    What are you talking about? Hmmm…that would change the pain direction on the sore muscles…good point…


  • Everyone that is working out while sore is DUMB!!! You wouldn’t walk on a broken foot would you? Then why lift weights with partially torn muscles? If you’re just starting out take it slooooooooow. Work your way up to the big stuff, and if you’re already sore, wait till it passes COMPLETELY. Then start again. If you do the exact same workout as before you’ll notice healing time will be cut by half or more. Then slowly add on to your workout.

  • How do I get my muscles to not be sore? I was stupid and didn’t stretch before my workout today ( 10K swim). Now I feel awful, any advise?

  • Question: My muscles stay sore all the time and I don’t work out. I have heard that Lipitor (cholesterol medicine) can cause sore muscles. I take a cholesterol medicine that works in the stomach (not Lipitor). Could this be the reason? If so – isn’t that dangerous?

  • I don’t know how by just playing a simple game of tage for long could make me feel so bad.I have terrible pains all over my body.I feel like Sh*t today :(.I can barely move without saying ow!

  • I play basketball everyday. When u come home I take a very hot bath and relax in the tub for about 35-45 mins and wake up in the morning feeling fine. Just remember to stretch it’ll help with the soreness…

  • to the guy that said whoever works out after being sore is dumb? is dumb. lol ur supposted to work out to get rid of the soreness

    all that soreness is is “lactic acid” buildup in your muscles. only way to get rid of it is to exercise n stretch again. so if u do nothing but sit THAT DOES NOT HELP AT ALL…

  • ^you should try to relax more, stress can cause more pain, if you are unloading from a move it is party from the stress too so take an hour out iof your dy to toatlly reeeelllaxxx ahhhhhh

  • sex is a great way to release the pain , all the jolting of muscle contractions help loose muscles for relaxation, if your to lame to get some , theres always porn

    your friendly neiborhood doc

  • I went to a pole dance party, and oh my god!! I am so so sore. I run2 miles a day, and I can tell that I need to push my workout up, cause I didnt think I would be sore, it hurts to even sit on the toilet. This happened 3 days ago, and I havent worked out since, I thought I would rest my poor legs. Its my hamstrings that are killing me.. Any Advice?? Im thinking of at least walking on the treadmill today, to maybe losen up. Is that a good idea?? THanks

  • I’m a dancer and a cheerleader my arms, shoulders back and legs are sore after every practice all I do is let them rest a day stretch all the time and it gets so much better the stronger you get. Ice and Heat help with the soreness and like I said STRETCH!

  • Ok I always stretch before I start my workout at the gym, and when I’m finished I always stretch too. And when I get home I drink a protein shake to replenish and refuel my body. I’m still extrmly soar for the next 2 days though. I’ve heard the second day after a tough workout is always worse too for some reason and I find that to be true, but ya I can’t take being soar so I’m always strecthing or somthing

  • Always remembr if u r performing workout for the 1st time or after a long time gap dont push u’rself to the limit and dont pump ur muscles to the extent,start with streching and light weight go slowly so tht u’r muscle can get used to it,after every week increase u’r level 1step above bt dont rush quickly othrwise it can make extreme sorenes and pain. A little bit of pain and sorenes is normal dont scare cntinue u’r workout like said above it wil go away.But if u push urself example u have strenghth and stamina to perform heavy workout but u’r muscle is nt used to it and u perform it according to u’r strenghth then it cn cause unbearable extreme sorenes and pain in tht part.

  • I’ve been using InfectiGuard on my sore muscles after tough workouts. It works just as good as Bengay but it’s much cheaper and doesn’t sting or smell. It’s actually a hand sanitizer, but its much gentler on the skin because it has moisturizers in it. I buy mine at It’s the white, creamy lotion one. Not the clear one. Totally works and is super cheap.

  • Take a super cold shower for 30 sec, then turn it to hot for one minute. Repeat this process 4 time. (The earlier you do this after exercise, the better)

  • All you have to do is go for a ten minute walk after the workout and then go to the bathroom and the lactic acid will come out in you urine. No sore muscles!

  • The soreness you experience is “Delayed onset muscle soreness” (DOMS), it is a natural process which occurs after a strenous workout. If you do experience extreme soreness there are many ways to reduce its effect, stretching before and after exercise, ice baths etc. Experiencing muscle soreness indicates you have overloaded the muscles which is a good indication. Most importantly, rest the muscles and hopefully the soreness should reduce for some 24 hours after exercise and others it may take days.

  • After a football game i had a soar glute, i went to go get a massage and told the therapist my problem area and it really helped, i was in disbelief at first but can’t denie the relief my body felt. The pain was completely gone. I was so impressed that now i’m a massage therapist.

  • The muscles in both my thighs are extremely sore, I ride a exercise bike for 15 minutes,and then I work out on the machines for half and hour and then walk for 20 to 25 minutes, and then I stretch for 15 min. If you have any suggestions I would really like to hear them. I have been doing this for 3 months.

  • My anatomy professor was telling us that recent studies show that although lactic acid is a cause of muscle soreness, it is one of many factors. I’m just saying this because most people tend to blame soley lactic acid for their soreness when it could actually be a number of other things.

  • I went to soccer practice on Thursday and we did a duck walk across the feild and since then I’ve experienced some leg pains when I walk and it hurts bad when I go up and down stairs. I was wondering if its just a pulled, or torn muscle or what? And I would like ideas on how to heal it, I have practice again Tuesday .

  • Ok, so on Saturday I played 5 soccer games, but the next morning my legs were very sore.I had Tylenol and sat in the jacuzzi to feel better, and then I had another game at night, now I feel worse. I have soccer all week, and I dont wamma miss any game… What should i do!?!?

    Note: I been playing soccer since I was a little kid. So playing 2 much is not new for my body

  • I just came back from volleyball camp and it lasts for 4 days and I only have one left. I am really sore in that spot between my neck and shoulders from serving. Does anybody have some stretches that will help with that area?

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