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How to Get Rid of Stomach Hair

You are going to the beach in three days and you are panic-buying now because you don’t have a bikini, a sun dress and a cover up yet. You spot the perfect yellow haltered swim suit, and without a second thought, you ask the salesperson to take it off the hanger so you can try it on.

As you see yourself in the fitting room’s mirror sporting the gorgeous bikini, you see how much strands of hair you have on your supposedly-smooth stomach. Your frustration is incomparable as you realize you cannot wear your dream bikini. So instead of buying it, you head to the beauty section first to buy products to get rid of your stomach hair.

A bikini is not the only piece of clothing you cannot wear if you have a hairy stomach. Hanging blouses and see-through tops are also a no-no. Sit back and relax, because there are several ways to get a smooth and flawless stomach again. Below are some suggestions to remove that unwanted stomach hair effectively.

Do-It-Yourself Methods

Like your almost-unnoticeable body hair, stomach hair protects you from dust and cold weather, but when the growth of body hair gets out of control you have to do something to prevent your torso from turning into a forest. Here are two conservative ways to get rid of stomach hair:

Shave them off. Make certain to shave gently because your stomach has curves. You can use shavers with mechanically designed heads to follow the curves as you shave the hair off. With shaving, you can wait for a few weeks before the hair grows again. It will also help to use lubricating gels or lotions to smoothen the areas to be shaved. As much as possible, use a sterilized razor or buy a new one to avoid infections. You can also apply warm water before shaving the area. Warm water aids in opening the pores of your skin. It also relaxes the muscles that hold the strands of hair so you can easily shave it off.

Plucking goes a long way. If you have only very few stomach hair, you can pluck it with the use of tweezers. A few strands won’t hurt when plucked. This method also saves you money, because all you need is a good pair of tweezers. Still, you have the option to use lubricants or antiseptics to reduce the pain when plucking. The effect can last up to 1 month.

Depilatories work wonders. Use hair removal creams or gels, also known as depilatories, to get rid of stomach hair. Apply a depilatory where the unwanted hair is, and then wipe it off or rinse it. Depilatories have longer-lasting effects than shaving. You can purchase these hair removal gels in stores and pharmacies. Make sure to follow the directions written on the package to avoid irritation and other unpleasant effects.

Turn To Technology

If you think the aforementioned conservative options are too slow and not fully effective, this is where technology comes in. Just make sure that you have enough budget to sustain your beauty maintenance measures because beauty indeed has a price to pay.

Wax. Since most stomach hair does not occupy too much space on your stomach, you can purchase waxing treatment packages in drugstores. Waxing is a painful method, but it definitely minimizes hair growth longer than shaving does. The effect of this hair removal option can last for about a month or longer. If you can’t do waxing all by yourself, you can always go to a spa, salon or dermatologist’s clinic. Expect to pay a higher fee because you’re seeking professional help.

Would you dare go for laser removal treatment? If what you saw in the fitting room when you tried the bikini on is very disturbing, then you can opt for laser removal treatment. It’s one of the most modern ways of hair removal. Laser hair removal has longer effects than waxing. When focused on a hair strand during the treatment process, the laser burns up the strand up to its roots. It doesn’t just shave, pluck or pull out the strands: laser kills the hair. You can see changes after the first session, but if you want to see a permanent effect, you will have to undergo several laser hair removal treatment sessions. The process is also time-consuming since each hair root has to be burned individually.

Electrolysis is another story. You can also undergo electrolysis sessions to remove unwanted hair on your stomach. Electrolysis is very much like laser hair removal; the only difference is instead of using laser, electrolysis makes use of electric current to kill hair roots. People who have gone through this kind of treatment say that it is dreadful, and some patients have suffered undesirable skin effects after going through this treatment. Overall, electrolysis is expensive and time-consuming, but the effect is permanent. If you are going to hit the beach in three days and you need to get rid of your stomach hair that soon, electrolysis is not for you. Treatment takes hours, depending on how large the area to be treated is.

From the methods above, you can observe that the more money you spend, the longer the effect is. If you want to remove stomach hair permanently, start investing in the treatment of your choice and be ready for the pain. You can still go for the cheaper methods like shaving and waxing, but keep in mind that to maintain your smooth stomach, you have to be patient enough to do it time after time, especially whenever the hair grows back. If you enjoy reading this you’ll surely enjoy reading how to get rid of body hair and how to get rid of pubic hair.

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