How to Get Rid of Straight Hair

How do you get rid of straight hair? This article can be finished by offering you two solutions: one, shave your head and two, curl your hair. Shaving the head is for boys. If not for strictly observing the culture and tradition that shape a man, he can shave his head most of the time. For girls, shaving the head is a different story. If you are a woman and you have no guts to shave your head, then curl your locks. Below are some tips to make you look your best with a curly hair.

Give It Up For The Waves

Big Waves – Big and bouncy waves are always attractive and in style. You can use a curling iron to create waves, but make sure it has a wide diameter. The size of your curls depends on the diameter of the curling iron you are going to use. A curling iron with a diameter measuring two inches will give your locks large, loose waves. If your hair is short, it becomes smooth. Just make sure that you wrap big sections of your hair around the curling iron to make your wavy locks smooth. Keep your locks wavy by wrapping small sections of hair around the iron.

Soft Waves – You can also create soft waves by using a curling iron with a diameter measuring one and a half inches. Follow this tip: Curl tiny sections of your locks using the curling iron, and then clip each part to your head. When your hair is cool, release the pins. Look at the beautiful effect after you run your fingers through your hair.

Tight Curls – Creating tight curls will require you to use three-eights of a diameter of a curling iron. Narrow curling irons are sure to give your locks a ringlet effect. Just wrap small parts from roots to tips around the curling iron. Keep it that way for five seconds before you release it and let cool. Do not touch your curls, but make sure you spritz them with hairspray.

Big Curls – The diameter you need to use to create big curls is three quarters to an inch. All you need to do is to spritz small parts of your hair with mousse, then wrap these sections around the iron. Hold it that way for five seconds. The curling iron should then be released to let your hair cool. Separate curls with your fingers.

Products That Help You Get Rid Of Straight Hair

If you want to get rid of your straight hair and go curly or wavy, taking care of your curly locks is a requirement. You can’t just take care of your hair by combing it every chance you get. You also need to apply some products that fit your hair texture and hair type.

Whether you have relaxed, textured, natural, oily, dry, coarse, soft or frizzy hair, make it a point to apply special curly hair products that support the strands of your hair and prevent damages and breakages at the same time. Keeping your locks as natural and as healthy as possible is crucial, which is why you need to wear the right product on your hair. Products with wax, petroleum, sodium or alcohol are not good for your hair because these chemicals clog your pores and dry your hair, leaving the strands of your hair sticky and brittle. Your scalp and hair have to breathe freely. Only this way can your hair grow luxuriously healthy.

If you want to get rid of straight hair, there is no point compromising your beautiful curls to any ordinary hair product. Deep cleansing shampoo is a must because this cleans your scalp and the roots of your hair. Deep cleansing shampoo also helps prevent product buildup at your hair follicles.

While it is true that it is difficult to find hair products without the aforementioned ingredients, this is not an excuse to use a mediocre product that does not help at all when it comes to helping you get rid of straight hair. The good news is, if you use a product with any of those ingredients, and it turns out that your hair becomes manageable and shiny, then keep using it. Observe how your hair is reacting to it. Using products that don’t clog your follicles and pores is a suggestion you may follow to benefit your hair’s future health. The products you use on your hair are always bound by a decision which is for you to make.

If you use products with dangerous ingredients, you have to least use them in moderation. For the meantime, look for products that do not contain the said ingredients. You can always ask beauty experts, hair stylists and even your friends for assistance in looking for the perfect product for your hair. New products are always out on the market, and there are countless hair care products being developed to meet your needs.

Curly vs Straight Hair

It seems that a lot of people with naturally straight hair think that having a straight hair is a curse. Almost all of them want to have their hair curled. On the other hand, those who have curly hair want straight hair. Is it just because the grass seems to be always greener on the opposite side?

Now, you need to know that it isn’t, because if your hair is curly, you are blessed according to the American Journal of Physics published in August 2007. Your hair is less likely to get tangled compared to straight hair. In fact, Jean-Baptiste Masson who works for the Laboratory for Optics and Biosciences found in France’ Ecole Polytechnique formulated a theory describing the tangling of hair. French hairdressers, who participated in Masson’s research, proved that while there are many types of hair, it is straight hair that suffers most from tangling.

It’s no surprise that you want to get rid of straight hair right away. Since you have the tips above, all you need to do now is to visit a salon and get your straight hair curled. Make sure that you follow these tips once you have said goodbye to your straight locks.

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