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How to Get Rid of Unibrow

You can say that you have an unibrow when your two eyebrows meet in the middle because of the abundance of hair. Some people call it mono-brow, but both terms mean only one thing: that your two eyebrows have become a long ugly trail of hair on the middle of your face.

Don’t be surprised if someone inconsiderate describes you as “very primitive” because having a unibrow is a sign of lack of grooming on your part, especially in western nations. If you are a male, unibrow separation is the solution. If you are a woman, you can pluck the hair, or undergo depilation like electrolysis, among many others.

Grooming the eyebrows is as important as cutting and styling your hair. The shape of your eyebrows makes a big difference in how you look. Your eyebrows give you character and your eyes a beautiful shape, depending of course on how well you shape your eyebrows. Don’t let your eyebrows look bushy because these need special attention and ongoing care.

Make That Two

Two heads are better than one. In this case, two eyebrows are definately more desirable than a lone long one. Here are a few tips to avoid looking like an artifact from the National Museum.

  • Once you start shaving your eyebrows, you need to maintain it regularly. Use your razor when you shave your beard, not your eyebrows.
  • Depilatories are good tools to get rid of unwanted hair, but you are making a big mistake if you use these within the eye area. If you have no choice, then use a depilatory at your own risk. Prepare for unwanted injuries that may come your way. Depilatories used within the eye area may also cause irritation. Do not risk the safety of your delicate and precious eyes.
  • Today, many people buy kits to wax their eyebrows. You can find these kits on the market, all of which come with instructions for instant use. Remember to wax your eyebrows at your own risk. It is still best seek the help of a professional who can wax your eyebrows. Observe the process and techniques carefully so you will know how waxing is done. Be prepared for temporary pain and discomfort.

Trimming is a Must

  • If your eyebrows are thin, you can use a small pair of scissors to trim the unwanted hair. You should only trim your eyebrows under bright light to avoid cutting hair at the wrong areas.
  • Choose an area of concentration. While trimming, follow the direction of hair growth. Trim with care and do it slowly. Don’t trim too shortly because the strands will stick out. Spend a few days on trimming your eyebrows carefully to see if you are on the right track.

Dealing With Stray Eyebrow Strands

If you can’t tolerate the pain that comes from waxing, then tweezing is your next option. Plucking your eyebrows is safe but make sure that you use a clean pair of tweezers.

Store your tweezers in a sanitary and safe place. Buy your own tweezers and treat it the way you treat your tooth brush. Don’t let anyone use your tweezers. Some men even use tweezers only to remove dirt off their nails. If you use dirty tweezers, the dirt may cause irritation in the eyes. If someone has used your tweezers, buy a new pair and make sure that the ends of the tweezers meet.

Moisten your eyebrows first before tweezing. You can either soak your brow area with a washcloth or take a shower. Comb your eyebrows and make sure that you follow the direction of their growth.

The areas that need thinning depends on you. If you have finally decided where to thin and tweeze your eyebrows, tweeze in the direction of growth. You should learn the art of tweezing evenly, so start underneath before you tweeze from the inside, and then out. Pull each strand one by one because pulling multiply strands will surely cause you pain.

Tweeze your eyebrows carefully if you are working on the middle. Take a look at your eyebrows every now and then to avoid getting them too far apart. Go back to tweezing after taking a look at how you’re doing with it, to know if you need to remove additional strands or if you have already tweezed too much strands.

Leave your top brow that way. If not, don’t pluck too many strands from it. Just focus on the stray strands before thinning the whole eyebrow a little. Pluck at the center and then follow an outward direction.

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  • Why does it matter if someone has a uni brow? I mean we’re supposed to like people for who they are not how they look. My point is, if someone’s face bothers you so much then don’t look at it!

  • Looooool angela. Yes and lets have women stop shaving their legs and arm pits, shaving private parts is not sexually attractive and make up is for the birds. As a man I will stop wearing deodorant, rock up to work in my sweaty gym clothes, grow a beard that would make ZZ top proud and to top it all off I will regularly fart in company. After all people should like me for who I am and the way I smell!! Please love we live in the 21st century, not 2000 BC. Good advice like this can only benefit people on a social and personal (self esteem) level. And yes although I don’t grow a forest above my nose there are a few black hairs that are visible up close. I’ve been tweezing their asses for a little over 6 years now and hopefully at some point I can get rid of them all together. I always feel sorry for people who leave their eye brows like that because the majority of people will stare. Living as an outcast does not make you an individual, that is what your personality is there for. It makes you a target and a topic.

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