How to Get Rid of Warts at Home

Every person who ends up getting a wart or two wants to know, how to get rid of warts at home. Warts can be a very annoying and gross thing to have on your body. One of the worst qualities of warts, is that there is no definite cure to get ride of the. There is no pill that you can just take to have it pop off. The wart you have can also get bigger a can spread and accumulate more warts over time, if not taken care of properly. There are ways however, that you can remove the wart.

One tactic that is usually the path people take is to go to a foot specialist. The foot doctor will then freeze the wart with a special mist and the wart should come off. This however is a pain for most people and most people cannot be bothered by such things. This can also be costly if one does not have health insurance and can be painful. Possibly the worst part, is that you have to go back for multiple visits to freeze your wart, due to the fact it can grow back.

The alternative would be to find a home remedy or method for getting rid of your wart. There are many steps and tips that you have used to make sure your wart goes away. The first is to mix baking soda and caster oil together to try and from a paste substance. Both of these ingredients are cheap and can be found at a local supermarket. After you make your paste, you then cover the wart with a band aid. You do this every morning until you see a change. Make sure to always use new band aids. The second step for anyone who is curious about how to get rid of warts at home is to soak in baking soda. The idea is to dissolve baking soda into water and soak your foot in it. You can do this every day until it has reduced in size.

Your other option at far as past goes, is to take a vitamin c pill and crush it up, you then apply it to water and cover with a band aid. You would do this everyday as needed. Whenever you?re using water, make its Luke warm temperature so it cleans the area, but also doesn’t burn you.

If anyone is looking to find out how to get ride of warts at home, these few options will really help you

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