How to Get Rid of Warts On Feet

Do your feet hurt when you walk? Do you have rough irregular bumps on the soles of your feet? You may have foot warts or plantar warts. Warts are a symptom of an infection caused by the human papillomavirus or HPV. Having foot warts is usually not a serious condition, but the warts do cause discomfort or pain. The warts can also be unsightly as some of them may grow to huge proportions. Experts recommend getting rid of your foot warts to improve your quality of life.

How do Foot Warts Spread?

Scientists have already discovered more than 100 types of HPV. Some of these viruses cause cancer, while others are relatively harmless. People transmit foot warts among each other by being in contact with carriers of the virus. You can get foot warts if you directly come in contact with infected people in public places, such as showers, changing areas or swimming pools. Experts also claim that warts can be transmitted by sharing personal items, such as clothes and towels.

Foot warts can spread to other parts of your body. Warts will spread easier on your own body if you have wounds and scrapes. Plantar warts usually measure about one centimeter in diameter. Children and adults commonly complain of them because large foot warts can feel like stones under your foot. There are cases where a single foot wart has many tiny ones in its periphery. People call this kind of wart a Mosaic Wart.

Diagnosis of Foot Warts

Go to your doctor immediately if you suspect that the bumps under your foot are foot warts. Doctors can usually diagnose foot warts simply by inspecting patient’s feet. Your doctor would probably inspect your feet closely using a magnifying glass.

If your doctor doubts the nature of your bumps, he may use a scalpel to pare down the bumps. This procedure is necessary because other foot features such as calluses and corns don’t bleed when cut. Foot warts however, typically bleed from their small blood vessels which look like tiny dark spots.

Some doctors also take samples of foot tissue to be sure about their diagnoses. Your doctor may use a scalpel to take samples of suspected wart tissue and send them to a laboratory. Results of the analysis should arrive after a few days, then you’ll be sure of the nature of your bumps.

Medical Treatments for Foot Warts

Foot warts can be very painful, especially if they are huge, which make them susceptible to being cut and bruised. It’s very important to remove the warts immediately to get rid of the discomfort or pain and to prevent the warts from spreading to other parts of your body. After diagnosis, your doctor may recommend the following medical treatments:

  • Cryosurgery: This treatment works by freezing foot warts with liquid nitrogen, making them easier to shed off. Many patients say that cryosurgery is very effective and also not that painful. You may need to undergo several sessions of cryosurgery though, to get rid of all your foot warts.
  • Cantharidin application: Cantharidin may be applied with other chemicals on the soles of your feet to get rid of foot warts. Affected areas are then covered with bandage, which results in blisters that can be uncomfortable. The resulting blisters lift the plantar warts off your foot, aiding in their removal.
  • Minor surgery: Foot warts can also be removed through minor surgery, which involves cutting wart tissue or destroying it using an electric needle. Patients claim that minor surgery is not that painful and that the injection of the anesthesia is the most painful part of the procedure. Minor surgery can result in scarification, though, so weigh the pros and cons before you do it. Doctors usually don’t recommend minor surgery until you’ve tried all other treatments.
  • Laser surgery: You can also get rid of your foot warts through laser surgery. This procedure involves destroying wart tissue with a laser. It’s quite expensive and may result in scars. Your doctor may recommend this procedure if your foot warts are large and tough.

Home Treatments for Foot Warts

Consider treating your warts at home if they are small and don’t bother you that much. The following home treatments are safe and are used by many people to get rid of their foot warts. It’s best to talk to your doctor during the entire home treatment process however, to avoid complications.

Take care of affected areas: Do not clip areas with warts because this spreads the virus to other parts of your body. It’s also dangerous to use the same nail clipper or file that you use on your foot warts to cut your toenails or fingernails. In addition, avoid picking at your warts as this transfers the virus to other parts of your body. Always cover your feet with bandage or wear thick socks that thoroughly cover your feet. Lastly, keep your feet dry because foot warts spread more quickly in moist environments.

Use wart patches: Another way to get rid of foot warts is to use wart patches that contain salicylic acid. The acid peels off wart tissue, making the bumps smaller or completely removing them. Medical professionals recommend choosing wart patches with 17 percent acid content to effectively remove your warts. Apply them every day for a few weeks or until all the bumps have disappeared.

It’s best to soak your feet first in warm water for about 15 to 20 minutes before using wart patches. Shed off wart tissue using a pumice stone or a nail file between each session. Salicylic acid though can damage the healthy skin that surrounds the plantar warts, so be careful when applying the patches. In addition, consult your doctor before doing any acid treatment if you are pregnant. Your doctor may suggest using wart patches along with other treatments, such as cantharidin.

Try duct tape: People have been using duct tape to get rid of foot warts for a long time. Experts though have different opinions on the effectiveness of duct tape in getting rid of foot warts. One research showed though that duct tape can be more effective than liquid nitrogen.

If you want to try the duct tape method yourself, cover your foot with duct tape for about six days. After six days, peel off the duct tape and soak your foot in warm water. Rub off the foot warts using a pumice stone or an emery board. Repeat the treatment for two months or until all bumps are gone.

Consult your doctor immediately if you see any wart-like features on the soles of your feet. Removing foot warts early will prevent their growth, spread and transmission to other people.

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  • I used Japanese camellia oil on my feet twice daily to remove my warts. My theory is that because the oil penetrates to your second layer of skin they are smothered by the oil. I did this for about 6-8 weeks and no more warts. I had tried many other things before I tried this and discovered it quite accedentally. Hope it works for you.

  • Make sure u eat ham before u kill a wart otherwise the ham will not digest and all that, so like just do all that and just wash it and all, you know? That’s easy.

  • I have a wart for a while. We have this thing at our home witch gives the wart frostbite so it will fall off. We did that for 2 weeks and no result. It was shrinking though. Next, my mom and I used a saftey pin to get a closer look at it. It was small them. Now it’s bigger and sreading. although It only made about 2 or three, I’m worried if it’s that bad kind that gives you cancer or just that harmless type! I even wonder if they’re even warts at all! I’m too afraid to tell my mom about this even though i know i should. I’m just confused. What should I do!?

  • I had about 20 warts on my feet(if you include the groups of them as individuals). We tried cyrosyrgery, over the counter freezing, vinegar, and liquid wart remover but NO luck. I have had my warts for about 2-3 years now. But I finally got rid of about 16 so far by using Kroger Liquid Wart Remover everyother night, and when I run out I use Compound W fast acting Gel. During the weekends if im sitting around I use Kroger wart stickers on the ones that need an extra “boost”. I have been using this method since the second week of August,and it is now the second week of October(62 days=about 9 weeks=2 MONTHS AND ONE WEEK!
    I really hope this helps.

    P.S. Make sure you only do the liquid and gel every OTHER day, and the stickers every 2 days of the weekend. πŸ™‚

  • I have used Kroger liquid wart remover and Compond W gel wart remover and have only 3/20 warts left! I had previously tried vinegar,cyrosyrgery,liquid wart remover,and over the counter freezer but NO success. I use the liqid and gel every other night and I apply the liquid first till it dries,and then put on the gel and sleep! During the weekends when im sitting around my house, I’ll put on a Kroger wart sticker for the warts that need an extra “boost”. I have had my warts for 2-3 years and im so happy they are dissapearing. I have been using my method for…..62days/2=31days(because I do every other day) So, 31 days=almost 5 weeks and the package for both compounds says to use for 12 weeks so I still have almost seven weeks to go! Oh well, it is definentley worth it.

  • I have had warts for almost 2 years. I even went to a foot doctor and nothing helped. It was embarrissing to wear flip flops and I thought they would never go away. Then I got really determined to have them gone by summer.

    What I do is use compound W and duct tape. I put compound W on the warts at night then cover it with duct tape. I leave that on for three day then I take it off. I talked to my foot doctor about picking at them, and it is actuially nessisary to get ride of the warts. You musci remove layers of them. So when you take off the duct tape, soak your foot in warm water for a little while thin pick off layers. This may be painful but it works!!!!! You can use nail clippers just soke them in bleach so they dont spread. WASH YOUR HANDS TOO! If you keep this up, you wont get the warts to spread and they will go away. After your done picking, just put more compound W and duct tape on. REPEAT! I swear it works if you keep with it and dont give up.

    I had like 8 BIG warts and after about 2 months now, they are almost gone!!!!
    just dont give up and it will work πŸ™‚

  • In 2009 i had a plantar wart underneath my foot [not quite under my foot but mainly 2 ta side] it started ou hard& my foot was sore as could b, i didnt no what 2 think so i went 2 my Dr.& she sent me 2 a dermatology,& he froze it.on three separate occasion,& after each time he told me to soak it7 then take a ped egg& knock the rough edges off it,then put wart removing liguid on it then put duct tape on itand i did that religiously everyday, and by ta grace of God it was gone in about 1-1/2month& lord no’s i was glad. i couldn’t wear my strapy shoes,fro ta wart was right there.

  • Try vinegar!!seriously!my son had a wart on his finger,2 days of putting apple cider vinegar on it twice a day and it fell off!I put the vinegar on a cotton ball and then used a bandaid to hold it on his finger.It was painless and best of all-it wasn’t dangerous!

  • I have had plantar warts on both of my feet at one time or another, I tried freezing, duct tape, and even tried bleomycin (incredibly painful) injected by a dermatologist.

  • Buy some dry ice (frozen CO2) from a supermarket or fish packing store. Take the piece home and break it. It will break in to some small pieces. Using pliers (don’t grab it with fingers, it will hurt you!), grab one with a sharp point (you can whittle it with a knife if you need to). Press the point into the wart for about 30 seconds, you should see the skin turn white, including about a millimeter around the wart on all sides. It will hurt, don’t do it for too long or you will freeze too deep.

    Wait a few days and do this again. I’ve never seen a wart that can survive two treatments.

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