How to Get Rid of Your Family Doctor

Your most trusted doctor is a part of the family. You run to him or her whenever you have health-related problems. The doctor, with much concern, gives you advice for medication and tips for quick recovery. When your condition worsens, he or she administers the proper treatments. However, if your family doctor starts charging awfully high or consistently gives the wrong treatments, the word "family" from his or her title. You must get rid of your family doctor then find a better replacement.

I. Filing a Complaint to the State Medical Board

Doctors who commit malpractice or cause harm to their patients should be reported to the authorities, namely the state medical board. The board reviews the complaint thoroughly, to find out if the doctor truly did something wrong. An investigation will be conducted, in which the suspect will be interrogated and the procedure in question thoroughly reviewed.

Ascertain the Merits of Your Complaint

If the board proves that the doctor is guilty, he or she may be put under probation or reprimanded, depending on the severity of his or her offense. However, if the board proves otherwise, prepare for a possible legal battle with the doctor. So make sure your doctor really committed a form of malpractice, before filing a complaint. Remember everything that transpired when you were being examined or treated by the doctor then do some research on the internet (Tips on how to search internet). You can also consult other doctors, to see if your case has merits.

Questions to be Answered when Filing

When filing a complaint, the board will ask you several questions. Your answers will be recorded then collated, serving as reference for the entire case. If you provided erroneous answers, your case will surely be junked or worse, become merits for a court case against you. Be prepared to answer these questions or ones that are similar in nature:

  • State the nature of your illness.
  • Did the doctor advice/administer treatments? What were they?
  • What were the negative effects of the treatment? When did they start? How did they manifest?
  • Did the doctor tell you to secure a second opinion? Did you? What did the other doctors say?
  • Did the doctor perform surgery?

Upon answering these questions, not only will the board have an idea on the exact offense/s of your family doctor, they can also point out the severity of the malpractice. They can even determine if the problem came from those whom you sought for a second opinion, and not your family doctor. After investigating, the board will then take action based on their findings.

II. For Serious Complaints

If the doctor caused irreversible damage or something life-threatening, you can escalate your complaint to a medical malpractice lawyer, after taking the investigation with the medical board. The lawyer will review the merits of the case based on the board's findings and your personal account. The info you will provide must remain consistent to what you initially gave when you filed the case with the board, otherwise you might lose the case. Remember, the board has a copy of your previous interactions.

The Court Case

The case will be taken up in court, in which you will be questioned by the opposing lawyer regarding your account. Consult your legal counsel prior to the case, so you know what and how to answer. The choice of words is a critical factor, since it can produce loopholes that weren't present, initially. Always stick to your original statements and build on them, with the assistance of your lawyer. The opposition will do anything and everything to destroy your composure, so be prepared. Don't forget to indicate a financial equivalent to the damages done by the accused.

The Verdict

If you win the case, your erstwhile family doctor may be put behind bars or face debarment, depending on the severity of his or her malpractice. You, on the other hand, will get financial compensation, which will be paid by the accused, based on the amount slated for damages. Keep in touch with your lawyer, from time to time, in the event that the case is reopened.

III. For Minor Complaints

Let's say, you got a rash from the doctor's treatment or developed a minor illness. You have the option to take the case up with the state medical board or you can let it slide and find a new family doctor.

The Power of a Bad Writeup

If you decide to just find a new doctor, you can prevent your previous physician from getting clients by creating a writeup about what transpired during the bungled treatment. Spread the writeup all over the internet through email, social networking sites, blogs, and other popular online venues. Send a copy of your article to newspapers and magazines.

Once it generates readership, your old family doctor will lose his or her credibility as a medical practitioner. It might eventually lead to the closure of the clinic, the doctor's being placed under probation, or even termination. Justice is served.

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