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This category contains helpful articles on topics that directly affect the human body. By exploring the various posts on different body problems, you will discover the many ways to take care of diseases and ailments. Among these solutions are common sense advice related with fixing your lifestyle and choosing healthy habits over those that contribute to physiological problems. While your doctor or health care provider is the best person to provide you with solutions to these problems, you will pick up helpful household remedies that work.

Some articles cover tips on how to get rid of disorders like blood vessel problems, bowel incontinence, anal fissures, side cramps, cataracts, piles, hemorrhoids and chills. There are also articles on how to eliminate annoying and often treatable disorders such as palpitations, stomach cramps, fainting, hiccups, nasal voice due to respiratory illness and other factors, fatigue and sleepiness, snoring, muscle cramps, and general inflammation.

Some articles offer suggestions on how to relieve cauliflower ear, anal fissures, motion sickness, vomiting, swollen ankles, frostbites, water retention and hypothermia. Included in the body category are posts on health maintenance and fitness topics, which offer significant recommendations on how to eliminate water weight, how to maintain a thin body and how to control gag reflex. Serious disorders like bladder and gall stones, and toxicity from lead exposure, are also discussed. In the same vein, you will encounter some articles that offer advice on how to get rid of THC traces in the body, as well as toxins that might show up in a urine test.

Some of the posts you can find here are related with daily health and body troubles like ringing in your ears, snoring, too much ear wax, sore or inflamed nipples, frequent nose bleeds, dizziness, hiccups, pins and needles, and infestation from lice and nits.