Category - Mental Health

Mental health is a sensitive topic in most circles because some people suffer from various psychological problems that are too personal to talk about with just anyone. But these, too, need to be dealt with, alongside other physiological illnesses the person may be suffering from. In this category, we highlight some of the common mental health problems and how to treat them.

The most common mental health problems are the illnesses that come with advancing age. For instance, Alzheimer’s disease and poor memory are common when a person enters late adulthood. The elderly are prone to these issues because their brain cells don’t function as well as they used to. Cognitive functions decline, along with decreased mobility and disabilities in speech patterns. People that have sedentary lifestyles or have been victims of illegal drugs are also prone to developing these disorders early.

Other mental health problems are genetic in nature, which means that children born in families where most members have suffered from mental health issues are prone to developing the same issues themselves. Some examples of these genetically transmitted disorders are borderline personality disorder, epilepsy, depression and schizophrenia.

Addictions are not strictly considered psychological diseases, but they are still a part of the spectrum of mental health problems. Those suffering from addictions are compelled to keep taking the enslaving substances, or keep doing the things they are addicted to. Long-term therapy options are available for addicts that have tried and failed to deal with their addictions on their own.

Some of the articles are meant for loved ones and family members of people suffering from these mental health problems, as these sufferers themselves may not have any idea that they have the disorders or they have no inclination at all to do something about their condition. Therapy as well as medication options are mentioned.