Category - Addiction

This category contains articles that help people deal with addiction. Any kind of addiction is brought about by addictive behaviour, which is a psychological issue that is extremely difficult to deal with. The person suffering from this problem puts an activity or substance at the center of his or her life. The subject of addiction may be a thing, an activity, or even another person. Addictions are a threat to a person’s health because the subject of addiction may be detrimental to health, such as in the case of cigarettes, alcohol and illegal drugs.

Some of the topics that are discussed here include addictive activities like sex, gambling, internet use, eating and drinking. Most of the articles describe how overdoing these activities may be a sign of a deeper problem, as well as suggest solutions on how to curb an addiction before it gets worse. The root of any psychological issue like addiction can be figured out with therapy. Seeking out a professional’s help is one of the best ways to deal with addictions.

Most of the methods to eliminate addiction involve strategies to deal with withdrawal symptoms. A person who couldn’t let go of his addiction easily may experience withdrawal, which involves pain, hallucinations and other psychological disorders, the severity of which depends on the cause of addiction. For example, a person who is addicted to caffeine may claim to feel sleepy and lethargic all afternoon if he doesn’t get his coffee fix. Someone who is addicted to cigarettes may claim to have difficulty breathing if he can’t puff on cigarettes.

To get rid of addiction, there should be a change in a person’s habit. The person should also accept that he or she has a problem to start treatment. Some of the articles you will encounter under this category describe the symptoms of addiction and how to tell whether someone you love is having this problem.