Category - Eye Health

This category presents articles related with eye health. Articles on solutions to common eye health problems like infection, bags, puffy eyes, styles and eye infection are included.

The eyes are very vulnerable because they are directly in contact with the external surroundings. The eyes are protected by the eyelids and the eyelashes. But there are times when these protective structures cannot adequately defend the eyes from infective organisms and foreign objects. On a daily basis, your eyes are exposed to sunlight, polluted air and even polluted water. For instance, the condition called styles is caused by bacteria, which may accumulate on the eyelid and transfer to the inner parts of the eye.

Internal stress caused by lack of sleep, improper nutrition and too much reading can also lead to various eye problems. Foreign bodies may also be embedded in the eyes, and cause inflammation and pain. Because there are many risk factors that may lead to diseases of the eyes, proper knowledge of eye health practices are required, including preventive measures as well as first aid practices.

There are many ways to prevent these conditions, such as proper hygiene and timely consultation with an eye doctor. Some eye conditions are related with underlying diseases like diabetes. In this case, the underlying disease should be dealt with so that the eyes can be saved. Wearing the proper eye glasses to avoid strain on the eyes is also recommended. The eyes should also be rested several times a day to prevent strain. Most people who don’t get enough sleep complain of eye problems because the skin around the eyes, and the eye itself, may be dehydrated when the person does not get enough rest.

Homemade remedies for eye problems are mentioned in some of the articles. The various symptoms of eye problems and corresponding first aid care are discussed.