Category - Foot And Leg

This category highlights articles on foot and leg diseases and disorders, including hammer toe, plantar fasciitis, plantar warts, heel spurs, heel pain, sore feet, flat feet, cracked heels, bunions, athlete’s foot and foot drop. All of these conditions cause discomfort and even extreme pain in some cases. Some lead to lowered self-esteem because the sufferer finds it difficult to function if he or she has this condition. Cracked heels, for example, can make a person immobile for a while until the condition is treated. Walking, which is a common daily activity, becomes tricky. The sufferer often avoids activities that would cause him to bare his feet and legs to others, such as swimming and other summer sports.

The feet are susceptible to infection because they are the parts of the body closest to the ground. They bear the weight of the body and they are used daily for locomotion. Any type of discomfort around the leg area can hamper movement, leading to absenteeism at work or the inability to do chores at home. While not fatal, many of these conditions could worsen so that they drastically lower the quality of life of the sufferer.

The feet are often encased in shoes or other footwear. Bad types of shoes can worsen the condition, and lead to permanent damage. This is the reason why people with foot and leg conditions are very conscious about what they wear. Good socks are a must, particularly those that provide ample support and protection from extreme weather.

Some of the articles in this category provide solutions for dealing with foot and leg problems. Several of the solutions are things the sufferer can do inside his own home. There is no shortage of ways to remedy foot and leg problems, and there are some methods that require only the most basic hygiene practices. But for long-term solutions, the advice of a professional is still needed.