Category - Hair

This category discusses hair and hair problems that can negatively affect a person’s image.

Hair can be one of the main indicators of a person’s health status. If a person is dehydrated, his or her hair dries up, or becomes frizzy. The same goes for a person who’s malnourished and sick. Unhealthy hair has a lackluster appearance, cannot be combed in a proper way, and can either be too oily or too dry. Hair that has not been washed for a long period of time can be an ideal breeding ground for parasites.

Some hair problems are not serious enough to require hospitalization, medication or surgery. Some hair problems are created by the person himself, like gum stuck in hair and overperming. Some examples of hair concerns that simply require proper care are flyaway, balding, overpermed, graying and dry hair. Although these conditions are related more to a person’s image than a person’s health, these hair concerns may be huge for some people, especially those that work in industries where a person’s image is everything.

Some hair concerns are related with the person’s genetic makeup, such as pattern baldness. Because the tendency to develop this condition is in the person’s genes, he or she may not be able to prevent the appearance of bald spots at a certain point in his or her life. If an elderly relative developed the condition at an early age, it’s highly likely that the person will also develop the same condition early.

Most of the articles in this category suggest possible homemade solutions to these problems, as well as those that require only temporary medication. There are plenty of herbs and medicinal plants out there that can serve as homemade remedies for hair issues. However, serious problems may require surgery and long-term use of hair care products.