Category - Headaches

This category contains articles on how to eliminate headaches. These articles will tackle different types of headaches, including those caused by stress and nasal infection. The ways to get rid of chronic headaches or migraine are also discussed. Common solutions to headaches include non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, analgesics and homemade remedies made out of aromatic herbs.

The causes of headaches and how they start are also discussed. Common causes of headaches include lack of sleep. The mind needs to restore itself every once in a while, which is why we feel the urge to take naps when we’re tired. When a person is sleeping, the brain reverts to its default operations, which have a lot to do with the general workings of the body. In short, not much energy is spent on thought and other activities that the person engages in when awake. If the brain is deprived of sleep, headaches occur because of the overexertion of the brain. Any form of physical and mental exertion can strain the brain and cause headaches.

Headaches may also be warning signs of the onset of disease, such as what happens when you have a cold and you’re about to develop a fever. When inflammation is present in certain areas of the body and the body tries to fight infection by mobilizing its defense mechanism, the brain works harder than it does when the person is healthy. Lack of nutrients and dehydration can also be the main causes of headaches. People who frequently drink are prone to developing this kind of headache in the form of a hangover. The body needs water for its main processes and drinking too much alcohol could lead to depletion of water content in the body. This is the same reason why some diuretics like coffee or tea may also cause headaches.